Yes, I love you. Shot 8

Few days later:
Suhani and Sharad’s friendship grew day by day; they both had a special place in each other’s life. Whenever she called Yuvi, Suhani always talked about Sharad. Yuvi was being frustrated due to their growing closeness. Still he managed to hide this from her.

One day:
Yuvi called Suhani. He was so happy. His project got selected for inter college exhibition. He alone was selected for this year. He was so much excited and was narrating everything in detail to her. She too was so much happy for him. Just then Sharad calls out for her. Yuvi closes his eyes in anger.
Suh : (To Sharad) I am coming.
Suh : Listen Yuvi, I was doing a project with Sharad, and now I need to go.
Yuvi fumes.
Yuvi : (In anger) Ok, then call me when you are FREE.
He cuts the call.
Suh : What happened to him? He sounded strange!!
She didn’t think of it much, she went back to work.
Suhani called Yuvi at night.
Suh : Hello.
Yuvi : Oh, so finally Madam got time for me?
Suhani was shocked.
Suh : What do you mean?
Yuvi: Nothing, forget it.

Suh : No. Something is wrong. I observed it earlier, you sounded strange when you ended the call.
Yuvi : Really, you noticed it?
Suhani was stunned; she didn’t understand what was going on.
Suh : Yuvi, for God’s sake, just tell me what is bothering you!!
Yuvi : Why do you always have to be with Sharad?
Suh : Always?
Yuvi : Yeah, you are always busy with, whenever you call me you only talk about him, as if your entire life revolves around him.
Suhani was awestruck!! She heard something she never even thought of even in her dreams. She was speechless. Yuvi continued.
Yuvi : I knew it, I knew that you won’t be able deny it. He is more important to you right.
Suh : Are you out of mind? What the hell are you talking? He is like my brother.
Yuvi : Yeah, easy escape, that what every girl says when you ask her about her relation with a boy. He is my brother and that is it.

Suhani had heard enough.
Suh : You are SICK!!
She disconnected the call saying this.
Yuvi was very angry.
Yuvi : I am sick?? She doesn’t have time for me and now she is blaming me?
Suhani was shattered.
Suh : How could he even think of something like that!! What happened to him!!
She cried. He threw things here and there in anger.
She called him after a while. He was relieved to see her call. Both decided to mend everything.
Suh : Hello.
Yuvi : Hello.
Suh : I am sorry Yuvi that I said you are sick. But what you said wasn’t right either.
Yuvi : What wrong did I say. I am noticing this from days. Nowadays you only have time for him, otherwise why did you disconnect my call in afternoon. Only because HE called you. You knew how happy I was, and I told you everything first. I wanted you to be part of my happiness, but you..

Suh : Yuvi, please, it is not like that, we were working on an important. I picked up the call only because it was you. He too knew it, even after that, if he called me, you must realize it was important. He called me back because sir came.
Yuvi :Maybe, But did you choose to work with him. You could have chosen someone else.
Suh : Why should I? I am comfortable with him. So we decided to work together.
Yuvi : Exactly!! You are comfortable only with him!!
Suh : Now Yuvi, stop it. You are over thinking. Did I say anything when you partnered with a girl for your project? You guys worked for a week together.
Yuvi : What??? So you had problem there!!
Suh : I didn’t mean that!
Yuvi : Then what does it mean? It was one month before and you still you have it in your mind. If you didn’t have a problem, then you would have forgotten it by now!
Suh : So now fault is mine?
Yuvi : Then is it mine? You are the one who haven’t forgotten anything and you are blaming me?
Suh : Then what about the things you said about my relation with Sharad?
Yuvi : I don’t want to argue on anything.
Suh : Of course you don’t want. You know you are wrong, then why would you?
Yuvi : I don’t want to talk to you now.
Suh : Neither do I.
Yuvi & Suh : Bye.
The call cuts. Both fumes in anger, then cries.

Yuvani meeting.

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  1. NAPSHa J

    OMG!! What’s wrong with yuv?? Doesn’t he trust her? Plz let them patch up instead of arguing when they meet..

    1. Yuvani

      Just wait dear..
      Thank you

  2. nice epi,,,,,but love birds r arguing waiting for yuvani meeting. what will happen next.?….update soon

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you, I will

  3. Woooo intersting….yuvi ye tho zadaa hogaya…..ethna possessive math hoooo…..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

      1. Thumara dusthara ff kahaheee waiting heee plzz jaldi upload karooo

      2. Yuvani

        I am sorry dear, but I can continue it after finishing this? I am having serious confusions while dealing with two at once…….

  4. Yuvraj is really sick…i know hez possessive but he doesn’t trust her…convo was well planned…waiting for yuvani meeting

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    wow…interesting episode….plz clear everything soon

    1. Yuvani

      It will take time to clear things
      Thank you

  6. His possessiveness is a way too much..This much isn’t gud..Waiting fr yuvani to resolve the prob..

    1. Yuvani

      It will take some time…..
      Thank you

  7. awesome epi jus done really well even in anger their convo is cute n its bcos of ur writing skills.. superb!!

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  8. Dear its going toooo good.but i was scared whether it leads to their break up.pls pls make patch up between them.i am waoting fr next update yuvani sis.

    1. Yuvani

      Patch will take time dear
      Thank you

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