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This is my opinion about the show yeh hai mohabbatein. The show started with a really good concept but many things in the show are unbelievable.

First of all I want to say about the character Mihika. First she was psaired with Mihir and they had made an adordable couple. But Ashok came in between them and he forced Mihika to marry him. After divorce from him ACP Abhishek came in the show and a new pair was expected but it didn’t happened.
After all these Mihika ended up with Romi who is there in the show from starting itself. It would have been really simole if they had paired them from starting itself.
But they like more to show Mihika as she has been cursed that no man can stay with her for a long time.
Mihir, Ashok, Abhishek and Romi. There’s also a chance that after few months we may see mihika with another man because anything can happen in yhm.

Next person is Mihir – the biggest bechara of yhm. The show now forecasts Raman as he have lost everything but then Mihir’s situation far worse than Raman. First itself he was disappointed in his mother and sister. So he had no family. And the whole time he tolerated Raman before Ishita came and after Ishita went.
He loved Mihika truly but because of Ashok they were separated but then he married Rinki and was having a nice life but then she died. Now he is alone.and he is the biggest bechara of yhm.

Now I want to say something about Ishita. Her body is the perfect example for how much accidents a human body could survive.
She have took bullet two times, bitten by crocodile, bomb blast, building fallen on her etc etc. But still she will get up and will go to solve problems next day itself.

Acp Abhishek is the next one. He is just a policeman but he acts more like a Bhalla family member. He is a police and a failed mission will be there in every officer’s life.But still he resigns his job and became a drunk… OK that can be accepted but not fully…. But it’s weird as of having its impact on him for seven years.

Ruhi who knows very much that her Ishimaa loves her a lot now believes that she forgot her. Did ishruh bonded for this ?? And when Niddhi was in jail she had a big chance escape from her clutches for which she was facing but she didn’t just for taking revenge from Ishita.

Shagun left after earthquake incident that she will always gate Ishita but after she came back she likes Ishita so much and she became so much positive that she better mahaan than Ishita.

Another thing about full Bhalla family. It’s never shown the family being sad about about Rinki who their own daughter but they crying for Ishita is shown a lot who the house’s bahu. It’s OK bahu bhi beti hi hai but in this case beti ko bahu sthan tak nahi hai kya.

Another thing it’s the only show in which I have seen celebrating wedding anniversary after divorce too.

That’s all I could get now. There’s more things but I can’t remember much

But still the shoe have some magic. Important is given to every character at least in some parts of the show.

The show also have a large number of characters. Largest I have seen but I know in some shows there will be more like in yrkkh, balika vadhu etc etc.
So I am making a small effort to mention the characters of yhm. I know I could never write everyone but I am going to try my best.

Acp Abhishek
Mr Bhalla
Mrs Bhalla
Mr iyer
Mrs iyer
Sujata ji
Mr chadda
Suyash chadda
Pammy aunty
Raina Singh
Shaila bua
Dr manoj
Mr tandon

Other than this there are many characters whose name I forgot
Subbu’s mother
Subbu’s wife
Person Rinki was about to marry
Shagun’s mother
Alia’s brother who fighted with Ruhi in school

This is all I remember now..

Pls mention in comments those whom I miss

Credit to: Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

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  1. Shagun’s mother – poornima
    Subbu’s wife – lashmi ( in the first few episodes I think if was shravan’s thread ceremony wer subbu will attend with his wife in that episode his wife’s name is ragini and after that wen his revenge drama came his wife’s name became lashmi)
    Rinki’ former hone wala pati – nikhil

  2. Alia’s brother – vivaan or nirvann I think

  3. who took divorse in this show and who celebrated marriage anniversary

    1. Shagun and raman’s marriage anniversary was once celebrated even after his marriage with ISHU

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