YHM – After 3 Yrs (Part 1)

In my story there is no separation drama; Ananya is not killed; Simmi came to know abt Parmet’s ploy & she apologized to the family; though everyone didn’t make Ruhi to back out from the marriage as she was getting more & more reluctant to marry Nikhil. OK so the story starts from Ruhi getting ready for her wedding and was waiting for Nikhil. She was waiting in the mandap but Nikhil didn’t showed up, instead he sent a CD in which he confessed that he was just trapping Ruhi for his revenge on Bhalla family. Listening to which Ruhi again got shattered. But this time she didn’t cried at all, the grieve she had the guilt she was carrying in her heart for insulting her family was making her shallow from inside.

Everybody left her alone for sometime. In the night when everybody was sleeping Ruhi went away from the house with all her belongings leaving just a letter for the family that she’ll come back one day when she feel to come back and no one means no one will ever try to contact her or search for her. She went to London with the help of her friend. There one day she saved a guy who is Kunal Singh Rajawat who hails from a Royal Family in Rajasthan, India and are settled in London for around 25 yrs. & is looking after the family business & taking care of his family. He asked Ruhi to stay with him in his house with his family. His family has his one younger brother Karan, a younger sister Sameera and a little nephew Yug (son of his dead elder brother Prithvi & sister in law Aarti). Ruhi bonded really well with his family especially with Aradhya, she took care of her just mother + did her MBA from Oxford University & later joined Kunal’s office as CEO. Kunal knows of Ruhi’s story.

After 3 Yrs. –
Bhalla family is living as same as before but the only thing is that they miss their Ruhi a lot. Ria is adopted by Romi & Mihika as Pooja is not suitable to take care of her, Aliya is now pregnant with Adi’s child. In London Ruhi is also living her life with the Rajawat family. Lets take a look to who all r there in the Rajawat family.
1. Kunal Singh Rajawat :- a 25 year old businessman. Though he has acquire his wealth, business, name from his forefathers but has raised the std. of Royal Industries with his own caliber & strength. Ruhi’s best frnd.

2. Karan Singh Rajawat :- 20 yrs old, Kunal’s younger brother. Music is his hobby but Kunal wants him to handle business after his studies. Karan considers Ruhi as his beat frnd cum elder sister cum mother & shares everything with her.
3. Sameera “Sammy” Singh Rajawat :- 19 yrs old. Kunal & Karan’s younger sister. Shares same relation as Karan with Ruhi.

4. Yug Prithvi Singh Rajawat :- 5 yrs old. Kunal’s dead elder brother & sister in law son. Really very close to Ruhi calls her “Pishi Maa”.

So the Rajawats are returning to India and will settle in now but before that Ruhi is coming to crack a deal with AAARRP (stands for Adi, Aliya, Ananya, Ruhi, Riya, Pihu) Industries, unbeknownst to the fact the same is run by Adi & Romi. When she met them, all were very emotional but keeping emotions side they met as professionals. The deal was cracked and as Ruhi was leaving Adi stopped her, both Romi & he hugged her.

Adi :- Ruhi wont u wanna meet us?
Romi :- Ruhi bachcha its been 3 yrs, where were u? We all missed u such.
Ruhi :- Chachu what ever I did 3 yrs back I was not able to live in there so I went away.
Adi :- ok fine what happened has happened now u r coming with us to ur own home. Everyone there misses u a lot.

Ruhi :- no bhai I can’t
Adi :- Ruhi I’m not asking u, I’m telling u. Now come.& give me a hug.

Sammy (from behind) :- haw….. Ruhi Di u forgot me, a group hug without Sammy not fair….
Karan :- stop ur drama Miss Drama Queen.

Romi & Adi took Ruhi to the Bhalla house where everybody was overjoyed to see her after 3 yrs. She stayed with them then after 3 days there was ring on their door. Ruhi was in the kitchen with the ladies while Neelu opened the door. A 5 year old boy came running calling his Pishi Maa leaving everyone surprise, the boy was Yug.

Yug :- Pishi Maa… Pishi Maa…
Ruhi :- Yug (pick him up) Yug what r u doing here?
Yug :- Pishi Maa I was really missing u so I asked Chachu to bring me here. & I’m also angry at you
Ruhi :- why?

Yug :- Cuz u didn’t call me from last 4 days
Ruhi :- oh baby I’m so sorry I was very busy with the new project & have been house hhunting for all of us to stay in.
Kunal (entering in ):- ha.. u don’t need to house hunt I already have purchased one?
Ruhi :- hi1 Kunal. How r u?

Kunal :- I’m good. Well I really need ur help in arranging the new house.
Ruhi :- u r saying as if I will say no, offcourse I’ll do it but tell me which house have u purchased?
Karan (walking in) :- the flat nxt door. (Ruhi gives Kunal a look)
Kunal :- I thought that u met ur family after 3 long yrs & r staying with them & as u know I means we all cannot stay without u so why not take the flat nxt door.
Ruhi :- how sweet.

Yug :- it’ll be so fun na Pishi Maa. (he then looks at Ruhi’s family who were looking at them questionably) Pishi Maa r they ur family.
Ruhi (looks at them):- oh sorry forgot. Papa Ishi Maa meet the Rajawats (she then introduced everyone).
Karan :- ok now Yug will u pls get down I also wanna hug Ruhi Di.
Yug :- no I won’t.
Ruhi :- Karan let him be na u come, its been so many days. Come now give me a hug.

They all then had a group hug while Kunal was watching them adorably especially Ruhi. IshRa both observed Kunal seeing Ruhi adorably. They understood that he likes their daughter. So will they consider Kunal for Ruhi?

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