yes, there is True Love! (Episode 7)


the episode starts with madhlakshmi calling sanju.”Sanju,will you go to the market to buy some vegetables”asks mother…”huh ma…why me you can send manu”says sanju who is wearing blue top and dark blue legging.”Manu is busy in studies ….so you have to go with rukhu”says ma.When sanju was going to say something ma give her sturn look which made sanju to go.

In the market place….sanju and rukhma was carrying many covers filled with vegetables.Rukhma asks”Di…do you have boyfriend?”.Sanju was surprised to hear that question from her.”What?… i dont hav any boyfrnd….why are you asking this question rukhu..”says sanju. “Simply…..just thought you would have”says rukhma with a smile.Sanju hits her head and says”ohho….just to know”says sanju teasing her.”So you will not fall in love with anyone?”asks rukhu.”I dont know……this love can happen anytime….anywhere”says sanju.When they both were busy talking that time one guy bumps with sanju and carried vegetables falls down.Sanju angrily “huh oh my god….all vegetables has gone down”.Sanju turn around and sees the person who bumps her.Sanju realises that it was the same guy who she met on holi day(Who was actually mahaveer).”oh hello…..dont u hav any eyes.My all vegetables has ruined…..”says sanju angrily.”Dont blame me for this….you also have eyes right so you should be carefull when walking”says veer with a irritating manner.Veer was annoyed and was going to leave.”How can you go like this… rude u are…..atleast you can say sorry”says sanju.Veer angrily says”I dont hav any time for this nonsense!….ok you r problem is this vegetable right!….take this money “.

Before sanju say something veer has gone.”Huh…what type of behaviour it is”says rukhu.Sanju thinks that what is this man’s problem…dont know to talk with girls.Evening…Sanju go to the kichen that time everyone was busy doing their work.”Bhabi…could please make some laddoo..”asks sanju.”Not now guest are coming”says bhabi.That time bell rings.

To be continue.

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  1. Hi Dia. How are you?
    Is interesting. Continue please n tc 🙂

    1. fine….and thanks prema for ur support! 🙂

  2. Awesome, geat..very interesting. …plz continue dear. …love you loads

    1. Thanks roma… 🙂

  3. very nice story dia……eager to read next episode…..update soon…

  4. wow….beautiful episode.Bloom love between sanju and veer…..

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