YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 22


Ok my dear readers this isn’t happy ending still lot more to go but this is treat to all ishra fans I hope to do justice please let me know ur take
zaikra dear Ofcourse I remember u n no need to say sorry its not necessary to comment u were reading thats most imp so thanks
thanks all my lovely readers no lisa baby dnt cry am not ending
thanks radhikaji, anu, lucky, gayu, jasmine, kumud, shalu, ishan moni roy fan n all readers ty very much

Recap-Heart broken Raman confesses his love in church Ishita comes n hugs him she was hiding behind Jesus statue by giving away her gold she saved her life n took shelter in church
Raman takes her home all r glad she cuts cake, Raman has decorated bed with roses

ishra room
Raman-Ishita am sorry very sorry for every single tear I got in ur eyes sorry
she hugs him
they hug tight
Raman takes her hand in his
Raman-Ishita please please forgive Abhi, He loves u alot n I am grateful to him because of him I have got u
Ishita shyly smiles
Raman-wait I have got something for u
Ishita is surprised
Raman takes out chain
He makes Ishita wear
He gently takes her hair on one side n puts chain around neck Ishita feels chain n smile
Raman goes close to her n secures lock of chain with his mouth
Ishita shivers he kisses her there
Ishita blushes
Ishita-so I got ur heart
Raman-ishra is engraved on this heart Ishita+Raman
Ishita-woooowww but u shd have got Ramita on it Raman +Ishita because Raman comes first
Raman-No my Ishita comes first n Raman cannot exist without Ishita
Ishita smiles
Raman goes close to her ear
Raman (whispers)-I love u I love u Ishita
Ishita is all pink
Raman gets a chocolate bar
Raman-ur bday espl we will share
Ishita eats from on eat n Raman from other they come closer n closer to each other Ishita’ s breath increases Raman takes last bite n an intense lip lock

Raman lifts her in his arms n makes her lie on bed
Raman-Nothing can come between us now Ishita
Ishita blushes
He kisses her on forehead
Tears fall from ishita’s eyes Raman licks it passionately
He starts to unbutton his shirt
He switches off lights………….

Sun rises
ishra r shown in eachothers arms
Raman-Good morning beautiful Ishita blushes

Abhi is sitting by Window
He observes Ishita coming with Raman

Amma n Appa hug Ishita
Ishita walks upstairs
Abhi is hurriedly going somewhere
He collides with Ishita
Abhi-Hi di need to go urgent work
Ishita hugs him
Tears drop from his eyes
Ishita-Abhi u dnt need to run from me I know u love me sorry for watever I said in anger n thanks for making my life so beautiful
Abhi-sorry Di
Mihika n Raman look on with smile
Raman indicates Mihika to go Abhi Abhi is surprised to see her
Mihika (naughty smile)-Enough fun u had without me mr Iyer but Amnot going to leave u so easily she hugs him
both r tear eyed n apologize to each other

Amma-I am so happy my all four children r happy, for ur happiness n safety am doing haven today evening n also small get together
Abhi-Raman di please be here till evening
Mihika-yes please it would be fun we will do all preparations together

shagun is teareyed she throws a vase on mirror n breaks it
shagun-Raman is mine only only mine I will do anything but make him mine

so what will shagun do?

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  1. Nice episode yaar. Tysm for not ending ur ff.it absolutely rocks!.i think now shagun will try to harm ishita by kidnapping her or cause her accident.i must say u r so regular and punctual in updating ur ff so tysm for it.now make ishu pregy so mihika has a company .it was nice .love u dear

  2. Radhikaji

    Rushi you know something. …now I feel like ….I love you. …wonderful episode. …felt very happy. …m

  3. wooww….wonderful episode….

  4. wohoooo…….im happy…..ishra ki milan hogayi finally……n what will shagun do…..im waiting…..

  5. Lisa

    Baby lisa is dancing…yeah yeah yeah…for two reasons 1 ishra consummation 2 no ending….yeah yeah yeah….it seems im soo happy that i will fall from bed…love uuuuuuu

  6. beautiful the way u have composed it soooooo niceeeee loved it <3

  7. Kumud

    Awesome ff

  8. Fabulous it’s fantastic fr. I am very happy that u are not ending

  9. simply superb…..

  10. Please update in sunday too.my sunday would be incomplete without ur ff

  11. Radhikaji

    Waiting for the next episode. …..plz upload next episode. …

  12. Jasminerahul

    Ishra scene was so romantic..chain scene. ..Chocolate scene…Raman licking her tears were so romantic.ishra engraved in heart.wow..he prefers ishra to ramita as he wants ishita to come first.wow..ishits abhi n abhika too united. Now what is this frustrated shagun going to do?

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