yes, there is True Love! (Episode 1)


hey guys,this is my first fan fiction. Sothere will be many mistakes……….please support me!!

Episode 1
In the examination hall.Bell rings,exam finish.everyone comes out of the examination hall.
Megna: oh my god i have missed this question!
Janey: just leave it yaar.
Megna: How can i leave this. I am proffesional in copying how could i miss this,ah anyways our is finally over
janey: Right,megna did you see sanju?
Megna was smiling.she knows very well that where will be sanju.
Janey:Megna where is sanju? Megna: Come with me i will show you.
Megna and janey go to near a large tree.Some sound come from behind the tree.

Janey looked puzzled.Megna says keep quiet and listen.Janey hears carefully.

From back of the tree the conversation starts.”What will i do now?,my exams are over now i cannot see you.I am going back to my house.I cannot leave you.

After hearing this conversation janey was more confused and looked megna,but megna was silently laughing by seeing janey’s face.
Janey :(Silently)with whom sanju is talking with?
Megna: She is talking with her boyfriend!
Janey:What?but i heard she has no boyfriend.

Precap:Janey move to see the face of sanju’s boyfriend.

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  1. Hi dia sweetheart,…..Quite interesting start…. ..I wanna know more about this story. …plzzzz continue dear. …all the best. …love you loads

    1. thanks a lot roma to support….and if there is any mistake you can say it…… 🙂

  2. Nice Dia. Interesting….

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