Yes, I love you. Shot 7

Days pass by. Yuvani were trying to adjust without each other. It was tough, still they managed. Here Yuvi was upper hand; he kept himself busy in projects and assignments. They used to call each other daily and share how their day went. Neither of them become close to their fellow college mates, they were happy with each other.
One day, on call:
Suh : Enough is enough, I won’t be able handle this furthermore, I want to meet you.
Yuvi laughs.
Yuvi : Well, it was your idea, long distance relationship.
Suh : Idea was mine, but I didn’t think that this would be this difficult.
Yuvi : Anyway I am enjoying this.
Suh : I am done with it.
Yuvi laughs again.
Suh : I am irritated and you are laughing at me?
Yuvi : So you want me to cry? (Faking) Oh my Suhani!! God, she is irritated!!
Suh : Yuvi stop it.
Yuvi : Relax baba, it is just two months, then we will meet.
Suh : It IS two more months.
Yuvi : Now, if you are taking everything negative means…….
Suh : So, it is JUST two months?
Yuvi : (smiling) Yeah, it is only two more months.
Suh : Ok then bye, good night.
Yuvi : Good night.
He cuts the call.
Suh : (Looking at Yuvi’s pic) Two months is huge for me, but I will mange.
She smiles.
Two days later, during break.
Suhani was in the class, seriously writing something. Sharad approaches her.
Sh : Hi.
Suh : (without looking up) Hi.
Sh : I was thinking of you.
Suh : (looking up) Why should that be?
Sh : We are doing labs together.
Suh : I know that.
Sh : You are strange.
Suh : Maybe.
Sh : Don’t you want to know why I said that?
Suh : No.
Sh : Why don’t you speak to us?
Suh : Is it necessary?
Sh : Well no, but I would like to be your friend. (Forwarding hand) Friends?
Suh : I don’t know you.
Sh : (smiling) You get to know someone only when you become friends.
Suh : (smiling)Maybe.
Sh : (Indicating his hand) So…
Suhani shakes hands with him.
Sh : So what are you doing?
Suh : Assignment, we have to submit it tomorrow.
Sh : Yeah, can I join you?
Suh : Sure.
They started to work together, they finished it by evening. Then they introduced themselves. Suhani spoke about Yuvi and Sharad about his love. Both wanted to know more about the other, because they liked each other’s company.
Suhani calls Yuvi at night. She was happy.
Yuvi : You seems very happy…
Suh : I am, I got a friend here.
Yuvi : Good..
She started to tell about Shard, told him everything. Yuvi doesn’t like that fact that she found a boy as friend. He was being possessive. He tried to hide it. Suhani found something strange and asked him about it, he made an excuse and cuts call. Suhani thought he was stressed because of his studies.
Yuvi : Why on earth she found a boy as her friend???

Possessiveness enough to break a relation?


  1. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    Awesome epi yaar.. Love it to the core.. And the precap line.. Its true in real life but we know that suhani and sharad have a strong bond of friendship like bro-sis.. Plz don’t break YuvAni’s relation.. Update asap..

    • Yuvani



      I am gonna highlight immaturity here, Sharad Suhani relation is awesome, I love it the core…But Yuvani is going to have problems…..I just hope that you will like what will follow…
      Thank you

  2. radha

    Nooooooo yaar this is not fair.they just proposed each other and ur talking of break up.this is not fair.story is vrry much interesting sis.yuvani ur doing very well.pls post nxt update asap.precap isvery much scary dear.

  3. zahnab

    Amazing…kabi kabi possessiveness rishtha thodengii bt i hope yuvani ke beech ye nahi hogiii

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