YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 20

Hiii my lovely readers thanks alot for all ur comments
Shalu dear read some epis of Love after marriage must say its awesome ff, what I like is combination of yhm ipkknd n kkb ur writing skills are amazing n its not easy to write humor ur funny scenes are amazing n most imp u have included abhi so all in all good wrk .Anu dear am from Maharashtra .Lisa baby so u had fun good good dnt cry my bachaa
Thanks jasmine, Nivedha, gayu, kumud, radhikaji, lucky n all my dear readers for ur encouraging wrds

Dear friends today’s this epi is going to be small n after this I will update next epi in afternoon itself so please dnt be angry please

Recap-Heart broken Ishita leaves Bhalla house .she sends Abhi voice msg that she feels abhi felt she was a burden n thats y forced Raman to marry her so she is going away from their lives
Raman, Abhi n Mihika search for her
Goons follow Ishita n Ishita runs to save her life while Raman is worried

Raman is driving he suddenly stops he looks at a duppata hanging from tree
Raman’s eyes are filled with tears
Raman’s pov-This is Ishita’ s duppata where is she
Ishita Ishita Ishita Ishita
He walks n walks n keeps calling out her name
Raman is sweating profusely
He trips while walking he notices a sandal
He bends down
Raman’s pov-This is Ishita’ s sandal what is all this hey Waheguru Waheguru Ishita where is Ishita
He keeps walking n calling out her name.

Amma is sobbing
Toshi-please please eat something please, u will get sick
Amma-I dnt know if my ishu ate anything or not how can I
she cries
Toshi pacifies her
Amma-my ishu gets scared of night how will she manage
Toshi-my Ishita is very very brave nothing will happen to her please be strong
Toshi hugs her

Raman is walking
Tadap Tadap ke plays in bg

Suddenly He Hears Goons talking among themselves
Goon-Its nice we killed her
Goon 2-We had a good day today have a look at all this these bangles look at them
Goon 3-we will fetch good money
Raman looks from behind tree n is shocked to see Ishita’ s bangles and chain in their hand

Raman is dumbstruck
Goons hear his voice they panic n start running Raman runs behind them he falls but gets up n runs n runs
Goon climb in truck n leave
Raman sits in middle of road with Ishita’ s duppata n sandal hugs it n cries
Raman-Nothing can happen to u Ishita nothing nothing

So is Ishita killed? what u think friends?

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  1. Radhikaji

    Rushi. ….what is this….you are giving us heart attack. …no no no….nothing can happen to ishita. ….plz plz ….update fast. …

  2. I know only one thing you r killing me with this suspense

  3. Shalu

    Wat no………..this can’t happen………???????……..I think someone ll come and save her………that attack on the head might giver her, her sight may be………but really feeling bad………hope u upload the next one soon………and thanks for reading my ff………happy u liked it……….???……..and pls update very soon………

  4. Put long plzz

  5. I think someone have saved ishitha

  6. this is not fair….this is very short update….???

  7. Please jaldi post kro next episode???????????

  8. Kumud

    Why are u doing this my heat beat is going really fast don’t end ishu character here

  9. Raman will take Ishita to the hospital and inform families to come to the hospital and all get worry. Whole families arrived to hospital. Abhi rushed and ask doctor for Ishita condition while other tried to control Abhi. Doctor tell Abhi to wait and need to check on her and please wait. Doctor examine Ishita then goes to informed them about Ishita condition and will put her in observation. Raman get upset. Abhi ask Raman to go home and he will take care of her but Raman refused to leave and want to stay with her. Raman send all family to go home and stay with Ishita. Raman cried and give an apologised to Ishita for hiding the truth and will confessed his love for her. Ishita condition slowing relieved. Raman think what to do then see Ishita phone message and called then checked it while Abhi and Mihika arrived. Raman open the voicemail from the number and It played what Ishita heard after she leave and they get shocked by hearing then Mihika tells Raman and Abhi that Shagun did called her and told her about same way and that is why Shagun sent this to Ishita to break her heart. Raman get angry on Shagun for breaking families. Raman goes to Shagun and warned her to stay away from his family. Ishita is my wife and I love her and she is my life. Shagun get stunning on Raman anger and get hurt. Raman left Shagun and goes back to Ishita and take care of her. Abhi then apologised for ruin her life because it was his mistake and want Raman and Ishita to be the best family and always love her. If anything happened then I will not be able to live without you. Ishita condition get better. Raman take care of Ishita and noticed Ishita hand moving then called doctor. Doctor give good news that Ishita is fine. Raman ask doctor to discharged Ishita and family will take care of her. Doctor discharged Ishita and Ishita happily to go home but still angry on Raman and Abhi. Raman and Abhi plead to Ishita for forgiven and promised that they will not do that and give surprised to her by sing a chorus Happy Birthday to you then Raman postponed Ishita. Ishita tear roll down and smile then thank to all. Raman give Ishita many gift and ask her to cut the cake. Ishita cut cake and feed family.

  10. Lisa

    Rushi….I think u like baby Lisa crying that’s why u did this…such a small update..baby Lisa is not going to talk to u …katti katti katti…u are making baby Lisa cry again u make suspense every time…today I thought ishita might be saved ..but u …I’ll not talk to u..eww eww

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