(YHM) Aashiyan Meri Mohabbat Ka – Episode 1


Hi everyone. Guys u all disappointed me, 2 only 2 comments not fair. Pls do comment & tell me ur opinion abt my opinion of the story.
In my intro I mentioned that the characters of the story lives in an affluent neighborhood few kms away from the city of Mumbai, by that I mean away from the busy part of the city. That neighborhood is one of the posh area of Mumbai & is near (not very near) the beach. There r is a small shack which has all the refreshments for those who visit the beach. There r boats, yachts of people living in the the neighborhood or those who do not.

I’m adding one more character in my story, its of Samarth Singhania.
Samarth ‘Sam’ Hrehaan Singhania :- Hrehaan & Amrita’s 4.5 yr old son. Apple of the eye of Singhanias. Calls Ruhi ‘Choti Maa’. Loves her a lot & needs her for everything he wants from his socks to clothes, books, food etc etc.

DISCLAIMER :- its a total work of fiction. All the places r truly fictional & do not represent to any of the real places. THNK U.

Its a fine Sunday morning in the Bhalla House. Ruhi was in her room getting ready. Her room is near the swimming pool in the backyard, its just like a outhouse. It has 2 different closets – one for her casuals & the other were full of her concert costumes & party dresses, both the rooms were no less than a small room. A dressing room was also in there for getting ready it had her night clothes & 2 big shelves for the accessories. It also had a big cupboard in which there r clothes & other items of Niharika a.k.a. Baby as she stays with her in the same room. The room had 2 beds, a double bed for Ruhi & another double bed for Baby. The walls were covered with the photos of herself, family, concert pics. The bathroom was also big with a jaccuzi in it, a glass cabinet for shower. Ishita came to call her & Baby for breakfast. Baby went along with Ishita while Ruhi was getting ready. They both reached to the dining room of the Bhalla House to & found everyone at their seats having breakfast.
Raman :- Baby tum yaha khush toh ho na?
Baby :- yes uncle ofc.
Raman :- Baby if I ask u something will u tell me? (she nods in yes) kya Ruhi humse kuch chupa rahi hai? (listening to this ques Baby starts coughing ) u OK?
Baby :- yeah I’m fine. Uncle aap mujhse aisa kyu puch rahe hai.
Raman :- beta for the past few days I’ve been noticing her she is always on the phone or on the laptop & whenever someone comes to her she gets startled & tries to do hide whatever she was doing.
Baby :- there’s nothing like such Uncle & if it is she herself will tell u whenever she feels like telling.
Raman :- I know she will but the fact is I’m concerned for her. Mujhe uski fikar hoti hai kahi woh kisi problem mein na padh jaye.
Baby :- Uncle don’t worry. Ruhi bahaut strong hai no problem in this world can lower her strongness. She’s very capable of handling any problem very swiftly that comes in her way. She fights with all the problems very efficiently & emerges out as a winner.
Raman :- that’s true ☺

On the other hand Ruhi who was in her room got a call, from Yuvraj.
Ruhi ?:- hi! Yuvi.
Yuvraj :- hello Bhabhiji kaisi hai aap? ☺
Ruhi :- I’m gud. Tum batao jo kaam maine kaha tha woh kiya tumne?
Yuvraj :- yes. Maine sara samaan pahuchwa diya hai, without any damage.
Ruhi :- & what abt the workers?
Yuvraj :- they have already reached there tum bas jao & just tell them what to do ok?
Ruhi :- thnk u devarji ☺?
Yuvraj :- oh u r welcome Bhabhiji ☺?

Then they both hang up. Ruhi took her bag & went to dining room hurriedly.
Ruhi :- Baby if u r done can we move?
Baby :- yes lets go?
Ishita :- Ruhi beta breakfast toh karlo.
Ruhi :- no Ishi Maa I’m already late. Main bahar hi kuch khalugi ok bye. Come Baby.
Raman :- Ruhi aisa kaha jaa rahi ho that u can’t even have ur breakfast.
Ruhi :- Papa I’ll tell u later abhi mujhe der ho rahi hai (& she picks up 1 apple & a paratha) now bye everyone.

Bidding bye to everyone she rushed out with Baby & without getting noticed by the security guards outside the Bhalla House she entered into the Singhania Villa with Baby. There the workers who were hired by Yuvraj were already there waiting for Ruhi to tell them what to do. They all started working, there were 7 bedrooms out of which 5 were master bedrooms & 2 were guest rooms. Each room was like a royal suite of a hotel but Ruhi arranged them just like the Singhania people wanted their rooms. Vitki & Sam’s room was on the either side of Yaman-Ruhi’s room. All the rooms had many pictures of the Singhanias but the wall of a living area was empty. Ruhi & Baby along with the workers put up a big picture of the Singhanias on the wall. It had Yaman & Ruhi sitting together with Yaman’s one hand around Ruhi while Sam was sitting in a vertical position on both Yaman & Ruhi, while Mini was standing behind Ruhi with both her hands around Ruhi’s neck, Vitki was standing behind Yaman totally looming over his shoulder while Mikhael was standing in b/w both the girls putting his either hands on both Yaman & Ruhi. Yuvraj was standing near Ruhi while Baby was standing near Yaman. It was one small happy family. The work of arranging the house was done efficiently under the supervision of Ruhi.

On the other hand in the Bhalla House the preparations for Adi-Aliya’s marriage were going on. Then suddenly there was knock at the door. Ishita opened the door to find a security guard standing along with a courier boy..
Guard :- ma’am there’s a courier for Miss Ruhi.
Ishita :- mujhe dede I’ll give it to her.
Courier Boy :- ma’am its exclusively for Miss Ruhi.
Ishita :- I’m her mother I’ll give to her (she received the courier & a letter too)
Raman :- kiska courier hai Ishita?
Ishita :- Ruhi ka.
Raman :- Ruhi? Dikhao mujhe.
Ishita :- Raman hum Ruhi se pehele kaise dekh sakte hai?
Raman :- hum uske parents hai hamara hak banta hai.

He takes the courier which was beautifully gift wrapped & the letter. He first opened the gift & was shocked to see it. It was a photo frame, in it there was a cute pic of Yaman, Ruhi & Sam. Sam was in Ruhi’s arms & she was kissing him on the cheeks while Yaman who was standing behind her was kissing on her head from the back. Everybody was also shocked to see the frame but the real shock was waiting for them in the face of the letter sent. Raman opened it to read & was more shocked to read it.
Ishita :- kya hua Raman kya likha hai letter mein?
Mrs. Bhalla :- kya likha hai puttar bata na.

Raman gave the letter to Aliya to read. She starts reading it.
Hi! Choti Maa. I’m missing u badly. Mujhe aapki bahaut yaad aati hai. Mera mann karta hai k main jaldi se aapke pass ajau but I know k its wrong kyuki abhi mere final exam chal rahe hai & u want me to pass the exams with higher grades. Don’t worry Choti Maa mere saare exams bahaut achche jaa rahe hai aur main achche se padhai kar raha hu. Bas 3 aur exams then I’ll be coming to u. Love u lots????????? Your Sam. Wait wait wait Chachu bhi aapse kuch kehena chahate hai.
Hello would be Mrs. Yaman Singhania kaisi hai aap. I know k hum roz baat karte hai phir bhi I’m writing this letter to u coz love letter likhne aur padhne ka maza alag hi hota hai. I just wanna tell u that I love u & I’m missing u badly. Just one more week & then main tumhare pass houga. & don’t worry abt anything here I’m there ok. Bye take care, miss me & yeah I love u ???????????. Your Yaman.
Everybody in the family was totally shocked especially IshRa. Just then Ruhi enters with Baby. All were looking at her with confused & shocked faces. Finally Ruhi broke the ice
Ruhi :- kya hua aap sab mujhe aise kyu dekh rahe hai?
Raman (stood up & goes to her with the frame & letter) :- yeh kya hai Ruhi (shows both the things)
Ishita :- Ruhi, Papa aapse kuch puch rahe hai jawab do. Kaun hai yeh ladka (pointing out at Yaman)
Ruhi (her eyes wide open) :- Papa woh…woh I…I
Raman (a little louder) :- what?
Ruhi :- Ishi Maa yeh Yaman hai, Yaman Singhania my fiance.
Everybody :- what?
Ruhi :- main sab batati hu. Aap sab baithye na. (they all sit) Main Yaman ko dus saal se jaanti hu. He is my best friend aur hamari dosti kab mohabbat ban gai humein pata hi nahi chala. 3 saal pehele mere b’day par Yaman me mujhe propose kiya & I said yes.
Adi :- yes just like that. How can u Ruhi ?
Ruhi :- Bhaiya main aur Yaman ek dusre se bahaut pyar karte hai.
Ishita :- but Ruhi…
Ruhi :- Ishi Maa trust me Yaman mujhse bahaut pyar karta hai itna pyar jitna aap sab ne bhi milkar mujhse nahi kiya hoga & I can bet on it.
Raman (who was silent till now spoke up) :- mujhe Yaman se milna hai….abhi.
Ruhi (tensed a little bit) :- abhi…. OK

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Precap :- Bhalla, Iyer & Raghav family to meet Yaman; Yaman to give a bad news to Ruhi & a surprise awaits for Ruhi……

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