Yes, I love you. Shot 5

Yuvi was restless now, but out of happiness. Time is not moving, he thought. He was not able to control his excitement. All he wanted was to meet Suhani and tell her, tell her that he loves her.
Yuvi : God!! Why isn’t time moving!! Relax Yuvi, relax.
He was so happy; he was jumping up and down.
Meanwhile Suhani was crying. She thought of her encounter with Yuvi, she prayed with all heart so as to not meet him again.
Suh : Three more months!! I really don’t know how I would manage his presence for three months.

Neither of them were not able to sleep, one was excited and the other cried.

Next day:
Both of them entered the school at same time. Suhani walked fast, pretending that she didn’t see him. Yuvi smiles at her.
Yuvi : (thinking) It is the last time that you have to run away from me Suhani.

Yuvi searched for her during break. She was nowhere to be seen, finally he found her near the school ground. She was alone; she looked unhappy and was lost in thoughts. They used to play there, after they stopped talking, neither of them went there. He thought of their times together and was sure that she was thinking the same. He approached her. She felt someone approached and looked up. She was shaken seeing him. She got up and started to walk away.
Yuvi : Suhani wait. I have to talk to you.
But she didn’t. He ran after her and stood in front of her. She tried to turn away, and he held her hand.
Yuvi : Until when till you run away from me?
Suh : (looking to her side) Well, only three more months right, after that I promise you, I will never come in your way. Till that, I would try.
Yuvi : I won’t let you.
She looked at him.
Suh : So you want to punish me, Ok then,
The break time was over.
Suh: Anyway, now we have to go to class.
But he didn’t take his hand off.
Suh : What do you want?
Yuvi : I want to talk to you, it is important.
Suh : (she looked sideways)Ok.
Yuvi : I must say that you are becoming dump Suhani..
She gave him a blank look. He smiled at her.
Yuvi : When I said that I won’t let you go, didn’t you understand what I meant?
She looked at him; her heart was beating fast, was he about to tell what she wanted to hear, no, it can’t be.
Yuvi : Oh, come on Suhani, yar I love you.
This wasn’t the way he wanted to tell this, but he was becoming restless and words just skipped out.
Suhani couldn’t believe her ears, she stood there, she was happy beyond limits. Tears found their way, but of joy. She hugged him tightly and cried. He hugged her back, he felt complete.
She broke the hug and looked at him.
Yuvi : What?
Suh : Why did you take this much time, we only have three months left.
Yuvi : I took time? It is you who took time, if you have proposed me earlier, then……
She looks at him in disbelief. He laughs
Yuvi : You too join the college, where I am planning to go.
Suh : But then I have to write the test na, I haven’t done any preparation.
Yuvi : No worries, I will help you.
They smile.
Together they started their preparations, Yuvi helped Suhani, he was preparing from the beginning of the year. They were much focused.

Precap :
Suhani fails in the test


  1. A.Tejaswi

    The confession was simple..Beautiful though..It had that Yuvani magic every one wanted..Precap is awesome..Update ASAP

  2. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    awesome yaar.. u nailed it.. I just love the way u explained their emotions and feelings.. great job.. and precap.. why did she fail?? plz update asap and they should join the college together..

  3. suvarna

    awesome epi,,,,,,,,,,,,,, finally yuvi express his love to suhani …its simple and nice …….precap suhani fails means they seperated…plz update soon

  4. radha

    Hi yuvani sis.its superrrrrrrrrrr.yuvis confession is soooo cute.but precap is very sad.u said that they wont even join in same college.i am confused.but i know u will be planning something great.sis pls pls pls post daily.bcz we are all waiting fr next episode.its very interesting.

  5. abi

    as usual its awesome tis particular epi n its precap reminds me of the tamil movie needhane en ponvasantham… bt its nice reading abt yuvani

  6. anshi

    i like confession part simple nd sweet.. but wht was in precap it means they r seperated.. plz update asap

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.