yes, there is True Love! (Episode 8)


The episode starts with chachi saying to sanju to open the door.Sanju opens the main door.Mahesh was standing outside and when he see sanju-“hai bheta….how are you?”says mahesh.Sanju with a smile replys that she is fine and calls her papa.Amarnath comes there and they both hugs and greet each other.When sanju was going to close the door mahesh says “dont close the door…my son is outside….he is attending one call”.Sanju looks outside but she not see anyone so she keep that door open and go to the kitchen.Chachi says”oyi sanju, make some special kheer”. “huh…chachi plz u make that”says sanju.”I hav lots work here…we didnt make any sweet dish…”.Sanju makes kheer.

Amarnath,bhaiyya,chacha,manu,mahesh,veer sits in the dining table.After every one finish their dinner.Madhulakshmi says “Sanju…bring ur kheer”.Sanju with a smilre brings the kheer.She doesnot see veer was there.She was keeping the bowl one by one…veer was too busy talking with bhaiyaa.Sanju not sees veer’s face and keep the bowl there.When she was going she suddenly hit the glass and the glass water spills in veers pant.”Ahh….my pant!”says veer with shock.”Oh i m sorry…”says sanju.They both look each other.They both hav an eyelock.They realise each other.

“Oh wat happened?”asks chacha which breaks there eyelock.Sanju-“oh that was by mistake!”.Veer says in low voice “as usual by mistake”.Sanju hears that and go to her bedroom with iritation.After sometimes rukhu and manu comes inside the room.Rukhu “He is that guy where we had a fight with him”.Manu-“di u had a fight with him?”.Sanju-“I dont remeber anything”.Rukhu”oh really…do u remember veer…oh sorry kheer”.Sanju looks rukhu who was gigling.Sanju-“rukhuuu i m gonna kill you”.Rukhu runs from there and sanju runs back to catch her.That time veer was standing there so sanju stops but rukhu does not see him and says “oh sanju..tired?…KHEER VEER!..KHEER VEER”.Sanju signs her to stop .Rukhma sees him(shocks)and goes from there.when sanju goes from there veer stops her.

To be continue

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  1. Haha. It’s hilarious today. Lol

  2. Ahhhhhh….so short….

  3. Awesome. ..lovely, hilarious episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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