YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 10

Hii dear Friends wish u all n ur family a Blissful Diwali Have fun everybody, wishing u all prosperous New year be blessed with best of health n lots of wealth

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Aditi is not part of this ff n this ff isnt taking leap
I will try to change it

Dear jasmine, kumud, anu, lucky, gayu, shalu, lisa , Nivedha, honey n radhikajii tysm
thnx alot

Recap-Abhika get married Raman misses Mihika Ishita pacifies him

Abhi enters his room mihika is sleeping peacefully
Abhi (with love)-Wake up jaan wake up we need to go for petpheras
Mihika lazyly wakes up n hugs Abhi
He kisses her forehead

Amma serves break fast to Mihika
Mihika-u n bhabhi make so so so tasty food amma u know Amnot missing ma, papa, bhai but am missing Ishita bhabhi, u know cannot believe in 3 days we developed such strong bond, she is amazing, I wish I too could be like her
Amma(smiles)-Dear u r also amazing n we like u this way
They hug eachother

Abhika r welcomed in Bhalla house
simmi (teasingly)-Haan aan look at glow on mihika’s face seems Abhi is Srk I mean king of romance
All laugh
Mihika blushes
Abhi-yes bhabhi n I have planned something more spl
we r going for honey moon to Switzerland the country of love
Toshi-wahhh putar
Abhi-Also Di n Raman
Raman is dumbstruck
Abhi-I have booked tickets for four of us
Raman-I have lots of work I willnot get leave
Abhi-come on Raman even I have wrk but if can manage u too can
Mihika-yes bhai we r going n thats final

Ishra’ s room
Ishita is standing near window
Ishita’ s pov-Something is wrong with Raman I feel he ignores me I mean, he is running away he didn’t want to go to Switzerland also
shd I ask him?
no I shd give him time
but how much time?
now even mihika’s marriage is over but ……

Raman comes he puts shirt in bag
Ishita-Raman if u dnt want to go its ok
Raman-no Ishita nothing like that I actually I I if mihika is happy that way am ok I refused actually Mihika n Abhi should have gone alone but now its ok
Ishita put some warm clothes for urself its cold there

Ishita’ s pov-There is definitely something.
Raman’s pov-How will I run away from her there ohh god

Abhika’s room
Mihika-Abhi I cannot find ur sweater give me need to take
Mihika-Abhi its cold there
He holds her from behind
Abhi-I dnt need sweater I will get in ur arms whenever I feel cold
Mihika blushes
Abhika n ishra r at airport
Elders bless them
Abhi-Raman please take care of Di she has fear of height
Raman nods

Ishra in flight
Ishita is nervous
Raman-what happened scared of take off nothing will happen
Raman-Arre say something
Ishita holds Raman’s hands
she is still nervous
Flight takes off
Ishita is still holding is hand
Raman-what happened
r u feeling giddy wait
He makes her drink water with his own hands
he notices tears in her eyes
he holds her hand
Raman (gently)-Ishita keep ur head on my shoulder n sleep all will be fine
Ishita keeps her head
Mihika r Abhi r shown resting in eachothers arms

At Singapore Airport
Abhi-Di r u fine
Ishita-thanks to Raman am fine
Abhi-so lets get fresh, then we will go for sightseeing
Raman-Abhi u n Mihika go let Ishita rest
Ishita-Am fine
Raman-No we will go latter u need rest
Ishita smiles

ishra enter room
Raman-wow Ishita its amazing u view whole Switzerland is visible have a look

Raman bits his tongue
Ishita’ s eyes r moist.
Raman-sorry very sorry sorry I
Ishita-its okay
Raman-u sit down I will show u with my eyes
I will tell u everything in detail u imagine ok

Raman describes Ishita smiles
Abhika r shown walking on beach hand in hand

Sorry guys I know I write short but I dnt get much time so am sorry am trying to make it longer

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  1. Nivedha

    How cute Raman is!!!! But wanna see them united soon… Waiting for Shagun’s entry… Hope Ishita ll get her eye sight soon…

  2. Shalu

    Nice one Rushi………but don’t tell me that Shagun ll be here to spoil their honeymoon……….anyways nice one……….

  3. nice one rushi. hope ishitha eye sight soon it will get

  4. Nice one dear

  5. Nice one rushi hope ishita blindness truth will be revealed soon.wish u happy diwali .and can i ask u a personal question how old r u? .bring on shagun to spice up the drama

  6. Radhikaji

    Nice work rushi. …Please unite ishra slowly. …coz I know once you unite them you will end the ff soon….??

  7. wow….awesome…..

  8. Kumud

    Really nice wish it was a bit longer

  9. Ishita has a doubt on Raman.how wil she react when d whole truth is out.abhika ishra honeymoon. Wow.abhika scenes r very romantic. Raman is so caring to ishu.he will describe everything to get.so sweet

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