yes, there is True Love! (Episode 3)


so the episode starts with madhulakshmi saying that ” our sanju’s college studies has finished,but you dont hav any seriousness!. She was saying to her husband(Amarnath rajput),who was sitting and reading the newspaper.By hearing those words he smiled and said ” oh madhu why are you taking this much pressure?. Madhulakshmi says “then wat i hav to do…sanju told she will think about marriage aftr her studies….and her studies finished and now she is coming tommorow. “Dont worry about that…for sanju one prince will come to take our princess…so just relax.Amarnath leaves from there. Madhulakshmi thinks sanju will be ready for this. “NO,i am not ready megna…”says sanju worriedly.”why?…you have said to your ma that after college you will….” says megna.”Yes i had promised to ma but i dont know megna..” said sanju and covered her face with hands. “Dont worry sanju everything will be fine …every girls has same problem when they hear this word but gradually they will understand this “.Sanju nods and hugs her.They leave to hostel to pack their things.Morning…sanju n megna reach railway station after biding goodbye to all .Sanju (Sadly) says”our college life has finished yaar… more frnds craziness..everything…bunking,comedies,gossips…no more late studies…masti..”. Megna remembering those days and says “Right ! life bye bye and marriage life welcome(teasing sanju) .Sanju n megna laughs together…that time train comes .Megna sadly says ” ha..ur train has come,ok bye sanju”.They hugs and move to their directions. Sanju reach in front of main door and rings the bell.The main door is opened by manav. “Sanju di you came….Ma…Bhadi ma..sanju di has arrived..dadi …everyone..sanju di has arrived”said manu loudly and excitedly.”oh manu you dont make noise.Everyone came excitedly by hearing from manu.”Sanju….my precious you have reached here”said chachi and hugs sanju.”Sanju …. How was ur exam?”asked priya.”yes nice,….chachi where is ma?”asked sanju.

to be continue

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  1. Try making it a bit longer dear. Nice

  2. Awesome episode, love you loads

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