YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 8

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Friends very soon I will reveal mystery behind ishu’ s blindness my plot requires it to be revealed latter sorry
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Recap-Pammi n family r shocked to know Ishita is blind .pregnant simmi asks Ishita to remain away from her as a blind person is inauspicious
Raman tries to cheer upset Ishita

Mihika is dressed in green lenga
Raman looks at her adoringly
Toshi(euphorically)-Lets start mehendi rasam
Pammi-Toshi mehendi should be applied by Bhabhi first its considered good simmi putaar come….
Ishita’s eyes get moist
Mihika-masi let first Ishita bhabhi apply then Simmi bhabhi
pammi-How will she
Mihika-Masi my bhabhi is perfect n she knows all magic
mihika makes Ishita sit next to her she makes her hold cone mihika tells her that its centre of palm Ishita starts applying
Toshi n pammi r amused Ishita is able to make perfect design
mihika-isn’t it awesome masi?

pammi-Hmmm thik hain thik hain good ur bhabhi knows atleast something
Mr Bhalla-Not something everything Ishita knows she cooks good she sings well n now this

Raman is looking at Ishita with smile on face

Ishita lovingly makes mihika eat food with her own hands Raman looks on

Raman is busy supervising decorations Ishita brings juice for him
Ishita-Raman please have it from morning u didn’t have anything Raman please
Raman drinks juice
Raman-Thanks Ishita, Did amma appa n abhi leave
Ishita-yes they just left.
Raman(panics)-Offoo my god so many preparations r remaining for sangeet ceremony I need to check food arrangements
Ishita-Dnt wry I already went there with papaji food will be completely ready in half an hour
Raman-Thanks I need to speak to Dj
Ishita-Raman I did that I have given him list of Abhi n mihika’s fav songs also explained him sequence
Raman u just get ready guest have started coming

Raman smiles n leaves
in room he is amused to see his shervani n shoes, handkerchief kept
Raman’s pov-Ishita is multitasker how could she manage all this really amazing

Bhallas welcome Iyers
Ishita emotionally hugs Amma appa n Abhi
Raman looks on

Mihir-Mihika must say what a choice
mihika blushes
pammi-But poor Raman he got free gift
Abhi gets upset, Ishita stands dumbstruck
Raman(shouts)-masi please enough
pammi-calm down Raman I was just joking
Raman-Masi jokes sounds good only when in limits
pammi leaves
Faint smile appears on face of Abhi
He looks at Mihika he is mesmerized by her beauty he sits next to her
Abhi (whispers)-Chand aaj earth par ayyaa hain I never knew u r so beautiful
Mihika (blushes)-ur makes me beautiful
They hold eachothers hands
they have intense eye contact
Raman looks on with smile
Raman-Lets start with sangeet ceremony today all couples will dance n narrate their love story so we start with simmi n Mihir whose love story started on sat at a party

Simmi n Mihir dance on shanivaar ratri
All clap
Mr n mRs iyer dance on mere samne wali kidki mein ek chand ka tukda rahta hain
Mr n Mrs Bhalla dance on ek ladki bheegi bhaagi sii
Raman-so lets call our love birds
pammi-Raman u n Ishita should also dance we want to know about ur love story too
Pammi gives wicked smile
Ishita is nervous
Raman goes near her
Raman-Ishita just trust me n dance lets show masi that u too can dance
Ishita is standing Raman comes from behind he holds her by waist
”Ae dil hain mushkil, tere bina hai guzara ae dil hain mushkil tu hum safar mera tu hi hain meri manzil tere bina hain jeena hain ae dil hain mushkil”
He lifts her, she is in his arms he places her down n makes her move around
”Meri har kami ko hain tu lazmii ae dil hain mushkil”
He hugs her
Abhi’s eyes get moist seeing them
all clap
Ishita blushes
pammi n simmi smirk
Abhi n Mihika dance on ishqwala love they depict college love story Mihika is shown sitting on knees n proposing Abhi he lifts her in arms n kisses her on forehead

Ishita is standing near window she is in deep thoughts
Raman-What happened tell me
Ishita-Raman when I came
here I was missing Abhi alot then mihika made me feel like sis now tom even she will go I am already missing her
Raman laughs
Raman-Ishita its just 3 days u have stayed with her n so used to her n btw she is going to ur house
Ishita-Raman this is my house n bond of heart develops within few seconds so three days is very long period
Raman is speech less

Raman-Btw tom u will be at iyer house for haldi as well as marriage u have to be on boys side
Raman-Ishita I know u also want to enjoy Abhi’s marriage n remember ur his sis first n then mihika’s bhabhi
Lets do one thing I will drop u there right now After tiring day night bike ride would be refreshing

Raman helps Ishita sit on bike
Ishita shyly holds him he rides
Raman’s pov-She does so much for my family I can atleast do this for her
Ishita’ s pov-Raman is so good without my saying anything he made out my desire

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  1. Sooooooo cuteeee…I’m sorry I was not able to comment in last two parts but I’m commenting this one …I’m Lisa only but I’m commenting from another phone that’s why… Like always u rocked…

  2. Jasminerahul

    ishita feeding mihika was cute.abhika scene was so romantic.mihika is being compared 2 moon.sangeet dances were gud.ishra dance was beautiful.abhika presenting coll luv in d dance was superb.last scene of ishra was gud

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    Awesome episode

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    Nice episode yaar

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    Oh my god…such a lovely episode and so sweet of raman. …

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    Hey! I Read All The Parts Of Your FF In A Go! U R An Awsm Writer! I Loved The Concept Of Your FF! This Will Change The Perspective Of People Towards Blind People! Woh Bhi Insaan Hote Hai! Unhe Normally Jeene Ka Hak Hai! Update Soon!
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