YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 6

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Recap-Ishra get married Raman supports her at every stage during rituals

Ishita is nervously sitting on bed decorated with flowers
She senses Raman coming near her she blushes
Raman-Ishita u take rest I have some urgent work sorry need to go
Raman leaves Ishita is speech less unable to react

Raman is walking on empty streets he seems very very disturbed
His phone rings
Shagun calling
He starts sweating profusely
He cuts call she calls again
Raman is confused
He picks
A very modern woman is shown on other side (yeh mari shagun ne entry)
Shagun-Raman Raman baby what is this u got so busy that u didn’t call me since two weeks Am missing u so so so much baby
Baby did u speak about our marriage at home?

Raman is unable to respond
Shagun-Baby say something u know london is so beautiful baby we will come here for our honeymoon
I love u sunna Raman r u there
Raman (with lump in throat)-shagun am lil busy now talk to u latter bye
Shagun is about to say something he cuts call
He sits on bench with hand on head

Ishita is standing by Window
Ishita’ s pov-I hope Raman is ok with this marriage I mean he left
Ishita come on dnt speculate he said he has work
But couldn’t work be postponed?
Ishita relax nothing like that he supported u so much today so please
Ishita’s thoughts break her phone rings
She happily lifts
Abhi(guilty)-sorry di to disturb u I was missing u alot have never stayed without u sorry di
Di u r fine na? Di say sorry to Raman also I just wanted to hear ur voice btw even though u r married I have first right on u di say something
Ishita (with tears in eyes)-yes u have I am also missing u all alot, am fine Abhi
N Raman isn’t here
Ishita bits her tongue
Abhi is shocked
Abhi-y where is he I mean
Ishita-He has gone to get icecream for me actually I was upset I was missing u all so to cheer my mood

Abhi breathes sign of relief

Abhi-Di take care love u lots am always there
Ishita-Goodnight Abhi sleep now
Abhi (child like tone)-Not sleeply
Ishita (sings)-Tere Dil ka mere Dilse rishta purna hain la la la ohhh
Abhi’s eyes close while listening to her voice

Tears well up in Ishita’ s eyes
she standing near window clock shows 12
she is still near window its 1
she is still there its 2 her feet pain she walks with stick n manages to sit on bed
Clock shows 3
Ishita’ s pov-Raman left long ago what happened should I call him

just then there is movement at door Raman is entering
Ishita’ s pov-I must not question him maybe he maynot like

she pretends to sleep
He comes near bed her heartbeat increases
He takes pillow n sleeps on sofa
Ishita’ s pov-Maybe he didn’t want to disturb me
Sunrise is shown
Its morning
Toshi, Mr Bhalla, Mihika wake up to sound of arti
om jai jagdish hare swami jai jagdish hare
Its Ishita doing arti she is dressed in baby pink sari
Mihika Mr Bhalla smile
Arti is over
Ishita-Good morning mummy ji papaji n Mihika
Mr Bhalla-Putaar u sing so well n u made out we r here gud gud
Ishita bends to touch their feet but ends up touching floor
Mr Bhalla blesses her
Toshi is about to leave
Ishita-mummy ji I have made breakfast n tea
Toshi’s pov-Maybe sugarwala break fast n salty tea Waheguru save me
Mihika-wowww Bhabhi
Ishita serves mr Bhalla n Mihika relish food
Mr Bhalla-putaar kamaal kaar diya how can u manage
Ishita-papaji I taste n feel ingredients n put once am used to this kitchen then I will make quickly

mr Bhalla gives her nek
Toshi (arrogantly)-yeh sab teek hain where is Raman?
Ishita is clueless
Mihika-He has gone to talk to caterer
Mr Bhalla-So early, its Ishita’ s first day he should have been home
Mihika-I told him but bhai is bhai bhabhi sorry because of my marriage u r not getting to spendtime with bhabhi
Ishita-Mihika come on at moment ur marriage is most imp
Mihika smiles
Toshi-Today pammi is coming with Mihir n Simmi
Mihika-woooowww pammi masi is coming that too with bhai n bhabhi, Ishita bhabhi pammi masi is my favorite masi n Mihir bhai is her only son n Bhai’s best friend, He got married to Simmi bhabhi last year she is good but very outspoken
Toshi-mihika enough of ur intro
get ready for mehendi
Ishita-mummy ji I will prepare espl lunch for them
Toshi (arrogantly)-No need pammi likes authentic Punjabi food
Ishita-mummy ji I know to prepare n u r toh there to guide me

Toshi smirks

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  1. Jasminerahul

    its shocking that raman is in luv with shagun.hope raman tells d truth 2 shagun n breaks up with her.hopefully shagun doesnt turn out 2 b a vamp.how will ishita react knowing d truth?so sad.gud that she hid d truth from abhishek

  2. interesting…..

  3. Radhikaji

    Was waiting for the episode yesterday. ..happy to read it today. …

  4. U write so well rushi i loved ishuabhi bond hope raman breaks up with shagun .i cant wait to know how ishu lost her eye sight i hope u tell it next episode i have already read ur dil toh pagal he ff .i loved it keep writing and all the best!

  5. Kumud

    Awesome but please show Mrs bhalla positive side not negative

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