Yes, I love you. Shot 9

I know you found Yuvi so arrogant in the last shot. Arrogance is much more here in this one, please bear with it.

The fight they had on that day doesn’t last there. After that day, whenever they call each other, the call ends in their fight. Both wanted everything to get fine, but things were getting worsened day by day. They were sad and frustrated. Finally they were going to meet.
Suh : Enough! Today I have to clear everything. I can’t take it anymore.
Yuvi : I am done with these fights, this is making me crazy. I am going finish everything today.
Suhani was waiting for Yuvi in the park.
Suh : I thought I would die of excitement on this day, but today I am praying that everything gets fine! Why?
Yuvi comes in a while. They looked at each other, but neither smiled.
Yuvi : Suhani, I can’t handle all these anymore.
Suh : Neither I, today we will clear all these barriers between us. It is suffocating me!
Yuvi: Suffocation, it is the exact feeling I too have now. But do you really think that we can clear everything?
Suh : (shocked) What do you mean?
Yuvi : For the past many days we were trying the same and things just worsened and nothing else.
Suh : Then what do you suggest?
Yuvi : Let us end this, forever.
Suhani was sure she heard him wrong!! It just can’t be true. She was trembling.
Suh : Do you, do you know the meaning of what you just said?
Yuvi : (not looking at her) I do, I gave it a great thought and finally reached this conclusion. Let us just end everything. You know what happened in these, neither of us is able to breathe properly. Things are never right between us and we are almost depressed by it. Then why such a relation, which gives us nothing but pain?
Suh : It wasn’t like that.
Yuvi : Exactly, it wasn’t like that, but even you don’t deny the fact that it is like that now.
Suh : But that doesn’t mean,
Yuvi : Then can you suggest something better. Today our present issue might get solved, but can you guarantee that nothing like this will happen in future?
Suhani was in shock, she was hearing things which she never even imagined.
Suh : Why are you thinking like this? We can talk and clarify everything.
Yuvi : I don’t think so, and in my mind, I took this decision. Please don’t force me.
Suh : (shouting) YOU CAN’T, how can you take a decision on our matter, you don’t have any rights, we can decide, not you.
Yuvi: I don’t want to argue on that, I just came here to tell you my decision. I am leaving.
He left. She called after him, but he didn’t stop, he didn’t even turn back but increased his speed, she was crying, and for the first time, he doesn’t seem to care!!
She was shattered, she didn’t know what to do, neither she was not able to digest what just happened. Somehow she managed to reach home. She somehow managed to hide everything from Lata, but was not successful with Bhavna. He told her sister everything. Bhavna consoled her.
Bh : Now don’t talk to him or force him, give him some time, everything will be fine.
Suhani obeyed her and didn’t try to contact him throughout her vacation. But she had a tough time; she was crying and crying throughout her vacation. She seems to lost interest in everything. Bhavna’s support was the only thing which helped her in dealing with all these.
Finally she had to go back, this time he didn’t want leave Bhavna’s side, and she didn’t know what her state will be without Bhavna. Bhavna hugged her sister.
Bh : I am always with you.
She smiles and leaves.
She didn’t even tell Sharad anything, but looked miserable and on him forcing her, she had to tell him everything. She didn’t want him to know that their fight started on him, because she knew it was not true and also that he would blame himself. But alas, he took it likewise.
Sh : I am sorry Suhani, I know, it is because of me,
Suh : Not at all. If there was some else in your place, the same would have happened. I really don’t know what happened to him.
Sh: Then call him, talk to him.
Suh : Ok.
Suhani calls Yuvi.
Yuvi : What now?
She was stunned!
Suh : What do you mean by it?
Yuvi : When I said that everything is over between us, why are you calling me? You haven’t called till now.
Suh : I didn’t because I wanted to give you time.
Yuvi : To?
Suh : Think of your decision. I know it wasn’t from heart and you didn’t mean it.
Yuvi : I am sorry, but I meant what I said. Now please don’t call me again.
Phone fell from her hand. She was awestruck. She was sure everything would be fine, but….
Yuvi had disconnected the phone by then. He was irritated and he deleted her number.
She felt weak. Sharad held her, he understood what happened, and he blamed himself for her condition.
Suhani couldn’t believe what just happened. She thought of everything, every moment spent with him, how he comforted her; how he said he would join her college just to be with her…. And now? Is this it? The end of their relation? No, it can’t be.
She cried and cried. She cried for a full day and night, until then Shard didn’t tell her anything. Then,
Sh : Suhani enough, I know it is tough, but no more tears.
She looked at him.
Sh : You cried enough, what is your mistake here, it was he did wrong and no more tears for him.
She didn’t say anything.
Sh : If I have a place in your heart, promise me.
He forwarded his hand. She looked at it.
Suh : (thinking) I can’t do this. But, Sharad is right, I didn’t do anything wrong, it was all him, why should I be sad thinking of him, when he don’t even care for me! Still… I love him… But he don’t then why?
She promised him.

Four years later.


  1. suvarna

    omg yuvani r seperated and yuvi behaviour towards suhani felt me very bad …………precap …leaf ..waiting for next part…update asap

  2. Bhargavi

    What d hell happened to yuvraj…i dont want suhani to forgive him easily…plz dont unite them soon. ..yuvraj has to pay for it…i want yuvraj to beg suhani to forgive him…want suhani to b strong and successful in her life..she shouldnt easily melt …she should show her attitude

  3. zahnab

    Yuvani seperate so sadd…..kya hogaya yuvi ko wo suhani ko kyse chod sakthyyy…i hope agee yuvi suhani ka peeche jayee use mananekeliyee bt suhani use ignore kareee….

  4. A.Tejaswi

    I was stunned by yuvi’s behavior..He is such a foolish leave suhani behind like that alone..He broke her heart..This situation is so tough to imagine..

  5. radha

    Are what happend to yuvihe behaved so rudely with suhani.its very bad.sooooo sad.fortunately she has someone to support.anyway i think if yuvis behaviour is like this then u should have definetly planned sometging interesting.but sis small req yuvi should realize his mistake.i am waiting fr ur next update.bye sis

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