YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 15

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Radhu baby sorry for making u wait
lisa baby n lisa I love u both

Recap-Ishita explains Abhi n asks him to take care of pregnant Mihika Abhi apologizes to Mihika They patch up
It is shown how Ishita helped in simmi’s delivery during floods n now they share cordial relationship

Mihika is strolling in her room she is thinking something
suddenly she dials a number
Mihika-Hello Ishita bhabhi
Ishita (smiles)-Mihika hi dear how r u
Mihika-Bhabhi am sorry very sorry
Ishita-y Mihika
Mihika-Bhabhi from past 2 months I have misbehaved alot with u, am sorry very sorry
Ishita-Hey Mihika enough I didn’t feel bad at all, trust me
n Mihika u r my lil sis so please
Mihika (moist eyes)-Still
Ishita-ok if u feel u have done something wrong, I will punish u fine
Mihika (puzzled)-yes bhabhi
Ishita-ur punishment is that u need to come n meet me am missing u
Mihika(smiles)-sure Bhabhi I will come today itself love u

Abhi who is overhearing their talks smiles

Mihika notices Abhi
Abhi hugs her
Mihika-Thanks for making me realize Abhi
Abhi kisses her on forehead

Mihika’s phone ring
Its unknown no
she attend
caller(a female’s voice)-Mrs Mihika iyer, I need to tell u something very imp regarding ur life n ur bro Raman’s life
Mihika-Who is this
Caller-Ur well wisher, I will be waiting for u in Lions Garden at 5pm today, do come its something u should know
Mihika-hello hello hello
caller cuts call Mihika is confused
she gets sms
”Do come”
she gets thinking

Mihika is walking in garden
Mihika’s pov-Did I do mistake by coming here but she said its got something to do with bhai but I had to meet bhabhi, but then this is more imp, I shd have told Abhi about this call

just has she is thinking and struggling with thoughts somebody touches her shoulder

Mihika turns around
Its shagun
shagun-Hi am shagun I had called u.

Mihika n shagun sit on a bench
shagun-Mihika ur husband doesn’t love u ur marriage is a deal
Mihika-what rubbish
shagun-Mihika Abhi married u on condition that ur brother Raman would marry his blind sister Ishita
Mihika (annoyed)-He liked Ishita what crap r u saying n who r u
shagun-ur brother’s girlfriend, Raman loved me I knew u willnot believe I have evidences for u

shagun shows Raman n her photos Mihika is dumbstruck
shagun plays a recording
Raman-shagun listen to me, that lady u saw on airport is my wife Ishita shagun I didn’t cheat u, I had to marry Ishita for Mihika’s sake
yes shagun Ishita is her lover’s sis n Abhi told me he would marry Mihika only if I marry Ishita n shagun Mihika loves Abhi alot she will die without him please understand me shagun

Mihika is unable to react shagun smiles wickedly
shagun-Mihika I came to know u r pregnant but this marriage is not real its deal I couldn’t stop myself from u truth ur husband is playing with ur feelings .call off this marriage n free urself take care

shagun leaves

shagun’s pov-Raman baby I had come to know about ur marriage before coming to India, my friend shalu told me, I pretended everything because I wanted u to tell me real reason n u did that In cafe that day n I recorded n waited for right time to tell ur sis so baby I hope ur sis will be back In Bhalla house soon n ur wife out

Mihika’s eyes r red
images of Abhi refusing marriage n Raman suddenly expressing desire to marry Ishita flashes before her eyes

Abhika room
Mihika throws their marriage photo frame she breaks vase she throws pillows n cries
Abhi comes he stunned
Abhi-jaan kya hua
he goes near her
she holds his collar in anger
Mihika-u never loved me u cheat u played with my feelings just to get ur blind sis married u ruined my n my bhai’s life y y y y y?

Abhi is taken back
his eyes r moist
Mihika packs her bag
Abhi looks on tear eyed
Abhi-Mihika listen dnt go
Mihika-I know ur stopping me because u fear sis life will be ruined but I DNT CARE I STAY WITH U FOR A SECOND AM GOING

she leaves
Mihika walks tear eyed on streets n Abhi looks out of Window

Tadap Tadap ke is dilse ahhh nikalti rahi mujhko sahja di pyaar ki aisha kya gunaah kiya plays

Raman is walking balcony
Raman’s pov-What should I gift Ishita something which will make her realize my love


  1. Lisa


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    Hmm….baby Lisa is …..nor happy nor sad…but ha baby Lisa is sad for ishu…baby Lisa is going to cry…ew…ew…nd no u will love only baby Lisa not Lisa….back to Lisa…it was awesome…nd ya u will love me only not baby lisa….stupid baby lisa

  2. Shalu


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    Hey Rushi dr……Shalu is very happy u know…….u used my name……..😍😍😍…..and cmg to the story……..it was nice but Shagun is very wicked……….now wat ll happen ll Raman stop her……or ll Ishu just leave even after Raman stops her……and I was the one who told Shagun about the marriage……..very bad of me u know…….😒😒😒…….anyways I wish this ff of urs reaches 25……..and I want it to……..cause acc to my knowledge all ur ff’s were a just miss of 25……but all were very nice…….πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    • Shalu


      |Registered Member

      Sry yaar now only found ur previous ff reached 25………..so I am very sry for the misunderstanding……….. Now I want ur ff to reach 50…….😍😍😍😍………and it should……..and I read all ur ff…….but I don’t know how I left the count……..its okay…… Now don’t forget about the above info haan……..

  3. anu

    I think u didnt read my comment or rather did not like it .i will adress u as rushi itself .and all i said was what i felt .anyway it was nive update .i liked it.

  4. Jasminerahul


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    loved abhika cute scene.was happy that mu got cleared n mihika patched up with ishita.but shagun ruined everything spilling d truth.again mihika mu abhi’s luv 4 her n fought with him leaving him.so sad.but happy that raman is trying 2 express his luv gifting sth to ishita.waiting 4 ishra moments

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