YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 21


My dear readers lets end suspense sorry baby lisa gayu n others who got upset
parichary I felt so glad to read ur comment ty u r reading my this ff too feels good tysm
thanks dear all n sorry
Last epi was small because I wanted to create some excitement n thrill
Recap-Raman comes across Ishita’ s belongings while searching for her.Raman hear some goons discuss about killing some lady n see Ishita’ s jewelry in their hands he runs behind them but they leave in truck
So here is what happens next

Raman is crying in middle of road He looks up n sees church he walks towards church he enters churchRaman to Jesus (tear eyed)-y y y y did  u do this to me when Abhi asked me to marry Ishita I felt it was like a punishment but I was wrong completely wrong Ishita made my life complete she was bundle of joy, now I feel I never loved shagun maybe it was just infatuation Ishita Ishita taught me real n pure love, she loved me unconditionally, my ishita my Ishita I took her for granted but I LOVE HER I LOVE ISHITA I LOVE ISHITA A LOT Y did u snatch her from me I cannot live with out her Ishita Ishita Ishita Ishita Ishita please please please please please please come back Raman bends n cries n criesHe feels hand on shoulder it is Ishita Raman is overwhelmed he hugs her THEY HUG TIGHT VERY TIGHTRAMAN KISSES HER ALL OVER FACE
Ishita-I LOVE u love u love u Raman

Goons r following Ishita is running her duppata gets stuck she runs n runs  her sandals fall she runs bare foot she can hear foot steps of goons she deliberately makes her chain n bangles fall n hides behind treeGoon (excitedly)-Bhai see what I gotOther goon-lets leave that blind women what fun we can have with her we r tried after killing that old woman in morning forget it lets go They leave Ishita breathes sigh of relief She hears bell of church n goes in that direction she hides behind Jesus statue Raman comes there n speaks Ishita hears tear eyed
 **************Fb ends***((********

They r still huggingRaman-Dare leave me Ishita u r not a burden u r my lifeline I cannot leave without u I LOVE u
Ishita-I Love too Raman

Raman notices her dress is torn he removes his shirt n wraps around her Ishita shivers
Saansoo ko sansooo mein plays
He lifts her in arms
he is bare chest
he admires her with smile n being tear eyed

Bhalla house
ishra enter hand in hand
overjoyed mrs Bhalla hugs her Amma, appa n mr Bhalla too hug her
Raman smiles

Raman applies band aid to her forehead n ointment to her feet
Toshi-Waheguru lakh lakh sukar our Ishita is fine
mr Bhalla-Good u dropped jewelry putaar atleast u r safe

Abhika come rushing
Mihika hugs Ishita
Abhi is about to hug but takes back steps n leaves

Mihika looks on upset

Raman gets cake Ishita cuts she makes him eat elders bless her

Ishita enters room
bed is decorated with roses
Ishita inhales fragnance with smile
Raman comes she hugs him
Ishita-thanks Raman
Raman- Ishita u have made my life bed of roses thanks

so happy ?what nxt happy ending or twist

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  1. Zaira

    First…..remember me??I have commented in ur first episode ..from that time to this episode I m reading ur ff daily whenever u post n…I m
    These r 21sorries for 21episodes???n..thankz for writing this ff n continuing it ..n I think there is a twist no ending??

  2. Shalu

    This is not fair don’t end……..who ll give her her eye sight…….and and who ll make Shagun good…….come on yaar……..don’t end it very soon……….????……..now coming to the real part……..I know u won’t end it……so waiting for the next episode…….???

  3. mouni roy fan

    Make ishita normal I.e let her get back her eyesight. And then let them consummate

  4. Radhikaji

    Wow. Thank you. …A thousand times. ….lovely episode. ….and nd I would never prefer your ff to end….so I vote for twist. ..

  5. Wow rushi it was truly a treat i came frm college now only.and first thing i did was i took my phone and checked ur ff.aaj do do updates !i never expected this .it was very nice.waheguru ishita is safe.honestly i dont want a quick happy ending i want more twist.please continue ur awesome update and atleast make a 50 th episode.

  6. I want more twist…I know you won’t end it so early….I like to see they consummate their marriage before ishita get back eye shight….it’s really nice to see….

  7. I want more twist…I know you won’t end it so early….I like to see they consummate their marriage before ishita get back eye shight….it’s really nice to see….and give some more emotional scenes between ishra before consummation…today I expect something more than this….till now I didn’t comment but I read all your episodes….all r simply awesome…and sorry for not commenting….

  8. Kumud

    Woow super excited to see this yessssss BTW nice ff and dint give us high blood pressure like that again

  9. wow ………………..rushi very happy for ishra . no dont end ff .still u have to write more. i loved scenes b/w ishra and mihika and abhi and brother and sister’s scenes……………………

  10. Lisa

    Yeah!!!!RUSHI….u made baby Lisa sooooooo happy I didn’t thought u will post but u gave me surprise…I was just going on through this site when I saw episode 21 nd I was sooooo happy…baby Lisa is dancing… Yeah yeah ….love uuuuuuuu……but plz don’t make baby Lisa cry by ending it…sorryyyyyyyy….baby Lisa made u sad…baby Lisa did katti to u na…sorryyyyy….baby Lisa mitthi from u….baby lisa will never make u sad…pakkkaaa

  11. Jasminerahul

    Raman crying and talking about his love for ishita n ishita reaching there n confession of love..beautiful. ..I thought ishita reaching there was a dream.but surprised that it was real.wow.ishita has escaped from goons and heard Raman talk.I loved this twist.cake scene and room scene was lovely.I know there can’t be an end soon. This story needs more chapters for a clear ending

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