YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 19


Hiiiiiiiiiii my dear readers
First thing today sorry very sorry I made u all cry some because of emotional scenes n others because I didn’t include ishra scenes
sorry radhu baby, gayu sorry,
lisa baby please dnt cry
Anu yes u were right in ur guess
jasmine dear thanks
Thanks all my sweet readers n sorry to all those who got disappointed

Recap-Abhi has send mihika a voice mail he narrates everything to her how in childhood he envied Ishita n pushed her from slide n she lost her eyesight how Ishita didn’t tell amma appa n save him n also he revealed that he loved Mihika but he risked his love n put forth condition because he wanted to give happiness to Ishita

Raman is decorating walls with balloons
Toshi-putaar where is Ishita I went to her room to give her milk u said she is in room but she isn’t there
Raman-where can she go at 9pm
Raman calls out Ishita Ishita Ishita He calls her
Raman (tensed)-mummy she isn’t picking up call
Raman calls Abhi
Raman-Abhi has Ishita come there
Abhi(shouts)-Amma has di come??
Amma-No ishu no
Abhi-No Raman y where is di?

Raman panics

Mihika is packing her luggage
she hears Raman’s voice
Mihika-what happened bhai
Raman-Ishita is not at home she suddenly went somewhere did she tell u anything
Mihika-Nope maybe bhabhi has gone to meet Amma appa
Raman(tensed)-No no no I called Abhi she is not there n she is not attending my calls am calling her
Mihika-Bhai relax
Raman-Did u tell her anything
Mihika-no bhai no
Raman keeps hand on head
Abhi is driving
His phone beeps
Its Ishita’ s voice mail

Ishita-Abhi y did u do this. Was I a burden on u that u had to force somebody to marry me, I always thought Raman cared for me
(she sobs)
but I was wrong very wrong he did this because u forced
Abhi relationships r not deals
u have played with 4 lives
Abhi am going going away for ever from ur Raman n Mihika’s life bye

Abhi is stunned
Tears fall from his eyes

Abhi , Raman n Mihika r on road
Raman hears Ishita’ s voice mail
He breaks down
Raman-All this happened because of me I should have told Ishita before itself how will we search her where would she be

Raman is crying Mihika hugs him
Abhi is also teareyed

Police station
inspector (sternly)-Mr Bhalla how many times should I tell u I cannot file FIR because mrs Ishita is missing just from 2 hours n we cannot file FIR before 24 hours
Raman (is furious n shouts)-what do u mean my wife is missing n god knows where is she how is she n u want me to sit hand on hand for 24 hours

Abhi asks him to calm down

inspector-Go search by urself I cannot FIR before 24hours n mind u this is police station behave well
Abhika take Raman out
Raman in anger hits his fist on car he looks at watch Its 12
He is teareyed
Raman-I wanted to make her bday most spl but now I dnt even know where is she
Abhi hugs him

Raman is shown driving he stops n shows Ishita’s pic to passer Byers n ask people reply in negative
in other car Mihika n Abhi r shown doing same
Raman parks his car n gets out
He shouts-Ishita Ishita Ishita Ishita where r u
He sits on road crying n shouting Ishita

Abhi closes his eyes Mihika keeps her hand over his
Abhi-all this happened because of me I have really ruined everything, I will kill myself if anything happens to Di
Mihika hugs him
Mihika-Be strong Abhi nothing will happen bhabhi will be fine

Ishita is shown walking on empty streets with stick
A group of drunk man notice her
Man-Kya item hain boss
They surround her Ishita panics
Another Man-wahhh bhai andha item hain we all will have great fun today
man is about to touch her
she shouts Raman
Raman while driving feels Ishita called him
she bites man’s hand n starts running n running

At home Toshi n mr Bhalla n appa amma r shown praying

Men r following Ishita she is running n running she trips n hurts her head but gets up n runs

Raman is driving teareyed
Raman n Ishita r playing truth n dare
Raman-ishita tell me what scareds u most?
Ishita-Raman I get scared of night its so silent u know my biggest fear is to be alone during night
***(**((((((FB ends****************(***
Raman-Waheguru please keep Ishita safe she gets scared of night please be with her please

Fb shows Raman teaching Ishita to dance he holds her by waist she shivers he makes her do salsa

saaanso ko Saansoo mein plays(scene added to create some ishra moments for my dear readers )

Ishita is still running n goons follow her

so what will happen nxt?

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  1. I like your story very much.Thanks for writing such a beautiful ff.

  2. Di aaj hi next part post kro na please it’s request

  3. Shalu

    The episode was nice…………but I am crying here…….I feel bad for Ishu……….pls end this suspence soon yaar……I don’t want anything to happen to her…….and one more thing……..if u have free time……pls can u read my ff also………cause after u wrote an ff based on the dtph……..I also wrote this ff based on a movie………so if u get time read and tell me how is it…….and my ff is Love after marriage………and no completion……..if u have free time only……..thank u so much……..

  4. Jasminerahul

    Ishita left the house.poor Raman n abhi are broken completely. Mihika consoling abhi was lovely.poor ishita followed by goons. When she called Raman he heard it in his mind.it was touchy.hopefully Raman finds her and saves from the goons.Raman teaching salsa to ishita in fb was romantic

  5. I’m reading this fan fiction since many days but commenting first time……… The best thing about ur ff is u update regularly and appreciate for your work….

  6. ha ha tell na what will happen next……oh god …..m super excited now……i can’t wait now…..I hope ishu will be fine…..arey yaar…..u r a fabulous writer….dnt say sorry….these days im not watching yhm due to that crap….im totally in love with ur ff…..i have no words….. to praise you….reallyyyyy thank you very very much for this awesome ff……please give us long long updates….it’s a request…..

  7. superb episode….felt bad for ishita…..

  8. It’s not fair to keep it suspense. Pls update but soon it’s my sincere request.

  9. Kumud

    Not fair y do u give short ff today as well

  10. Lisa

    U know baby Lisa went for adventure camp…its was in my school…I enjoyed a lot…there were rope climbing…flying saucer..etc…etc…baby Lisa is very very happy today…and the first thing baby Lisa did when she came home…was she picked the phone…nd read ur ff….it was super super super cute…but emotional…baby Lisa is again crying…ewww…ewww…

  11. It was nice.i dont want ishu get hurt badly.but to spice up ur ff i think u should keep more suspense and little drama.abhi and raman love for ishu is so nice.hope raman fixes everything.and ya i missed shagun .ha ha just joking.loved it and all the best.please agar possible hai toh aaj hi update karna.and 1 more question.where r u from i mean ur state?

  12. Aaj hi update karo na rushi.plaese

  13. Radhikaji

    ..loved it. ….hope raman reach ishu on time. ….

  14. Nivedha

    Oh no come on Raman… Come on… Find her and get her back

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