YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 23


Hiiiiii my readers
thanks for all ur comments
so here we go
n add some spice πŸ˜‰ :p

Recap-ishra consummate marriage Ishita forgives abhi n Mihika also returns back to iyer house
Amma says she has kept pooja n get together in evening

Abhika room
Mihika is sitting on bed
Abhi gets juice for
she looks in his eyes
Mihika-appears u have cried alot I never knew I meant so much to u
Abhi (tear eyed)-u mean world to me Mihika, I cannot live without u
Mihika (tear eyed)-Am sorry I acted so impulsive, when I heard ur recording I felt vry bad, u know abhi bhabhi is perfect for my bhai n our family am sorry I said what not in anger

They hug

Ishita is making garland of flowers
she has a broad smile on face
Raman looks on admiringly
He holds her from behind
Ishita blushes
he holds her hand n makes flowers fall in thread
Ishita (blushing)-What r u doing Raman somebody will see
Raman-Am helping my beautiful wife let the whole world see I dnt care

They make garlands together
Abhi n Mihika work in kitchen together
Amma n Toshi look at ishra n Abhika
Toshi-Waheguru hamesa mere bachoo ko kush rakh keep them away from evil eye
Amma nods

Ishita is getting ready
Raman comes
Ishita-How am I looking
Raman (pretends)-hmmmm
Ishita gets conscious she makes her hair proper
Ishita-now all ok na
Raman (naughty smile)-No ur sari
Ishita-what happened
she tries to make it proper
Raman-I will help u
He goes close to her
He touches her waist n unwraps sari Ishita holds his hand
Ishita-Raman u r too much I know sari was perfect
Raman-nooo let me make it perfect
he makes plates n gets close to Ishita she blushes he pushes plates in n kisses her
Raman-now complete n perfect

ishra n Abhika sit in Haven
panditjii does pooja

Guest have gathered
A woman enters in black sari
is has a veil on face
she moves around Ishita
Ishita is shown talking to somebody n giggling
woman gives money to waiter
waiter passes near Ishita n makes drink fall on her
Ishita excuses herself n goes
The woman in veil follows
Ishita feels somebody’s foot steps n stops
woman stands still
Ishita walks again
Ishita feels door n opens it she is shown cleaning her sari
Ishita’s pov-I hope it gets clean I didn’t want to trouble anybody I will wash it now n then ask Mihika if stains r gone

suddenly somebody comes behind her n closes her mouth she is unable to move

Raman notices Ishita missing
Raman-Mihika did u see Ishita
Mihika-no bhai
Raman excuses himself n looks out for her he goes upstairs
that woman is dragging Ishita from room
Ishita is in pain
Raman is confused
Ishita bites woman’s hand
woman again firmly closes her mouth
Raman feels he heard Ishita
Raman gets worried
woman drags Ishita to terrace
Ishita’ s hands r tied n even her feet
woman locks terrace
Ishita-who r u? ?
woman faces her
yes ppl u guessed it right
she is shagun.
shagun-am shagun Raman’s first n last love
Ishita-what u want
shagun-ur life, to remove u from my n Raman’s life forever
Ishita sweats

Abhi comes upstairs
Abhi n Raman both r tensed
they look out for Ishita
shagun drags Ishita near end of terrace
Ishita(pleads) shagun let me go leave me Raman loves me
shagun-u will go n i will let u go but from this world
Ishita is terrified
Abhi notices terrace locked from inside

He n Raman push the door
shagun gets alert
she brings Ishita more close to end
she is pushing her towards end Ishita resist
Ishita-Raaaaaaaa mannnnnnnnnnnnnn
Abhi breaks door
shagun (wicked smile)-Tata Ishita
n Tramppppppppppppppp
Raman n Abhi r shocked

so has shagun killed Ishita? This time sad ending?

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  1. Radhikaji

    No…she won’t die….coz ….i trust your writing. …you won’t dissapoint us. ..

  2. Thrilling episode .evil shaggy is on action.yeah iguessed it right as shagun will attempt to kill ishita.anyway i dont want a sad ending or happy ending but continue with ur update .it was short than regular ones .keep the old coverphoto itself

  3. i wish that ishitha get eye sight with this accident. its a happiest day of life for ishra if ishitha got eyesight…………i hope so

  4. lovelu update ishra romance was nice
    shagun is b*t*h I hope ishita ko kuch na ho
    pls update soon

  5. Kumud

    Awesome but don’t think she’s dead I think the way ishita fell from the terrace she’s going to get her eyesight back when they take her to the hospital

  6. Simplesweety1

    Hey Bhagwaan! Update Soon! :'(

  7. Nice…… but…… once again suspence…… u can never change na…… just tooooo much……

  8. Nice…… but…… once again suspence…… u can never change na…… just tooooo much……

  9. I know she won’t die ……u won’t let it happen …because if she dies then what is the FF?I really trust u …episode was truly and awesome !?????

  10. it was so romantic….but end…

  11. Jasminerahul

    Abhika scene was nice.ishra garland scene n dressing up scene was romantic. Never expected shagun to try killing ishita.hope she will be saved. I know you can’t kill her

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