Yes… You.. You have Ruined my Life! Who so ever is reading this title is the Reason….


Yes You, You are the Reason for my catastrophic life! Yes you , who so ever is reading this.. is the reason behind my Ruthless life! What? Are you confused that why am I pointing you? I know you aren’t understanding why so suddenly I wrote this letter to you! To me you are unknown person but you are one of them who has already ruined my life! Gosh….. I Know you were just scrolling the page and reading the title you just clicked it! And I m Thank Ful to You for spending your precious time at reading my letter! I would first of all tell you my story! The Story of My Life! Some Questions I have to Ask from all of you, would you guys answer me? Well I was just simple girl like you, I was Simple Human like you! Then why did you all ruined my life? What I did? Did i commited unacceptable mistake? Or I was myself a mistake in form of Girl! To me you are unkown , to you I m unknown but to God we are One! ONE! Have you ever thought what does this ONE word mean? Why would you think so? Afterall you all are so much busy in your life that you all have forgotten your responsiblity! You have become so much busy that after reading whole this letter you would either pass a comment or just leave without commenting but you all would never think upon my words! MY WORDS? HAHA why you all will even think upon my words? Why you will even think upon my thoughts? Who Am I to you? Nothing! I m just a character in society no matter how merciless my life becomes but for you all either it would be topic for gossips or for laughing moments or a piece of so called News! My life is nothing to you , for you my life is just a piece of paper either you tear it or you turn in it into ashes! But My life is not Paper! My Life is not Ash! My Life is Like yours! Life seems to be sheet of roses but if you would walk over it only the thorns would be felt by You! I m not here to make you irritated with my letter all I want is to tell you your Mistake because of what Today My life is Runied! Yes your mistake has ruined my life! How? Which Mistake? Etc questions would be poping up in your Mind right now! Hold on Hold on! Let me Start from the very beggining! I already told I was A simple girl My name Is Pragya Arora! The daughter of Surla arora who used to Run Marrige hall! And unforunatly The Wife of Abhishek Mehra! Yes Unforunatly! I wish I could use the word Fortune but to my luck I can only use this Word Unforunatly! You all are aware of our Nok Jhoks our fights Our Love hate relation! But are you aware of my Sacrifices? Hmmm so You are aware of My sacrifices! Always I thought sacrife isn’t a regretful thing! But my thinking was wrong… there is a limit for everything! I have done limitless sacrifices during my life and you guys would be probably aware of it! Have you ever Read Narrator’s OS? She once in her OS made me Main character and wrote my POV telling you all about my real sacrifices! Did you guys felt pain? The answer for this question is NO! Neither you felt it nor you thought upon it! You all just passed comment on creativity of Writer! I m not saying that you all did wrong! Extremly it was beautifully written! but did you felt something? Yes you felt the emotions that Narrator wanted to convey! But just for the particular moment you felt so! Narrator wanted you to tell Enough is Enough! She wanted to convey something through it! Did you guys Noticed what she actually wanted to convey? She wanted to convey My feelings? No! She wanted to convey that Everything has a limit! When we use word Enough! It means the limt has been crossed! My life has become enough ruthless! I was a simple proffessor, infinte times my marrige didn’t took place! Then to ruin my life Mr Abhishek Married me! You all know that already! So lets directly jump what happend next He tried to torture me infinte times!

I then realised I love him! So silly of me! Soon after limitless nok jhoks fights sacrifices! Conspiracies he realised that he loves me! Then his so called girl friend became pregnant then much drama took place! Then crackpot women whom i can name dadi ruined my life by making me villian in my own husband’s life! I followed her instructions! Then at the end abhi losed his memory! Whoooooo! The most irritating thing was dadi left my hand in mid of path saying leave my abhi alone! Great! Then again I met with abhi and again love blossomed! But in all this did you realised that I was the only one making sacrifices! i know i made limitless sacrifices that ordinary women can not make but still have you ever thought what’s happening around you? Well the only thing i wanted to convey was that beside my sacrifices i was torutured enough too! Today using the voice of hunderds of girls I m talking to you im form of letter! Today I m using the voice of those girls whose voice have been snatched from them! As a mother as a daughter as a sister As A GIRL today I stand in front of you! Answer my questions! Why Is society always deaf dumb and blimd to itself? Again and again I was repeating that My Life has been runied! Using word MY i was referring to those hundred of girls whose life has been ruined! Most girls in today’s century have been haunted by fear! Though now women is fully independant! But yet she is the one whom everyone depends! then why you ruin their life whether mistake is theirs or not! Once a girl gets rapped society beside helping her questions her! And then the Rapped girl commits SUCIDE! Numberless times you guys would have listed to these types of news! But tell me have you ever took any step? No! I already said for you either it is piece of News or topic for gossips! And this is your mistake! You even didn’t tried to think about matter you just left it thinking it as piece of news! You know about more than 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually. The reported data covered 65 countries! Astonished? These much cases but still for you it is piece of news nothing else and this is your mistake! Leaving rape case come to acid attacks! The most dangerous one which ruins girls life for ever! Since the 1990s, Bangladesh has been reporting the highest number of attacks and highest incidence rates for women, with 3,512 Bangladeshi people acid attacked between 1999 and 2013.Although acid attacks occur all over the world, including in Europe, this type of violence is mainly concentrated in South Asia. This type of attack’s rate is highest for women! For you again this is piece of news! And This is your mistake! If i would start talking about crimes then it would never end i m just hear to make you realise that all long you all have been deaf and blind to ownself! You are unable to listen or see the cases happening around you! You all want entertainment in your life but tell me so many cases are happeing around you and still you need entertainment? I M A Girl not a mistake! I m a human not a mistake! Please please please try to understand i know you all are so busy but just try to think over it! Make influence speeches over it so that you can divert others mind to these cases so that they can be aware of happenings in this society! Help Me! My life is ruined don’t let others life be runied like this! It doesn’t matters that you are a girl or boy all you need is to be Human so that the feeling of Humanity can emerge in you! Enough of making mistake now please make change! If you can not raise voice just contribute a little by your writing by your speeches! Drops make the ocean! Your little comtribution can make a life, can save a life! I hope i made you realise your mistakes! my life has been ruined after i made sacrifices but sometimes all we need is to raise voice! Today My own husband is getting married to anyone else! I m here writing the letter to you and he is down getting married! So its my time to raise voice! Before he gets married let me stop it by screaming Yeh Shaadi Nhi Ho Sakti! This Marrige can not take place! Haha filmy one! I want to end my letter by sayings of william J clinton.. If you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit. NEVER QUIT! LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!

Hey people this is sochna! I m very new This is very first OS from my side i hope you liked it! Sorry if i had hurt you any way! I just wantd to convey that how deaf we are! Tell me my mistakes so i can rectifyyyyy it!

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  1. Madhura

    Yess Ofcourse sochna we are deafs acting like dumbs because of thinking that it will safe guard our lives. But the real thing is one day it will ruin and the same suituation Will happen in our lives tooo!?

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Exactly Madhura! And Thanks for the comment! I m thank ful that you read it.

  2. Madhura

    And i welcome you your first ff is rocking go ahead

  3. Princesskrisha

    Really emotional Ill try my level best to make people understand the meaning of life of a girl.if it is a rape or acid attack or suicide we just gossip about n tell its the girl mistake. What’s her mistake in this she is the victim instead of supporting her we blame her.what’s wrong with our society it is just turning their faces for small matters too had some.people lost humanity.then nxt thing is they are saying dress code is matter for rape.OK all readers, writers,commenters tell me what’s there in the dress code of 3yr old baby n 80yr old nurse that they got raped.girls should be given respect n treated high without them nothing can’t function.a mother is a girl,sister is a girl,so before speaking ill about her think about….so guys let’s at least give girls respect to live in the society.don’t treat them like inferior.if they raise n joined their hands noons can survive.think about
    Respect women ..
    Thanks sochna n sorry if I had hurt anyone they r my thought.

  4. Princesskrisha

    Really your episode was good we re like deaf n paralyzed not able to help a girl who die or get raped in front of us.welcome to telly update happy journey in this world .epi was awesome

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Thanks krisha for sharing your thoughts! I m happy that i wrote something that you liked! Thank you so much!

  5. each lines r really true dr….our society is like this only….what we can do?????

    1. SOCHNA.....

      What we can do? Just change the thoughts and contribute something that you are capable of! Thanks Tharu


    a women a girl deep as an ocean from heart mischievous as river and calmness as peaks this what the women is the true definition of a girl of a women but now a days she has been left as a matter of gossips nothing else I can narrate few cases but don’t want to discuss as the reality is behind what we study in cases what we are studying in few cases and surveys are just a probability and a half truth but if we come to know the reality it is beyond everything I don’t know weather you know or not but want to share that you discussed about rape there did you ever heard a painful death of Nirbhaya the horrible thing which can happen with her was it and if you will read it was most horrible and painful that was the beginning and from that day the definition of everything get changed as the most cruel person in that case was bailed… shocked haah! but this is the reality I don’t know why I am discussing this here yes but the fact is from that day cruelty took its worst face.
    and if we talk about these sacrifices so yes women are made to be sacrifice this is the thought of our society and according to me which is not going to change ever coz some people are still there who are spreading out these thoughts that a lady is made only to sacrifice and live at home doing household works in short “aurat to pair ki jooti hoti hai” although these thoughts are changed in cities but not to such an extent still there are these black thoughts we can see it in every phase weather is molestation or harassment but the truth is NOTHING GONNA CHANGE SO EASILY UNTIL PEOPLE CHANGE THERE THOUGHTS
    Now coming to your episode so believe me it was spectacular and I got point in every line each word was true and I hope you will be there to shower your realistic writings over here a warm welcome to you dear ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Yes I have heard about the Case Of Nirbhaya! It took place in New Delhi! I felt very sorry for her! Cruelty everywhere! Well Thanks for spending your precious time and sharing your thoughts! I hope i can write ff or os in near future! Thanks

  7. Maya

    Truly amazing! I do get disturbed by the fact that why people always need to assume women as the only source of sacrifice?? Women are strong enough not only to be as a source of sacrifice but there are so many things that we are capable of and of course whenever i hear about rape and that kind of issues it just shows how narrow is one can be cruel to others…I am sorry to say but still my family members or even my friends here think its unsafe to go to India! As there is a lot of incidents like that happened which are spread to word of mouth. I heard one such incident from my friend, where a husband lost his wife to one such case just by a taxi ride and that too in their first trip together in India! More than being scared it only makes me wonder why do people need to hurt others like this! Its not only about hurting women but also hurting the men like their brother, father etc. who are related to them….I really don’t get the point what do they get by hurting others in this way! Other than that hurting others through their narrow mindedness is another irritating issue! Leaving all this aside….You made a very amazing and truthful writing! Keep writing!??

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Thanks maya for sharing your thoughts! I m happy that you all got the point I wanted to convey!

  8. Im his chashmish

    Sochna each and every word in your writing is 100 percent true . we r girls not a mistake is worth a standing ovation i usually dont give long comments just a word or a sentence but u made me to hav a drop of tear even while typing the comment . sochna stay blessed. Keep writing. Because ur writing is the power of urself and ur identity.

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Thank you so so so much! I m Glad!

  9. Fabulous!! Ur each and every word of this reflects my thoughts!! I just don’t understand why always a girl does the sacrifices! It’s really a stupid concept that girls are capable of nothing! All they should do is sacrifice and household chores! This is totally wrong! people need to change their thoughts as we girls are also capable of many things! Ur OS is truly amazing!????????????????????????????????????????. Stay blessed and keep writing!??

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Thank you so much Abhigya! Exactly a girl is capable of many things●

  10. Truly Said! This showed the bitter truth which is hidden and Your thoughts are very very true.
    Sochna U had started this as your first writing.. This was the way to Make Change in Everyone’s life as well as thoughts! Great Job Dear. maintain the Good work! Waiting to read Lots more of yours. All The Very Best. AND A Warm Welcome to this Family!
    Keep Amusing us with your Amazing Thoughts!
    And A separate mention to your title… This was Too Different like your thoughts.

    1. SOCHNA.....

      I m thank ful that you spent percious time on reading my OS and found it quite dufferent● Thank you so much

  11. U r 100 percent right…. I’m also a simple girl who used to think like you said…. Many times I also wanted to raise my voice against the brutality…. Girls are not safe in todays world even in herown house…. One who raises their voice against will not be there to raise voice second time…. Even though it is said that both men and women are equal they are not treated equally. Medias has got immense power to stop this. But they are also behind trp, profit. They are also doing business rather than social service. They have got the right to enter everywhere. Even though Media power is high they will only publish news which is beneficial to them…. Even the one who raises voices will gradually backoffs… The one who is ready to sacrifice have to sacrifice everytime… I used to share my views through social Medias. Some of them just see and ignore it. Some just ignore it without even looking at it… Some of them comment. While some others share their views and spread it among others…. We have to do something but it’s like 1 person against millions… The fear is most tragic…. I just shared my views… Happy to see that some are using this site wisely…

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Exactly Nirmal! I m happy that you shared your veiws! THANKS

  12. Sochna it was amazingly written and u deserve. Clapings from me ????

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Thanks nursrya!

  13. Reshma_Pradeep

    Your First OS is truly Amazing!!!!!!!Well said,”WE R GIRLS NOT A MISTAKE” Your thoughts are absolutely wright…………Keep writing……..

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Thanks Reshma…..

  14. Maahi

    sochna dr wat all i can say is ur dizzz initiative in writing oops srry bringibg the fact to reality is really praise worthy???????????nd dr yes i do got evry point to its deep they say tht without women men couldnt b on the earth but at the sane time they just hurt us in hell manner forgetting tht they too ever had a mom and a sister who herself is a women nd hurting other girl is just like hurting their own mom but the cruel society had lost its mercyyyy long ago now adays they dont evn care of relationships u knw i heard tht father raped his daughter nd wat else needed to the destruction of society they didn’t evn thought of their own blood thn how v expect them to care abt other girls nd the media ahhhh they just simply spread rumours like girls wear shirt dresses nd thts yyy all these is happening i wonder in fear of terrorists do ppl roam wearing bullet proof clothes haa??? no right thn how cme media makes dix a point GOD knows the frst thing evry person shld realise is tht Hurting a girl is equal hurting his own mom hope really someday a girl can walk midnight in the streets without any fear thn i blv there vil b no such grateful thing than dixzz nd thnx fr such amazinggggggg msg

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Thanks so much Maahii!

  15. Truly said ur wrds disturbed me a lot same ques were raising in my mind we r helpless we cant raise our voice but when it happens no one will come fwd to support including me society makes us to keep mum it literally kills me to the core when i hear abt these incidents even the little kids too got affected by these heartless people till now necessary severe actions for this have not taken they just get arrested if they caught and again they will be doing the same and in recent time i heard that the girl got raped by an animal and her brother killed him by breaking his head from body good to hear like this but as for now his future got affected but ur words r truly amazing speechless after ur update great work keep writing????

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Exactly Mokshi! By the way Thank you so much….

  16. Prathi

    Sochna.. Just like your name thus is something everyone need to think about!! I always used to raise my voice whenever some girl thinks she is sacrificing , helping and all that.. You know kind of too much of both to the extent she gets tired.. I hate seeing those.. Loved the way you wrote it!! Keep writing dear.. And i have never been blind/ deaf..

    1. SOCHNA.....

      I m glad someone is there who isn’t deaf and blind that’s how we can change society! Thank you so much Prathi!

  17. Asmithaa

    Hats off…????????????????u r a true citizen I will say… By this os… I have become a respectful member in my heart… Being a girl we only know… What type of life we had to pass…I don’t know what to say… Aap Ek example hai.. Logo ladikiya ke baare mein Kya such Rahin hain..

    1. SOCHNA.....

      Asimtha your comment ????? Thank you so much for reading it! Thanks for the comment too!

  18. Really WELL SAID SOCHNA.. Girls r also a human being.. We are not any mistakes.. It’s all our surrounding seeing us like a mistake… If there thoughts and the way they saw us changes alone we can get rid of these society disorders. And Not only rape attempts, acid attacks.. We girls r still suffering with many society diseases.. Like killing female infants when they r born, child marriage etc… When this society get rid of this deaf and dumb games then only we can get out of these society disorders and we girls r not born to sacrifice all the time.. As u said very thing as a limit.. As a girl we should raise our voice for our rights.. And I accept whatever u said is cent percent true.. Ur last quote is very apt for whatever u said.. And a very big hats off to u girl for thinking this ??????? very proud of u.. Because nowadays youngsters r in different world rather than taking some steps to rectify our society issues.. I didn’t blame everyone but still because of those few person we r standing in the same square one.. I am sorry if I hurted someone with my comments..and thank u soo much for writing this wonderful os.. U really inspired me with ur writing.. I must say u r a true citizen…Wish all the happiness to come in ur life?? all the best for ur future… Stay blessed.. Keep writing like this sochna???

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