(YHM) Aashiyan Meri Mohabbat Ka – Intro

Hey everyone! So I’m gonna start a new story which is completely based on Ruhi’s life. Other characters will also have a role in my story but Ruhi & her love life will be the center of attraction. So let’s get started with it…………..

The Bhallas & Iyers live together in the affluent neighborhood a few kms from the city of Mumbai, India in a big mansion having a big swimming pool & a large garden in the backyard. There is another big bungalow divided just by the iron fence from the backside & a wall from front side, it belongs to the Singhanias who resides in Australia. The Singhanias are one of the top 5 rich people of the world including the Bhallas.

Unlike the actual story Ruhi returns home after 15 yrs becoming a famous singer with name Rebecca but only few people knew her actual identity who were only Singhanias. Nidhi died after 4yrs of kidnapping Ruhi but by then Ruhi had earned a full time education scholarship which helped her in studying. Back in India, IshRa didn’t separated & were raising Pihu. The rest is same like Ruhi upset at first with IshRa but later forgive them, Adi-Aliya r couple soon to get married etc etc.

Yaman Singhania (played by Shantanu Maheshwari) :- he’s the youngest businessman who’ve achieved a lot name & fame at the age of 25. He’s taking the legacy of his father Late Vikram Singhania who died in a terrible plane crash along with his mother Late Mira Vikram Singhania & elder brother Late Hrehaan Vikram Singhania & sister-in-law Late Amrita Hrehaan Singhania. His mother was a Turkish Indian while his father was a Rajput.

Ruhi Raman Kumar Bhalla (played by Vrushika Mehta) :- a 23 yr old responsible, mature enough, caring, loving rockstar without a “rockstar attitude”. She & Yaman r in a relationship, a serious one since high school. Yaman has proposed her with a ring on her b’day & she accepted whole heartedly. She loves his family a lot & fulfills all her responsibilities towards his family.

Mikhael ‘Mike’ Vikram Singhania (played by Utkarsh Gupta) :- Yaman’s adoptive brother. Adopted at the age of 5 by Vikram. Age is 23 yrs. Training under Yaman. Has an on-again off-again relationship with Sia Dhawan. Loves to dance & thinks its a best way to emote the feelings.

Niharika ‘Baby’ Sinha (played by Niyati Fatnani) :- Ruhi’s best frnd from Australia, 23 yrs old. Painting artist by profession, in an on-again off-again relationship with Mike. Knows abt Ruhi being a rockstar. Loves dancing & is a fabulous dancer. Ruhi’s manager.

Mishka ‘Mini’ Vikram Singhania (played by Barkha Singh) :- Yaman & Mikhael’s younger sister, 20 yrs, in college & very close to Ruhi just like a child to her mother.

Anvita ‘Vitki’ Hrehaan Singhania :- Hrehaan & Amrita’s 16 yr old daughter, close to Ruhi more than Yaman & Ruhi too loves & takes care of her just like a mother. Pampered a lot.

Yuvraj Luthra (played by Zain Imaam) :- Yaman’s frnd, business partner. Likes Mishka but no one knows except for Anvita. Close to Singhanias & Ruhi. Stays in Mumbai.

Now coming back to the story Ruhi has yet not told anyone abt Yaman as she’s waiting for a correct moment to reveal. On the other hand Yaman has been nominated for the Businessmen of the Year award & after that the Singhanias r returning to Mumbai for forever.

So how’s it guys pls tell me through ur comments.

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