(YHM) Aashiyan Meri Mohabbat Ka – Episode 3

Recap :- Family agreed for Yaman & Ruhi’s alliance; bad news & a surprise for Ruhi.

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Ruhi (shocked) :- Mini, Vitki what you 2 are doing here?
Mishka ‘Mini’ :- ohho bhabhi we were missing u a lot so
Anvita ‘Vitki’ :- so we came to stay with u.
Ruhi (pulling Vitki’s ears) :- & that too without informing ur Bhaiyu Chachu huh.
Vitki :- Choti Maa pls I don’t wanna talk abt him.
Ruhi :- why?

Vitki :- why? Seriously Choti Maa u r asking me why? I’m sure by now u got to know what he did with me. & what was my fault, huh? I & Mini B just wanted to come to u that’s it? He raised his hand on me
Mini :- & shouted at me.
Ruhi :- Mini (sign her to sit &makes both the girls sit on the couch & she sits on the table) Vitki, u both know na how much ur Bhaiyu Chachu loves u. He can never do such a thing with either of u.

Vitki :- but he did.
Ruhi :- he did so b’coz he was stressed out a lot. U know na how much work load he has on his shoulders now a days & on top of that u both r acting so stubborn, anyone could’ve behaved like him.
Vitki :- but…
Ruhi :- no ifs & buts OK. Now call him.

Mini called Yaman & she & Vitki together apologize to him, they talk for a while & Ruhi was just standing in the kitchen listening to their convo.
Yaman ?:- Vitki tell ur Choti Maa to stop her tears which r welled up in her eyes from coming out.
Vitki (luking back at Ruhi & smile at her) :- why Chachu?
Yaman :- as if u don’t know
Mini :- no we don’t know ?
Yaman :- coz I don’t like tears in my beloved to be wife’s eyes.
Mini & Vitki :- oh….. OK now bye.
Yaman :- bye love u.

They hang up. This whole seen was witnessed by the other family members. They were going to have dinner but suddenly one boy in his twenties enter with a bang. The 4 girls i.e. Ruhi, Baby, Mini & Vitki were shockingly surprised to see him.
Pihu :- now who is he?

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Precap :- Adi-Aliya’s engagement, Yaman & Sam entry.

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