yes, there is True Love! (Episode 9)


the episode starts veer going infront of sanju in a angry look. “Why are you disturbing me?”asks veer.sanju in a frightened look and says (stammers)”wha…what?…i didn’t disturb yo…you…it was a…”.Veer stops her and says whatever ,dont do this again.Veer goes from there.Sanju thinks hmm he is very rude…rude king!.

Everyone sits in the main hall.Mahesh says to amarnath to introduce everyone.Amarnath introduces everyone and he say-“..and i hav 3 children..nikhil,rukhma and…”.That time sanju comes there.”hmm here my daughter sanjana!”.Sanju smiles to mahesh and when she looks veer her smile goes.They both exchange angry look.Manu comes to the hall.”Nikhil said you will take me to industry tommorow coz i hav a project”.”soory manu i cant tommorow i am busy”says nikhil.Manu looks amarnath but he was also busy .

Manu-“huh..i hav to complete this project in 2 days”.”Can i help you” asks veer to manu .Amarnath-“No veer…u r our guest”.Veer-“no problem uncle i am free tommorow i can take manu to industry!”.Sanju surprised to hear that and thinks so veer has another face also.Amarnath agrees.Manu thanks veer.Mahesh and veer bid goodbye and veer says manu to be ready.(Chachi’s room)…chachi-“I was thinking about that guy…i think he will be perfect for our priya,right!”.chacha-“which boy?”.”oh god…mahaveer…mahesh son!”says chachi.”oh…hmm..let me check first”says chacha.”What is there to check.He is handsome…has his own company..”chachi goes on so chacha stops her and says ok i will ask to bhaiyaa.Meanwhile in amarnaths room…Amarnath was thinking about veer and his behaviour…and thinks about that to look him for sanju.

That time madhulaksmi asks “Thinking about veer?”.Amarnath-“ did u understand”.Madhu-“ah that i can understand,i think veer will be suitable for our sanju”.A-“hmm let me ask to mahesh about this!”. PRECAPE:-Veer comes there to pick manu…manu asks sanju to come with him..amarnath says to go……sanju and veer iritated.Chacha going to ask about veer for priya.

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  1. Awesome, lovely episode, wowwww already there are alliance waiting for veer…very interesting story. let’s see who will approach first to Mahesh and who will veer say yes to, Priya or sanju? Sanju n veer already have rift between them….precap is very interesting….Keep it up honeyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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