(YHM) Aashiyan Meri Mohabbat Ka – Episode 4

Recap :- a boy enters the Bhalla house.

Ruhi (shocked) :- Mikhael what u doing here?
Mikhael :- same what these 2 girls r doing here.
Ruhi :- but u were on a trekking trip with ur frnds.
Mikhael :- yeah I was. But when Mini called me & told that they both r coming to India to u I was not able to stop myself from coming here coz I was missing u badly…
Ruhi :- awww…… (she opens her arms to welcome him to give a hug) come I’ll introduce you to everyone…..

Ruhi introduced Mikhael to everyone. Baby & Mikhael too met each other. They all had their dinner. Baby was sitting beside the pool when Mikhael came to her with coffee.
Mikhael :- may I?
Baby :- yeah sure…?
Mikhael :- coffee?
Baby :- thnx.
Mikhael :- Baby I know we were not on very good terms during our relationship but that doesn’t mean that exes can’t be frnds.
Baby :- what do u wanna say Mike?
Mikhael :- Baby, we’ve been known to each other for ages now. We were frnds before being in a courtship, can’t we be frnds now?
Baby :- u really want this?
Mikhael :- yes coz I miss my frnd? So frnds (forwards his hand for a handshake)
Baby :- umm…. OK frnds then (gives him her hand) ??

Just then Ruhi comes there & sits besides them…
Ruhi :- so u both sorted?
Mikhael :- yeah.
Ruhi :- no more issues, awkwardness b/w u 2.
Baby :- yes.
Ruhi :- good then coz I want u 2 to make arrangements for the grah pravesh puja of Singhania Villa.
Mikhael :- OK
Ruhi :- so tomorrow morning u 2 will go to the market & bring all the required things. Baby u will talk to panditji OK.
Mikhael & Baby :- aye aye Ma’am.
Mikhael :- but when is the puja?
Ruhi :- day after tomorrow.
Baby :- but who will do the puja I mean Yaman is coming after 10 days so…
Ruhi :- in his absence Mikhael will do the puja.
Mikhael :- no I can’t. Coz its ur right to do it so no. I’ll talk to Bhaiyu abt it.
Ruhi :- I already did that. & he also said the same thing as u but I denied.
Baby :- why?
Ruhi :- coz we both r not married yet. & only married couples can do such type of puja or the son of the family. Since Mikhael is here so its him who have to it. Now no more arguments what’s told is told. It’s late now we should all sleep.

They then departed for their rooms. Day after tomorrow the puja was held in the garden area of the Singhania Villa. After the completion of puja Mikhael breaks the coconut at the door & all of them entered the Villa. Everybody was awestruck to see the interior of the house.
Ishita :- wow it’s really beautiful. Right Raman?
Raman :- yes it is.
Aliya :- who is the designer?
Baby :- who else, Ruhi.
Aliya :- really, wow Ruhi its so good..
Ruhi :- thnk u. I just hope Yaman likes it.
Mini :- he’ll. & had he ever opposed ur choice, hmm… ?

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