YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho Episode 1

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my dear friends,
Rushi here(Author of YHM-Dil ka rishta, YHM-undying love, YHM-Dil toh pagal hain, Yrkkh-True Love, Tei-Milan Do Diloka)
I missed u all soooooo much
Did u all miss me??
so am back with a brand new ishra short ff
Today I will present a promo
please let me know ur opinion about this
so here we go

A young n beautiful Lady is lying on Hospital bed,
Blood is flowing from bottle through a Iv on her soft hands
Her eyes are closed
A man is sitting besides her bed
He is looking at her
His eyes are moist n red
He places his hand over hers
Man (softly)-Mihika please open ur eyes please dnt trouble me this way please
(patient doesn’t move)
ok fine u willnot listen to me fine I am also stubborn n I will not let u remain unconscious for more time

(so the patient is our mihika her role will be essayed by mihika verma, so who is the man?? keep reading. …..)

Man is walking fast on road he enters a beautiful Mansion he rings doorbell
A Dashing man opens door
Man(pleading)-Abhi please please
Dashing man (firmly)-Raman u r my childhood friend n I dnt like to behave this way with u, see I have already told u my condition if u agree u tell me otherwise
(so friends Man in hospital sitting beside mihika is our Raman aka Karan patel n Dashing Man is my lucky charm Abhishek aka Vivek Dahiya)

Raman(helplessly)-I agree, Am ready

Abhi is dumbstruck
He smiles n happily hugs Raman while Raman makes helpless face

A beautiful women is making hair
Abhi looks at her adoringly
Women-Abhi y r u standing there?Come here
Abhi(surprised )-How do u always make out that I have come
Women (smiles)-Espl talent
Abhi hugs her
Abhi-Am so so so so so happy today

A voice is heard
”Ishita, Abhi come downstairs breakfast is ready Ishita”

Women-Abhi leave me, Amma is calling us lets gooo chalooooo

Abhi holds her hand n they walk

(So friends Abhi was hugging our Ishita
what is Abhi n Ishita’ s relationship?
n mihika n Raman what is their relationship?
what condition Raman agreed?
Any guesses? ?
N dear readers r u excited to read more? Do u want me to continue? Any suggestions
will eagerly wait for ur comments please do let me know
bye )

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  1. Really good promo! Excited for the first episode. Please make it really really long. I am guessing that raman and mihika are brother and sisters. Raman loves ishita and so do abhishek. I think the condition was that abhishek will help mihika if raman gives ishita to him. I dont know. But anyways amazing start. Am waitin for the next one!!! Hope u post it tommorrow!

  2. Also I know this story is going to be amazing because u r the author DIL TOH PAGAL HAI which was amazing. It was very very very amazing! I loved it. I started reading ffs after reading your dil toh pagal hai, else i was not so interested in ff. SO again really i am waiting for the first episode. And also, I may not comment you on your episode cause I am like a silent reader. But i am always going to be with u and read your episodes.

  3. I like it.

  4. Jasminerahul

    the story line seems 2 b diff.eagerly waiting.i rly missed u n used 2 check daily if u have brought any new ff

  5. Nivedha

    Welcome back Rushi… I guess Abhi and Ishitha are siblings… Raman n Mihika are siblings… Don’t know whether its right or wrong… Anyways I ll enjoy your FF…

  6. Shalu

    Welcome back Rushing I used to check whether u have written a new ff or not, and about the ff Raman is Mihika’s bro and Abhi is Ishu’s bro and Abhi wants Raman to marry Ishu…… ..maybe this was his condn……this is just my guess……

    1. Shalu

      Sry Rushi, wrg spelling…….

  7. Welcome back rushi …awesome promo full of mysteries good …..I don’t know about the guesses made by the commenters that they r siblings but…I know u will handle it properly ….
    Update soon

  8. Welcome back rushi. U r a great writer. Whatever be the story I’m not able to guess but I live all your ff.

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