YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 7

Thanks dear all for ur comments Anu dear tysm its awesome to know that dtph was read n liked by many readers thanks
For a writer this is most precious gift
shagun will have lil grey shades
Actually if all characters are positive then story willnot be interesting sooo I hope u all agree

Recap-Raman gets shagun’s call n its revealed he is in love wd shagun n they were planning to get married
Ishita cooks food for Bhallas this impresses Mr Bhalla n Mihika

Toshi Toshi voice is heard n a women typical Punjabi (pammi from original YHM Toshi’ s friend here for my ff she will play role of Toshi’s sis)
Toshi excitedly-
Pammii welcome welcome aajjaa
They hug eachother
Mihir n simmi enter hand in hand
Simmi is shown with baby bump
Mihir n Raman hug Toshi hugs Simmi
Ishita n Raman bend to take pammi’s blessings
pammi-Toshi ur daughter in law is so pretty Raman has choosed a diamond
Simmi (jealous tone)-But y r u holding stick
Ishita-Am blind
All r shocked
pammi tries to say something
mr Bhalla signals her to remain quite

Mihir-Ishita bhabhi Truely u r very beautiful
Ishita smiles
simmi smirks
Ishita is in kitchen
pammi-Toshi what is all this Raman could have got perfect wife I could have created a line of alliances for him u shd have told me just once y did he marry a blind
Toshi-He likes her
simmi-mummyji u dnt know such girls they know how to trap boys
Mr Bhalla-putaar Ishita isn’t that way
mihika comes
pammi hugs her
Ishita serves snacks to everybody she does it very slowly Raman goes to help her
Mihir relishes food
Mihir-woooowww bhabhi app toh anna purna hoo
Others eat quietly
pammi-Ishita dnt feel bad but dnt u feel u should have thought before marrying I mean with marriage lots of other responsibilities come, u need support urself do u….
Raman-Masi I guess u r here to enjoy mihika’s marriage n not find faults with my wife she is perfect for me much better than ur that devars daughter whose alliance u got for me

Ishita smiles with tears in eyes

Toshi n pammi r in room
Toshi-please dnt take Raman’s talk to ur heart,
pammi-No Toshi I willnot but I genuinely care for him am worried about him he seriously seems to be influenced by that girl alot

Ishita brings juice for simmi
simmi-I dnt feel like having it
Ishita-Its healthy good for baby
Simmi-Ishita I dnt like to talk round n round am direct person see my mum says a blind person is in auspicious for pregnant women please maintain distance from me n nxt time dnt get anything for me I will not touch it

Ishita leaves
Ishita is sobbing
Raman is talking on phone he hears her sobbing he dis connects call
Raman sits next to her
Ishita wipes tears
Raman(softly)-what happened r upset because of masi I will scold her more but dnt cry
no not that then u missing home chal lets go to meet amma, appa n abhi
he holds her hand
Ishita doesn’t move
Raman is puzzled
Raman-not that also then I dId something sorry sorry
Ishita signals no
Raman is confused
suddenly he plays a tone on phone
”heloo honey bunny honey bunny heloo honey bunny”
He brings some flowers near Ishita
she smiles

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Oh this pammy n simi r unbearable.poor ishita.but loved raman supporting Ishita.How he cheered her up was very sweet.waiting 2 know what did Raman tell Shagun regarding his marriage with her.shagun is grey.ok.but i think shagun turning grey will b natural as any girl will feel cheated when suddenly her bf marries some one else without even informing her.missed abhika in this update.here also mihir simi r a pair.u r the only one writer who pairs mihir simi n i started loving mihir simi as a pair thru ur ff DTPH

  2. Kumud

    Really nice and romantic

  3. Radhikaji

    This one is so good. ….I loved it….I have been reading your ff….from dil ka rishta. ..and that was my all time favourite. …but now I feel this one is going to take that place. .hoping for best episodes further. ….

  4. wow yaar……plz give long updates…plz plz

  5. nice whay to do with shagun here??????????????????

  6. I loved this episode too u write so well.poor ishu toshi and simmi should apologise to ishu i am so happy that u mentioned my name tysm please reveal the reason behind ishu’s blindness and more ishu abhi bond

  7. Nice episode u r a marvellous writer

  8. Nivedha

    I am really feeding bad for Ishu… Gonna kill this Pammi and Simmi

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