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Recap-Abhika n ishra r back from honey moon Shagun sees ishra together n creates scene Raman goes to explain her leaving sick Ishita alone Abhi finds Raman irresponsible n Abhika have argument on this.

2 Months Latter
Mihika is sitting in hospital lobby
she is tensed
Mihika’s pov-I hope this baby can reduce differences between Abhi n me n save our marriage

Ishra room
Ishita is sitting tensed
Raman comes there
Raman-What happened Ishita
Ishita-Raman I dnt like the way Abhi n Mihika I mean yesterday The way Abhi spoke to Mihika he should control his anger
Raman-But Mihika should have acted mature too what imp work she had that she forgot to take amma to hospital, she should learn something from u, u take care of ma papa more than me
Ishita-Raman point is Abhi should have given a chance to her to atleast justify herself I dnt know whats wrong with Abhi
Raman-but Mihika
Raman starts laughing
Ishita (puzzled)-What happened
Raman-Discussing about their fights we started arguing
Ishita smiles
Raman admires her
Raman’s pov-She thinks about everybody so much, her every action makes me fall for her more n more Its only three months to our marriage but I cannot imagine life without her from past two months her deeds have made me fall deep in love with her
I will definitely confess my feelings on her bday next week n make it most espl bday for her

He looks at her with smile

Abhika room
Abhi is getting ready
Mihika looks
Abhi (arrogantly)-What
Mihika-Abhi need two mins to talk
Abhi-U might have found new topic to argue I am already late wait till evening ok bye
he leaves
Mihika is left tear eyed
Mihika is looking at their honey moon pics
Mihika’s pov-Everything has changed Abhi u dnt need me n I guess this baby has no future I should abort it

she cries

Toshi comes to Ishita with juice
Toshi (lovingly)-Ishu putaar have this juice I have made it with all herbs which baba said could help bring ur eyesight back
Ishita (emotionally)-Mummyji u take so many efforts daily for my eyesight
Toshi-putaar am alive because of u n I will go to any extent to ensure u can see again

Toshi is cooking
Ishita comes
Ishita-mummy ji tell me I will help u
Toshi (rudely)-No u go n rest am making this bhog to offer at Gurudwara I dnt want any mistakes its for my mihika n anyways all this is happening because of u u r cause of their fights so go

Ishita is tear eyed she is about to leave suddenly she smells something
Ishita-mummyji whats burning
Toshi turns around n notices her duppata flew towards burning gas n caught fire while she was busy removing sugar on other side
Toshi panics
Fire increases
Toshi-Waheguru my duppata caught fire n nobody is home
she throws her duppata but fire spreads
Ishita runs with stick towards garden she feels n gets pipe n puts water on fire she gets blankets n puts on fire
she goes to Toshi n helps her get up

Raman n mr bhalla come rushing
mr Bhalla(panicked tone)-R u fine Toshi ji
Toshi-Thanks to Ishita’ s intelligence am fine but look at her hand

several burn marks are shown on Ishita’ s hand Raman applies medicine

******((((**FB Ends*****(*((*(
Ishita hugs Toshi

Shagun gets call
Shagun (Wicked smile)-Wow mihika is pregnant so right time has finally come

Ishita is talking excitedly on phone-Really Ammaa
Amma-yes there was call for mihika from hospital they told about her medicines I attended as she was bathing but y did she hide
Ishita-maybe she wanted to give surprise woww I will become bhua chachi

Amma nods

So friends how was twist

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  1. Super. In your writing we can’t expect what will be the next twist on the story.

  2. Radhikaji

    Yippee. …raman in love with ishita. …loved it….waiting for ishu ‘ s birthday???

  3. wow….yeyyyyy….. loved the twist….wohoooo….ur a fabulous writer…u know Im daily checking for ur updates and tysm for updating daily….

  4. Kumud

    Really nice and all the best in ur exam

  5. Lisa

    Yeah!!Yeah!!Yeah!!baby Lisa happy…very much…I na loved the twist..very very very much…love u ….back to real Lisa it was superb I loved the twist…it was totally awesome….but I’m angry…u mentioned baby Lisa…not me …u liked baby Lisa not lisa who comments everyday…??????

  6. loved awesome

  7. Jasminerahul

    Abhika fight because of which Monika decided to do abortion. Please don’t let it happen.what is shagun’s evil plan regarding this? Raman in luv with ishita.wow.Happy to see Toshi ishita bonding.Nice fb scene.ishu is lovely

  8. Nivedha

    Yeahhhhhh…. Ishra united wowowowowowowow… I am happy.. Thank u Rushi..

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