yes, there is True Love! (Episode 4)


so the episode starts with sanju asking where is ma and pa to chachi.”Pa has gone outside and ma is in the kitchen”said chachi.Sanju goes to the kitchen,there sh see her mother.Sanju says “ma…what are you making?”. Ma surprises after seeing sanju and says”you have reached (hugs)….so how was your exam?….you are looking too tired…dont you eat anything from college?…”. “ma dont ask too many questions at one stretch(smiles)…ye the exam was nice…..and also nowadays this look is fashion ma!”says sanju.Madhulakshmi smiles and says”Anyways…you just freshen up and take some rest because tommorow is holi….”. Sanju goes from there and when she was going to her bedroom she hears someone calling her,when she turn back she sees dadi. Dadi says”Sanju u didnt come and meet me…so you dont miss me from your college(sad)..”. Sanju says”Dadi….who told you i dont miss you,i have missed you a lot my dadi….and sorry dadi i thought after a bath i will meet you..”. “Ahh …ok ok you just go take rest ok(smiles).When sanju was taking bath see remembers the word marriage.She thinks what to do to stop mother saying about marriage.After her bath she takes a good sleep.”Sanju….go and wear your wedding dress…”says madhulakshmi.”What?…i am not ready fotr this marriage ma”. “What are you saying…groom is waiting in the pandap…you dont have any time”says everyone.Suddenly sankju wakes up.She realise it is just a dream.Evening…she goes down from the room.She goes to the balcony that time she sees her father.”Papa,….sitting alone”.Amarnath turn and see sanju and wave his hand to sit beside him.”Sanju…how are you my dear…”. “Good,….papa where did you go morning?”asks sanju. “Oh that some business work….so are you gonna miss the college?”says father. “hmm little”says sanju. Father was looking her. “What papa?”asks papa.”Really?…so you will not miss your friends….i dont think so!”. Sanju says”Oh papa you understands me very well!”.

Precap: Sanju puts colour on someones face thinking as her brother

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  1. Nice but who is that someone in the precap

    1. thanks a lot dais to read my fanfiction……and read my next episode you can figure out who is that someone 🙂

  2. Nice epi…may b dat sum1 wud b our hero

    1. thanks a lot to read my episodes….k ur doubt will be cleared after reading next episodes.. 🙂

  3. Awesome episode, love you loads

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