YHM Dil Ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 4

Hiiiiiiiiiii lovely ppl
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Jasmine Dear thanks alot,
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Sowmy dear I will try to make it a journey of ups n downs, this ff isn’t only about love between a couple but also between bro n sis I hope u will like it
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Recap-We came to know Ishita is blind, Amma is glad to know that Raman wants to marry Ishita she thanks him Raman insist on getting married before mihika n abhi

Epi starts with Raman’s phone ringing
Abhi calling
Raman-Hello Yes Abhi
Abhi-Raman I n mihika r going for marriage shopping I will get Di along u too please come along with mihika

Raman n mihika get down from car
mihika hugs abhi happily
Ishita is blushing
Raman-Hii Ishita
Mihika hugs Ishita
Mihika-Bhabhi ur looking so beautiful
Ishita smiles
Mihika-Bhai u please go with Bhabhi in this mall n I will go with Abhi to that shop
Raman-so even I n Ishita will come there
she winks
she whispers
please bhai let us spend time together n u also spend with bhabhi

Raman nods half heartedly
Abhi-Please Take care of her
Abhi n mihika walk away hand in hand
Ishita is walking with stick
Abhi signals Raman to hold her hand
Raman gently touches her hand
Ishita shivers

Raman n Ishita enter a clothes shop
Ppl look at them
Raman is lil embarrassed
Raman to sales person-please show madam some bridal saris
sales person-For whom?
Raman-Ofcourse for her
sales person is amused
owner smiles cunningly
sales person-madam what is ur favorite color
Ishita-Raman what is ur favorite color?
Raman (arrogantly )-Nothing specific
Ishita gets upset
Raman looks out n see mihika n abhi walking hand in hand
He looks at upset Ishita n feels guilty
Raman-sorry actually I was thinking about some work related issue sorry
I like blue
Ishita-please show me something in blue
Raman-Ishita brides dnt wear blue please show something in red or pink
Ishita-But we r getting married so I guess I should wear what u like
Raman smiles
Raman-Thats tradition n I like red also so please show red
Owner-But sir jii how will madam see?
All laugh
Ishita gets tear eyed
Raman sees her he folds his wist n tries to control his anger
Owner-Sir jii btw its good idea to marry blind after all u can have affair infront of her u hold somebody else’s hand n she

Raman gets up holds his collar n slaps him
Raman-How dare u

Ishita panics
Shop staff intervenes
Ishita holds Raman’s arm
Ishita-Lets go Raman leave him
Raman-Mr I pity ur wife who has such cheap husband whose thoughts r so cheap n I will make sure ur shop shuts down soon

Abhi purchases icecream
mihika enjoys icecream some kids pass by n push her little so her icecream falls
Abhi asks her to take bite from his icecream
they eat icecream together
n their lips touch eachother
mihika turns her face n blushes
Abhi-Miss Bhalla once when u turn Mrs Iyer I will not spare u
( they laugh)
Mihika Abhi r walking hand in hand suddenly mihika’s ankle twists
Abhi holds her firmly
He makes her sit
He takes her feet on his hand n caresses it
Abhi-Mihika r u ok?is it paining should I take u to hospital mihika u had got hurt here itself
Mihika-Relax am fine

Mihika is resting her head on his shoulder
mihika-Abhi if u love me so much n cannot see me in pain then y did u behave like this that day

Mihika (shouts)-Bhai lets go soon y r u taking so much time to get ready we r going to talk about my alliance not urs
Raman (smiles)-Y so much hurry
mihika-I cannot wait anylonger to become Mrs Iyer


Abhi (Arrogantly)-Raman I cannot marry Mihika please please dnt repeat again n again I cannot marry her thats it
Mihika holds Abhi’s hand (emotionally)-Abhi dnt u love me?
Abhi releases his hand n walks away
Raman goes behind him

Tears well up in Mihika’s eyes
she sits in car
she drives rashly
her eyes r red
A truck comes in front of car n
****************Fb ends **********
Abhi holds her hand
Abhi (guilty tone)-Mihika I love u but I love my Di most Actually Mihika she has always sacrificed for me that day Raman spoke about our marriage suddenly I wasnt prepared n I had decided I will never marry before Di
After u left
Raman told me he likes Di n wants to marry her I instantly agreed for our marriage but by then it was too late

Tear drops from his eyes
Mihika hugs him

Mihika-Its ok Abhi i understand I too love bhai alot

ishra r in car
Ishita is upset
Raman-Am sorry
Ishita-Y r u saying sorry Raman please think once more u can still refuse what happened today will happen whole life
Raman-I dnt care Ishita my decision is final its my life nobody has right to interfere n question

Ishita smiles

Dil kabhie rukta chalta hi jaye dil ki to sun le tu bhi kabhi pal pal badegi yeh hain mohabatien

Raman-Lets go to buy some bangles it will make u feel better

Abhi makes mihika wear necklace n Raman makes Ishita wear bangles Ishita makes noise with bangles she hears it n smiles Raman looks on.

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  1. Radhikaji

    Very nice episode. …loved it….

  2. Lisa

    Like always u rocked it….but I feel bad for Ishita… But I know u will bring some twist nd ishu will get her eyes back

  3. Jasminerahul

    That man is so cheap to tell raman 2 take advantage of ishu’s blindness 2 have affair.raman gave him nice.Abhika icecream scene was damn romantic..also abhi caring 4her when her ankle sprained.so abhi refused 2 marry as he decided that he will marry only when his sister ishu gets married.so raman is marrying ishita so that abhi will marry mihika.he is sacrificing 4 mihika.last scene of ornaments was cute

  4. rushi nice concept yar.but dont make ishra suffer due to disabilities. i think ishitha is not blind by birth na pls reveal that rushi

  5. Kumud

    Really nice love it

  6. Shalu

    Nice one dear………very senty……

  7. nice one….waiting for next update

  8. Nivedha

    Wow Ishra is adorable… Cutie pie… Even Abhika wow…. And where is Shagun???/Waiting for her entry…. Kuch tho kuch karne vali hai Vo…. Eagerly Waiting

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