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Lisa dear I am very fond of babies thats y mentioned baby lisa anyways swty thanks a tonne for ur comments
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Recap-Ff took 2 months leap Mihika is pregnant Raman has developed soft corner for Ishita,
Ishita saved Toshi from fire thus they share great bond, Abhika keep fighting alot n shagun is planning something

Ishita is sitting in cafe
Abhi comes rushing
Abhi (panicked tone)-What happened di u called me here is everything fine
Ishita-Abhi relax all good u sit first,
Abhi my lil bro ur responsibility is going to increase now actually Mihika has first right to tell u this but I need explain u
Abhi (puzzled)-Amnot able to get u di.
Ishita (smilingly)-Abhi u r going to become papa Mihika is pregnant
Abhi laughs-Really
Ishita-yes but Abhi u need to change ur behavior Abhi Mihika needs u, n u have to be more patient towards her, control ur anger, keep her happy, take good care of her, she needs lots n lots of love.Abhi now only Mihika should be ur priority

Abhi attentively listens to Ishita
Ishita-Abhi u need to let bygones be bygones n start afresh, will u

Abhi nods

Abhika’s room
Mihika is lying on bed thinking something she hears door opening she pretends to sleep
Abhi goes near her
Abhi (gently)- Am sorry jaan very very sorry for all fights, sorry for all tears that I got in ur eyes sorry sorry jaan
Mihika doesn’t move
Abhi goes to washroom.
she gets up
n sees flowers n sorry card on table
her eyes r moist
Mihika-am sorry too
They hug eachother emotionally

Abhi makes Mihika eat food with his own hands
Abhi-Jaan what u wanted to tell me in morning
Mihika-Abhi somebody is coming
Mihika-somebody cute n small
Abhi (pretending)-who puppy u adopting puppy no please I dnt like
Mihika (annoyed)-idiot baby am pregnant
He hugs Mihika
Mihika smiles
Abhi’s pov-Thanks Di Thanks alot

Ishita is shown playing with baby
Simmi-suggest a name for her
Ishita-How can I u n Mihir keep
simmi-Ishita u have first right on her she is in this world because of u

Mr Bhalla is watching tv
Mr Bhalla-Good everybody is home look entire Mumbai is flooded its raining really very heavy there is high alert gov has adviced everybody to be indoors

Raman, Mihir, Simmi, Pammi, Toshi, mr Bhalla r watching news
Ishita comes with plate
Ishita-simmi I have made pakoda with mint chutney for u have it
simmi (arrogantly )-how many times should I ask u to remain away from me n baby
Raman-enough simmi if u have so much prob y r u staying here with us
pammi-if u dnt like us staying we will leave tom n never come again
Toshi-pammi Raman didn’t mean
Raman-I wish u cd leave today itself
Ishita-Raman please please stop it
suddenly simmi starts shouting she holds her stomach she is in pain
pammi-I guess its Labour
Toshi (worried)-How can we take her
Ishita-But we can request doc to come.
Mihir is shown calling somebody desperately
Mihir-bhabhi doc refused n said in hospital too dr will not be anybody to attend
Ishita-I will call my friend she is gynecologist

Ishita is shown talking to somebody
Ishita-please please please Rinki please do this u please come

Ishita smiles-thanks rinki please tell me till then what I should do

Ishita makes Simmi drink water n massages her feet

Doctor Rinki comes Simmi is taken to room ladies help doc
Mihir is tensed Raman pacifies him soon cries of baby r heard.

ishra room
Raman-Ishita Simmi always is rude towards u y did u do so much for her
Ishita-Raman she is not bad at heart, its not crime to think about ur child n be protective Simmi is like a younger sis to me I cannot see her in pain

Raman looks at Ishita lovingly

*****(****((((**Fb ends*************

Ishita-she is so soft if u dnt mind lets keep her name soumya
Simmi-woww thanks Ishita

Mihika n Abhi r in restaurant
Abhi-Mihika need ur help
Mihika-say na
Abhi-next week its di’s bday what shd I gift her
Mihika (annoyed)-Abhi we were here to spend sometime with eachother can u ever think beyond bhabhi
Abhi-y r u overreacting I just asked
Mihika-I have right Abhi, she is cause of all our fights
Abhi (angry)-Mihika ur thoughts r reason behind our fights u can never understand di
she told me about ur pregnancy n asked me to sort out everything Mihika u r just too much

Abhi leaves Mihika looks om

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  1. Radhikaji

    Oh….dear rushi. .is this all for today….I read this yesterday itself. ….searched for 13th episode and got it. ….plz plz plz post another one plz…..you like babies right. …then radhu baby is requesting ….plz plz plz. …

  2. Shalu

    Sry yaar Rushi……..I can’t be regular in my comment……cause my semi exams r gng…….but don’t wry whenever I get free I ll read ur ff……and I ll surely comment after my exams……..and for today’s episode…….it was nice good that everyone understood Ishu but y sudden change of Mihika……..hope she become normal and not angry……..and ur writing and twists r nice…….???

  3. nice update ishita is really multitasker mihika is behaving rude regarding ishita pls update soon

  4. Lisa

    U like me coz I’m a baby ..nd its gud u don’t like Lisa…hee hee..it was a cutu cutu update…back to Lisa…OK then u can mention baby Lisa anyways…it was awesomeeeeeeeee

  5. Lisa

    Ooooooo u like me nd its gud u don’t like Lisa it was a cutu cutu update… Back to Lisa OK u mention baby Lisa only anyways it was awesomeeeeeee

  6. wow nice…..awesome update….waiting for next update

  7. Kumud

    Oh no boy again taught everything was alright with them anyway nice one

  8. Sorry rushi di for not commenting my net package got over.i was eagerly waiting for ur episode .coming to todays episode it was really nice raman defending ishu abhi ishu scene and simmi turning good .i absolutely loved it. I came to know u love babies and so even anu baby wants another long and fast update.i have been keeping on asking about ishu’s blindness .i am sorry to trouble u but if u can reveal it in next episode .u r an awesome writer keep the good work and all the best dear!

  9. Jasminerahul

    Loved abhishek apologizing to mihika n their union.Loved their pregnancy revelation scene too.surprised to see simi bonding with ishita n making her name her baby.fb scene of ishu helping her during her delivery was very nice.but sad that mihika is angry with ishita thinking that abhi is fighting with her for ishita.hope mihika will start loving ishita like before

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