yes, there is True Love! (Episode 5)

the episode starts with Sanju opening the main door.Everyone started celebrating holi…..putting and splashing colours to each other ,dhol,music….that time sanju miss her friend megna and remembers her .”Sanju..come here and join us!”says priya.Sanju joins them.Sanju sees ria bhabhi and says “happy holi bhabi.”.They hugs and put colour.”Bhabi where is amar bhaiya?”asks sanju.”Amar ji will be there in front of main gate” says bhabhi.Sanju go near front gate.She finds a person in back position wearing white kurta.Sanju thinks why bhaiya has not put any colour and she thinks to put colour on his face.Sanju slowly move towards him and when he turned back sanju puts the colour on his face without seeing his face.

“Happy holi bhaiyaa!!”says sanju exitedly.”Who bhaiyaa?”says him.Sanju was smiling and he was cleaning his face to see her.After hearing his voice sanju checked his face carefully.She got shocked that he was not her brother.Sanju tried to escape that he called her and said “who are you and i am not your bhaiya”says him angrily.”I am sorry i thought you are my brother”says sanju and when she was leaving he called her once more and says”oh what an idea!…through this you can put colour on me and can escape also…very nice”.”Oh hello i dont have any interest in putting colours on your face ..and anyways today is holi there is no rules who have to put the colour on who’s face”says sanju and when she was going that guy catch her hand and puts colour on her face and says”Ok then happy holi”.When sanju opened her eyes he was vanished.Sanju was thinking who is that weird man?.”Hey amarnath!…”says mahesh rao.Amarnath sees him and hugs him .Mahesh is best friend of amarnath.”Hey,how are you yaar..

i thought you will not come”says amarnath.”How can i miss my best friends holi……and also meet my son mahaveer”says mahesh.Mahaveer enters.”Hello uncle,how are you!”says veer.”Who put the colour on ur face?..u does not allow anyone to put colours on your face!”asks mahesh.”That one girl by mistake has put that colour

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  1. Offooo. It’s good. So Mahaveer is the hero of this ff. Right?

  2. Awesome episode, love you loads

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