Yes, I love you. Shot 6

Everything went normal and Yuvani wrote their exam. Both were very hopeful, they were sure that they will pass and had dreams and plans about how their college life will. They were excited to be hostellers. Even at the day before result declaration they talked about their plans. They were very happy and confident.
And the result came. Yuvani looked results from their homes. Suhani checks Yuvi’s first and was glad that he received nice grade. Yuvi too first checked Suhani’s result. He was shocked to find the she failed. He didn’t even smile seeing his. He was sad; he wanted to join there, but without Suhani…. He didn’t know what to do. He thought of her.
Yuvi : She must have seen the results by now. Damn!! I need to go to her.
He went to her home. Bhavna welcomed him in.
Yuvi : Di, Suhani?
Bhavna sighs.
Bh : She is very upset, I tried talking to her, but she didn’t listen. She locked herself in the room.
Yuvi knocks the door.
Suh : Di, for heaven’s sake, LEAVE ME ALONE.
Yuvi : Suhani…..
She was shaken hearing his voice. She felt embarrassed.
Yuvi : Now Suhani this is not done, you can’t lock yourself up. Open the door.
She opens the door and Yuvi got in. She was crying badly. He wiped her tears.
Suh : I worked hard on it, then why?
Yuvi made her sit and sat beside her. He gives a side hug. She lays her head on his shoulder.
Yuvi : It happens sometimes, you won’t get the result you expect, but it would be for your own good, because God have other plans for you.
She didn’t say anything, she was still crying. He too didn’t say anything more. He held her hand let her cry. When he held her hand she felt an energy, for she understood that he is with her, Always. They sat likewise until she stopped crying. Then,
Suh : Now what?
Yuvi : We would join the other college were we both passed the entrance.
He decided it; he wanted to join her college and nowhere else.
Suh : No Yuvi, I know how much you wanted join here,
Yuvi : But it isn’t important as you.
Suh : This can’t be done Yuvi,
Yuvi : But we won’t be able to stay together.
Suh : Yeah, I know, but that doesn’t mean that you will play with your career.
Yuvi : But…
Suh : No buts. And you know I heard that long distance relationships are very cute.
Yuvi : Really, how?
Suh : (dreamingly) Because you will have to wait to see each other, there would be a restlessness, and finally after this restlessness, you would be much happier. Let us explore it.
Yuvi : Are you going mad?
Suh : Yuvi, I am dead serious.
He sighs.
Suh : Yuvi, is there anything, that can stop us from loving each other?
Yuvi : (smiling) Nothing! Not even distance.
Suh : Then what is the problem?
Yuvi smiles.
Suh : So it is fixed, we will join different colleges. We would be hostellers of different colleges.
They smile.

New college and life.

As I mentioned earlier, this ff is inspired from a real life incident, this happened to my friend’s friends and she forced me to write it. I have made enough changes in the story line though. I know as I am posting the two ffs alternatively you guys have to wait a bit more, I myself is getting a bit confused, as I have to deal with two stories at once.When I calculated, this would end in 20 shots or near by. So I was thinking to write this continuously and then after finishing this resume the other one.Please comment and share your views regarding this.
Love you all


  1. Poojareddy


    |Registered Member

    I am ok with u r decision but I don’t know y I like the other ff more than this even though u said it will complete at 20 shots and if u update daily it will take 14 days so i will definitely miss the other ff for so many days but it’s ok I will wait thank u for the lovely updates☺

  2. A.Tejaswi

    Superb episode..How suhani connvinced yuvi was very nice..Distance surely increases the love..

  3. Bhargavi

    Awesome..i really like ur both ffs..waiting for yuvani new life to start…try to post atleast 2-3 episodes of the other ff in between this one if possible

  4. suvarna

    wow awesome………….now yuvani starts new college life ………..early waiting for next part

  5. zahnab

    Wooo lovely épisode…..yuvani ka clg life shuru hogaya….very excited huuu…andd apppka donoo ff super heé

  6. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    nice epi yaar.. first I felt bad, but I’m happy about the fact that they are together inspite of being away from each other.. anyways, update soon..

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