(YHM) Aashiyan Meri Mohabbat Ka – Episode 2

Recap :- all gets to know abt Yaman & Ruhi.

Link to the previous episode :- Part 1

Episode – 2

Ruhi bought the laptop in the living room & called Yaman through Skype as everyone wanted to talk to him. Everybody is in front of the laptop while Ruhi was sitting at the round table at a corner of the living room. Yaman was hell nervous??? but also confident☺☺ as he was for the very first time meeting with his lady love’s family.
Raman :- so u r the one jo meri beti se shaadi karna chahata hai?
Yaman :- yes Sir.
Ishita :- Ruhi said that u love her more than we do.
Yaman :- yes aunty. Main Ruhi se itna pyar karta hu jitna aap sab ne bhi ussse nahi kiya hoga.
Adi :- really (in sarcastic tone)?

Yaman :- Yes. & not only me, meri family bhi Ruhi se bahaut pyar karti hai. Main Ruhi ko dus saal se jaanta hu, she’s my best friend lekin kab hamari dosti pyar ban gayi pata hi nahi chala. Meri mom hamesha kehti thi k I’m really lucky to have a girl like Ruhi in my life. Aur yeh mujhe unke jaane k baad realise hua. 4 saal pehele maine apne mom-dad aur bhaiya-bhabhi ko ek plane crash mein kho diya tha, if Ruhi wouldn’t have been there toh shayad main aaj yaha aapke saamne nahi baitha hota. Dad k jaane k baad mujhe unka business sambhalna pada lekin mere peeche se Ruhi ne meri family ko sambhala. Kal tak woh Vitki aur Sam ki Bhaiyu Chachi thi lekin aaj woh unki Choti Maa hai.

Raman :- if we don’t agree with this alliance then?
Yaman :- then nothing ☺. But one thing is for sure Sir neither me nor Ruhi will ever get married to anyone else & we will love each other for forever.
Ishita :- Yaman when u r coming to India?
Yaman :- after 10 days. Why?
Raman ? :- for finaling the marriage date of ur’s & Ruhi. (Yaman & Ruhi were happy, Ruhi came & hugged IshRa & thank them)
Yaman (in a serious tone) :- Ruhi I wanna tell u something. Pls don’t be mad.
Ruhi :- why, what happened? Is everything OK there, Vitki aur Sam r they OK.
Yaman :- woh actually kal…hua yeh ki…. I was very stressed out aur Vitki tumhare paas aane ki zid kar rahi thi & being irritated maine uss par…
Ruhi :- what did u do?
Yaman :- I raised my hand over her but I didn’t..

To be continued…..

Yaman :- I didn’t slapped her.
Ruhi :- that u did good. Yaman u know na how sensitive she is. Where is she, mujhe baat karni hai uss se.
Yaman :- she’s not at home, neither do Mini.
Ruhi :- what?
Yaman ? :- today morning when I came back from jogging I didn’t find both of them at home. Maine unke frnds se pucha but no one knows abt them, even Martha also don’t know.
Ruhi ?? :- have u searched the places they often visits.
Yaman ? ?:- don’t know where these 2 r. I just hope they r fine & safe. They r not even answering my calls.
Ruhi (try to calm him down) :- Yaman don’t worry. I’ll call them OK but pls u calm down & take care of yourself and Sam. I’ll call u after talking to them OK.

They both hang up. Ruhi was worriedly trying to call both of them but neither of them were picking up their damn phones. Now Ruhi is getting restless. She was continually trying their nos. & was even praying to god. Then suddenly Baby notices 2 girls coming from the back door (there’s a back door in the backyard which adjoins the Singhania Villa to Ruhi’s house) where Ruhi’s room is. Baby was abt to tell Ruhi but they both shushed her & move towards Ruhi, who was facing their back at them, tip toeing & hugged her from the back leaving Ruhi both shocked & surprised.

So how’s it people. Pls ???????pls do comment.

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