YHM Dil Ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 16


Hii pyare friends
so so so sorry for making u wait
actually I had to put in time to write one shot for competition I hope u all will like that
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shalu dear my ff dtph n dil ka rishta had completed 25 epi
very sorry radhikaji u had to wait

Recap-Shagun tells Mihika about Abhi’s condition which was he would marry her only if Raman married Ishita
Mihika is shattered to know this she leaves iyer house

Raman comes to his room after morning jog Ishita is sleeping her hair is coming on her face Raman notices he looks at her lovingly he goes near her n gently puts hair behind ear Ishita moves slightly Raman looks at her face he goes close to her
There is less distance between his lips n her cheeks
”saanso ko saanso mein dhalne doh zara lamho ki guzarish hain yeh pass aaaj jaa re hum tum hum tum tummm hum tum”plays
He is about to kiss her
just then doorbell rings
Raman shyly smiles
Raman’s pov-Who came so early its just 6.30
He opens door n is shocked to see Mihika
her eyes are completely red
Raman (tensed)-Mihika Mihika
Mihika (angry)-y did u do this bhai y did u hide about Abhi’s condition to marry me

Mihika sobs

Raman is shocked
Raman-Mihika come lets sit out n talk please I dnt want anybody to hear please please

He holds her n takes her out

They r sitting on bench
Raman-Mihika u were taking Abhi’s name in unconscious state u were not responding n doctor’s said if u didn’t respond u could go in coma
Tears fall from his eyes


Mihika leaves in anger
Raman goes behind Abhi
Raman-stop Abhi u need to answer me y did u play with Mihika’s feelings dnt u love her
Abhi-I cannot marry her
Raman-y but y
Abhi-I cannot marry before Di I will never do that
Raman-Abhi listen Abhi Abhi
Abhi leaves

Raman gets call that Mihika has met with accident

Raman comes rushing to hospital

Raman calls Abhi-Mihika is serious please please come she needs u please
Abhi-Raman I have condition u marry Di

Raman is taken back

Doc-Who is Abhi Patient is again n again taking his name please call him soon
Raman again calls Abhi
Raman-Abhi please for humanity sake just please come once,
Abhi-Raman, I have not put forth any difficult condition my Di is blind rest all is fine if u can think so much r u being human that u r asking me to be human
u love Mihika so even I love Di
if u agree to marry Di I promise to give lots of love n happiness to Mihika

*******(((*Fb ends************
Mihika (annoyed)-N u agreed bhai? Bhai love isn’t deal He never loved me if he could leave me to die how could u trust him how how

she cries
Raman is about to say something
just then Toshi’ s voice is heard
”Raman putaar where r u come tea is ready”

Raman-Mihika please please dnt let anybody come to know about this please please especially Ishita please

Toshi is stunned to see Raman walk in with Mihika
Toshi-Mihika putaar is everything fine u here
Mihika nods
Toshi hugs her
Ishita happily hugs her Mihika doesn’t hug back
Raman is tensed
mr Bhalla-Mihika is everything fine
Raman signals her to be quiet
Mihika-yes I was missing u all cannot I stay here for few days
Toshi-sure sure sure u have become so thin I will make parathas for u
Mihika-Am tired I want to rest
she leaves
Toshi-Raman everything is fine?
Raman-yes yes

In kitchen
Ishita-Mummyji we will make pickle Mihika will have craving for all this
Toshi-haan putaar

Raman looks on sadly

Abhi is sitting on floor besides bed he is holding his n Mihika’s wedding broken photo frame his eyes r filled with tears
Tadap Tadap ke plays in bg

Mihika is lying on bed
Raman comes
she hugs him
Raman-sorry I never wanted to hurt u Mihika Abhi loves u, love is visible in his eyes but he loves Ishita also
Mihika-Bhai I dnt want to hear his name please please
Raman-ok we willnot talk about this for sometime
but I want to req u something
its Ishita’s bday in 2 days please till then please dnt tell anybody please Ishita has done alot for us so we can please
after her bday I will tell her everything

Mihika nods

Raman’s pov-on her bday I will first confess my feelings n then tell her I know she will sort out everything between mihika n Abhi n everything would be fine..

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  1. Radhikaji

    Oh….finally. …just hope the confession goes on well. …

  2. emotional update i hope mihika will understand i know abhi was wrong pls dont saprate ishra

  3. Nivedha

    Raman is sooo cool

  4. no need to say sorry….we can understand….n update??????

  5. Shalu

    Sry for the wry thing……and today’s episode was very nice……..nice that Raman handled it very easily……but very eager to know wat ll happen next……

  6. Lisa

    Nice….u forgot me…didn’t mention my name…baby Lisa katti from u…baby Lisa will not talk to u

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed ur update.i kept on searching for ur update the whole sunday
    It has addictive power oh i love it so much .all the best hope u win the one shot competition too.my best wishes r always with u.reveal the reason behind ishus blindness soon .and ya anu baby is so happy that u mentiomed my name

  8. Akshata

    i just came across your today’s update, reading your name i opened it, loved this update so much, so to find out entire story i have read your updates in one go, it made me speechless. wow!!! the way you shown a blind girls problem, her struggle,her pain, still she wanted to make everything perfect that was commendable, the story of a girl who has a beautiful heart, she knows only spreading love, keeping no grudges against anyone. i loved it.

  9. Jasminerahul

    loved ishra scene.romantic with saanson song.finally raman shared what happened btw him n abhi 2 mihika.abhi is not wrong,but i felt he was a bit selfish too bcz of his luv 4 his sis.how can refuse 2 marry mihika if he rly luvs her tho its 4 ishita?now he is so sad.will raman b able 2 confess his luv on ishu’s b’day or b4 that will ishu know d truth?

  10. Kumud

    Finally his going to confess nice ff BTW

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