YHM Dil Ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 18

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so today as promised biggest mystery that is cause of our dear Ishita’ s blindness would be revealed I hope u enjoy it

Recap- Fb is shown Raman had met with an accident n injured his knee ishita took care of him n he fell for her, back in present Raman is doing preparations for Ishita’ s bday n shagun sends Ishita Raman’s voice recording in which he speaks about Abhi’s condition Ishita is heart broken

Mihika receives Abhi’s voice mail
Mihika’s pov-should I play it? but I dnt want to but am missing him but he doesn’t love me, but……..

she is confused
she hesitantly presses play button

Abhi (voice mail)-Mihika I know u r angry u have every right but please listen to me just once I will not force u to come back but please listen to this n decide please
Mihika today I want to tell u how di got blind n everything please listen

Mihika is listening attentively

Iyer house
young mrs iyer (euphorically)-vishwa vishwa listen ishu has stood first in her class tell me about Abhi’s mrks

young mr iyer walks in with around 8 year old boy (shivansh kotia ie child naksh from yrkkh playing child abhi)
mr iyer seems upset
mr iyer-Abhi has failed in 2 subjects our ishu is so intelligent n abhi …..

tears fall from abhi’s eyes, he leaves

Amma-vishwa I know u r feeling bad but abhi got hurt dnt compare kids

Appa nods

abhi is upset n hugging teddy bear a girl around 12 (ruhaanika dhawan she is playing child ishita) comes
Ishita (with love)-Abhi its ok I will make u study hey abhi dnt be sad ur di loves u

she tickles him but he doesn’t laugh

mr iyer-see Ishita my princess what appa got for u

Ishita is happy to see frock
Abhi-appa what u got for me
Appa-Last week itself I got car for u so nothing this week it was ishu’s turn
Abhi gets upset

He sees amma making Ishita eat with her own hands

some guest come to Iyer house with children

A lady-woooowww salad is served so nicely did ishu do it
Amma-yes neethu my ishu is darling she helped me alot in cooking

Abhi overhears n goes to room

Amma-n our abhi he always helps me in keeping house clean my both kids r gems

A child goes to Abhi
child-abhi ur amma appa love only ur sis n not u
Abhi-nothing like that go from here leave me alone

Abhi-Amma what u made?
Amma-pyasum kesar wala our ishu loves it
abhi leaves
Amma-n for u rose wala pyasum
Amma turns around n sees abhi is gone

Abhi is sitting under tree he seems upset
Abhi’s pov-I guess Aman was right nobody loves me all love Di

Ishita comes there
Ishita-Lets play Abhi
he resists she takes him near slide she climbs steps of slide n calls abhi
all fbs of amma appa loving Ishita comes before his eyes
Abhi’s pov-Amma appa will love me only if di willnot be there
He is behind Ishita on slide
He pushes Ishita
Ishita falls on rough ground
There is blood everywhere

Hospital, ICU
Amma n appa r tensed Abhi is tear eyed
Doc-mr Iyer am sorry to say as Ishita has got severely hurt on her eyes she has lost her eyesight n will never be able to see again

Amma breaks down appa is unable to move

Ishita gets conscious
Ishita (panics)-amma amma amma appa Abhi I cannot see anything
she cries n cries
abhi breaks down seeing her cry

At home
Amma make Ishita drink soup
Appa-How did all this happen dear
Abhi shivers with fear
Ishita-I was playing on slide I lost balance n fell
she cries
Abhi is shocked

Abhi n Ishita r alone in room
Abhi is crying
Abhi-Di y did u lie
Ishita-I dnt know y u pushed me but Abhi I love u n I didn’t want anybody to punish u u r my lil bro n I have to forgive u always
His eyes r filled with guilt he leaves

Appa gets a call n is shocked
Appa-madhvi Dr raina called he said Abhi went to his clinic today n asked him to give his eyes to Ishita

Amma appa get emotional
Ishita overhears

Ishita goes to Abhi
Ishita-y did u go to doc
Abhi (cries)-because of me u will never be able to see, I didn’t want this to happen di di di
Ishita-Abhi u love me
Abhi-Alot di I dnt know wat happened to me at that time
Ishita-if u love me promise me u will never tell anybody about this n u will never blame or hurt urself promise me
Abhi hugs Ishita
Ishita-promise? pinky promise

Abhi’s pov-Di I will always take care of u n think of ur happiness before mine promise

Abhi is shown helping Ishita to walk he helps her in studing he gives her medicines n makes her eat he tells her story she laughs

Amma, appa look on with pride

12 years Latter


Abhi is shown doing bike racing Mihika looks on impressed
Abhi wins race Mihika gets glad
Mihika goes behind Abhi
Mihika-Hey racer aaj toh congratulations le lo
Abhi(arrogantly)-how many times should I tell u stop following me y r u following me
Mihika pushes him to wall
Mihika-because everyday along with winning races u win my heart too
Abhi releases himself n leaves
Mihika-mr Abhishek Iyer I have fallen in love with u at first sight n ur arrogance makes me fall more n more I will make u mine

Iyer house
Raman comes with Mihika
Ishita opens door
Raman-Ishita, Mihika n Abhi r in same class actually she wanted Abhi’s help in stats thats y I got her here while u n I work on project they can study together

Abhi makes face Mihika winks at him
They sit to study Mihika tries to get playful Abhi maintains distance he looks at ishra they talk they smile

Ishita-Abhi y r u so rude to Mihika
Abhi-just like that,
Ishita-u Abhi raman is so helpful he has helped me alot in this project

Abhi smiles

in college Abhi notices Raman helping Ishita climb stairs

************Fb ends***********
voice mail continues

Abhi-Mihika I too fell in love with u at first sight but I couldn’t express I kept running, running from u running from my feelings but realized I couldn’t run more I loved u n I loved di also, I felt di is happy with Raman n Raman can take care of her so I thought to risk my love, I could do atleast this much for di what I never anticipated was u will harm urself but with heavy heart I kept condition to Raman I was finding it difficult to be away from u but I had no choice this was only way I could make di’s life happy sorry Mihika I punished u for mistake which I did am sorry but Abhi is incomplete without mihika but maybe I deserve it this is my real punishment for spreading darkness in Di’s life I will always love u Mihika

Mihika is tear eyed she hugs her phone

So my lovely readers how was it

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  1. Radhikaji

    I was waiting for ishita’s reaction …..and this episode was full abhika only. …..I am sad….I am crying. ….I have exams today. ….and I am still crying. …katti rushi katti…..an emotional episode though. ….I liked it…but still sad….

  2. emotional episode….full of abhika…..it’s not good….not much interested for them….I think most readers like to see ishra including me….with out them something missing today episode….

  3. emotional update so because of abhi ishita got blind pls update soon

  4. Jasminerahul

    Shocking past.it was never expected. I have no words
    It touched my heart so much that I feel like crying. I could feel their pain.abhika luv story was sweet

  5. Very nice and emotional
    I really love this episode
    Love u so much …….
    Plz update next episode soon ………

  6. Lisa

    Eww.eww…u made baby Lisa cry…it was bery bery(very very)…emotional….baby Lisa sad….two reasons… 1 reason of ishita’s blindness..2 no ishra scene….. But it was awesomeeeeee….luv u

  7. very emotional episode. pls update ishra reaction also. i am eagerly waiting for ur update

  8. Oh i loved it.it was an emotional one.i told u that it had some connection or rather abhi was the reason.and yay my guess was right.anyway ishu has a heart of gold.and abhi is also a good brother as he understood his fault and stood by his di’s side.i am eagerly waiting for ishus reactiona after getting the voice message from shagun.

  9. Kumud

    Very emotional and lovely

  10. Update next episode fast

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