Yes, I love you. Shot 4

One week later:
Yuvani were missing each other very badly. Everything thing remained them of the other, because they did everything together. Both lost interest in everything. Both became restless when other was mentioned. They deliberately avoided each other; still they were observing the other. They couldn’t stop thinking about each other, caring about each other….. Suhani was the upper hand among them even though she missed Yuvi badly and sad, she was able to hide her feelings. She appeared happy always, even though she was crying inside. Yuvi couldn’t do that, and Suhani noticed this. It was with much difficult she stopped herself from going to him. She held herself responsible for his situation and by passing of days, her sorrow increased. Yuvi was shocked to see her happy, day by day he was missing her more and more and she was happy. This made him angry, every time he sees her happy, his anger increased.

One day Suhani was going back from school. Yuvi held her hand and dragged her towards him. She was shocked to see him. Her heart was beating faster, she felt weak, all the strength she had in her seemed to vanish, she was sure she would burst. She looked at him. He was very angry.
Yuvi : How can you be so mean Suhani?

Suh : What do you mean?
Yuvi : Now don’t act! I know you are doing this intentionally.
Suh : What ?
Yuvi : Faking to be happy, I know you are doing this to show me, you want to show me that you are happy without me, right? But let me tell you one thing, I am not affected by this cheap trick of yours!!
Suhani was hurt!!
Suh : (crying) I can’t believe that you thought I would do something like this, It is true that I am faking happiness, because I don’t want others to know that I am sad. That is the reason, I deliberately avoided you. I won’t be able to control myself, when I am with you, like now.
Yuvi anger was does not seems to go.
Suh : (taking a deep breath) Yuvi, I love so much, your happiness value a lot me. Even in my horrible dream, I won’t think of hurting you. You don’t know how much it hurts me seeing you like this, I know I am the reason behind your sadness.
She cried harder.

Suh : It is getting late, let me leave.
She left saying this.
Yuvi stood there, he was feeling guilty. Her words had touched his heart. He too went home, but her words were ringing in his head. His thoughts only had her. He thought of their past moments.
“I miss her” he wrote in diary.
Next day:
Yuvi only had eyes for Suhani, but today he was not angry. He could see the pain hidden in her laughter. He blamed himself for it. She filled his thoughts while he was going home.
At home:

Yuvi : I can’t see you like this Suhani, I want to see you happy. Everything is incomplete without you. And this can’t be friendship.
“You love her, you idiot” Someone said from inside him.
Yuvi : I love her???

He thought of her. How happy he used to be, when he is with her. She was the source of his energy, and this has to be love.
Yuvi : Yes, I love you Suhani.
He smiles.

Yuvi’s confession.


  1. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

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    amazing epi anjaly.. loved it.. especially yuvi’s restlessness on seeing suhani happy.. eagerly waiting for the beautiful confession!!

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