YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 12


Hii lovely ppl, thanks dear all for ur comments it made me realize ur int is this ff am so glad to know it thanks once again, I hope to stand upto ur expectations n never disappoint u all

ishra have not consummated marriage
Raman was getting romantic but he fell asleep

recap-Abhika try to bring ishra closer Abhi spikes Raman’s drink Raman sees shagun in Ishita n gets lil romantic towards her
shagun is returning from London

Ishra r on bench Ishita is smiling her gaze is towards water Raman too is looking at water in tension he sees smile on Ishita’ s face
Ishita-This place is beautiful
Raman is confused
Ishita-Raman beauty doesn’t required to be seen always it can be felt with heart too, the ambience here the silence here makes it amazing
Raman-I agree Ishita,
Ishita-Raman is everything fine u seem worried
Raman’s pov-How did she make out?
Raman-Some office related stress am fine
Ishita’ s pov-Y does he try to speak lie when he cannot

Abhi is bare chest wearing just bouncers while mihika is wearing one piece they r holding hands
Mihika (shyly)-Abhi I dnt know to swim I mean water n look at this dress so small
Abhi-Jaan forget anybody is around u n me only n trust me u will have lots of fun
Abhika enter water hand in hand they do various water sports
They giggle loudly
Ishita looks on
Raman-Ishita lets go we will play some regular games
Abhi throws water on Mihika mihika runs on beach Abhi runs behind her he lifts her n puts her in water
Ishra enter gaming zone
Raman holds Ishita’ s hand n they play snooker, then they shoot ballons
Raman is teaching Ishita
she smiles

At Airport
Mihika-Cannot believe we have to return
Abhi -Jaan u liked here we will definitely come again but cannot extend my leave now so we will have to go
Ishita-Thank u Switzerland I love u
All look at her with smile
Abhi-Di u please take care unfortunately I could not book 4 tickets of same flight mihika n my flight is next flight after 2 hours Raman u will manage na I kept di’s medicines

Raman nods

Mumbai Airport
Ishita is sitting on chair
Raman gives medicine to her he makes her drink water
Raman-Ishita u sit here n rest for sometime, Abhi n Mihika’s flight will arrive shortly ok am here right next to u
Ishita falls asleep
Raman goes to see arrival list
A woman comes there
Raman is dumb struck
yes it is shagun
shagun is red with anger
Shagun(yells)-Raman who is she? Raman speak up
she holds his collar
shagun (tear eyed)-U betrayed me
how dare u Raman
All look on Raman asks her to calm down she keeps shouting
Ishita wakes up
Raman closes shagun’s mouth n takes her to side
Raman’s hand is on shagun’s mouth
Raman-shagun please please I will tell u everything please give me sometime please please please understand me shagun please
Raman sees mihika n abhi walking hand in hand
He panics
Shagun n Raman r shown talking in Cafe
Shagun (tear eyed)-Leave me alone Raman n dare u contact me get lost from my life I dnt wish to see ur face ever get lost

Raman leaves
shagun cries inconsolably

Abhi-Di where is Raman r u fine?
Ishita (somehow manages to speak)-Abhi I need water
Ishita is about to faint
Abhi makes her drink water

Iyer house
Doc checks Ishita
Doc-Everything is fine just some travelling sickness she would get better with rest
Abhi is worried
Mihika keeps her hand on his shoulder
Abhi (angry tone)-where is Raman how irresponsible he is to leave di like this
Mihika-Bhai might have got some urgent work
Abhi-Mihika dnt defend nothing should be more imp than di
Mihika-but Abhi bhabhi is not a kid, she should have taken care of herself bhai cannot be dr always she needs to be independent
Abhi-Mihika aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Abhi is about to slap Mihika but controls n leaves in anger
Mihika gets teareyed Amma hugs her Raman who just enters gets tensed

shagun is tearing photos she breaks glass of mirror
she shouts Raman n cries

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  1. Lisa

    It was a really short update for me ….I want one more…plz post it today……plzzzzz….I know u will not…..u made Lisa sad…..ok now back to real Lisa from baby Lisa……hmmm…..it was totally awesome update like always u……rocked it…..like baby Lisa said I want one more update…..
    Nd yeah…I have again logged in…

  2. Radhikaji

    Nice one….why can’t raman just open his mouth and say ishita is his wife???

  3. Kumud


  4. interesting….and tysm for updating daily….

  5. Nivedha

    How can Mihika say this like Ishu should defend herself?? I got hell anger at Mihika… Abhi… He too spoiled his sissy’s life.. Raman… I don’t want to say about that… Poor Ishu

  6. Jasminerahul

    Abhika water scene was cute.ishra found by shagun.what will she do now?Monika should understand that being blind ishita cannot always defend herself.abhishek’s anger was too much.sad

  7. intresting

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