yes, there is True Love! (Episode 2)


So the episode starts with janey moving forward to see the sanju’s hidden boyfriends face.When she come forward she saw sanju only nobody else ,sanju was closed her eyes and standing there wearing white churidhar top and light pink dupatta and pink patiala.Sanju’s hair was flowing through the wind,she was smiling…..but that time janey was searching her boyfriend,she thought sometimes while seeing them he would have hide somewhere.Suddenly sanju opened her eyes saw janey. She was surprised to see her .
Sanju:(Surprised)What are you doing here janey?
Janey:I am searching your boyfriend….where is he?….just call na i also want to see him….is he handsome…..where he is staying?
Sanju:(Puzzled)Which boyfriend?….who said that i have boyfriend?
Janey:So you thought we will never figure out that……but you are caught red handed ms Sanjana rajput .
That time from back of the tree some gigling sound came.Sanju look who is gigling that time she saw megna.Sanju understood it is her who said she has a boyfriend.
Sanju:(Catching megna’s hand)So it is your job,right?
Megna:(Laughing) Sorr…sorry sanju i thought to make some fun……
Sanju:(Angrily) Youuuu……
Janey:What??…..i dont understand.
Megna:Actually our sanju gas no boyfriend,her boyfriend is this tree.
Janey:Tree? Megna:Yes,this tree is planted vy sanju,when she came here first she planted here…so whenever she has some connection with this tree,right sanju(winks).
Sanju:Right megna(hitting her head). Janey:Whatever bye sanju,and please be in contact ok.
Sanju:Bye janey(hugs).
Janey leaves from there.Megna and sanju walks through college varandha.
Megna:So when are you going to home?Sanju:hmm tommorow,my family will be waiting for me…exam is finished…college is finished, so… “Marriage”…the sound comes from Rajput bunglow…Madulakshmi”Dont u have any seriousness…our daughters college has finished today.

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  1. Nice, tree bf ,,,funny…lovely story. ..plzzzz continue dear, love you loads.

  2. Tree is bf!!! Great.

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