Yes, I love you. Shot 3

Suhani was restless. She walked to and fro in tension. She was going to confess, she was too much worried about its after effects, but decided that she will tell him everything, she can’t take it anymore. She didn’t sleep that night.
Next day:
At school:
Suhani looked very tired. Yuvi was worried seeing her so.
Yuvi : What happened to you?
Suh : (yarning) I will tell later.
She was much tensed, by every passing second, her tension was increasing.
Break time:
Yuvi : Now tell me, what is up with you, you behaved very strangely yesterday and today, you look very tired, as if you didn’t sleep at night.
Suhani looked at him.
Suh : You are right, I didn’t sleep yesterday.
Yuvi : (in disbelief) You didn’t sleep! But WHY??
Suh : Because, because I was so tensed….
Yuvi : About?
Suhani stood still. One half of her mind was telling her that she will lose his friendship by this, she didn’t know how will she be without him, still she decided to tell him.
Suh : (looking down) Yuvi, I…. I… I can’t see you as my friend anymore.
Yuvi was shocked!
Yuvi : What do you mean?
Suh : I love you.
She said this as fast as she can. Now she was relaxed, all the tension, worry she had in her mind from the previous morning just vanished, no actually they got transferred to Yuvi. Now he was in that situation, in which she was a while ago. He was completely shocked. He never expected to hear something like this from her. His voice failed him, his throat was dry. He was struggling to speak. Suhani understood what was going through his mind, after all, she understood him the most!
Suh : (with a sad smile) It is ok Yuvi, you don’t have to say anything, I know you don’t love me, it is just friendship in your mind, but it was not the same in my mind and I couldn’t handle it anymore. When I decided to tell you, I was expecting all these. (Wiping her tears) But please Yuvi, don’t expect me to remain as your friend anymore, I won’t be able to do that, I am very sorry.
She leaves saying this. She didn’t even turn back. He stood there, watching her moving away from him. His only friend too left him. He felt alone.
Both of them didn’t attend rest of classes. They roamed in the school, crying.
They went home in the evening. Both went to their rooms, and started to cry again.
Suh : Why are you crying? You knew this will happen, then why? Yeah, I knew, that doesn’t mean that it won’t hurt me. I just lost him, and he was everything for me!!
She cried harder.
Yuvi was frustrated. He threw his things, kicked hard on his and coat and punched his hands.
Yuvi : Why did you do this? I was happy alone, you then came to my lonely life, I felt light, and now, you are gone! You shouldn’t have told me this; you should not have felt like this.
He was sad, he didn’t want to lose her friendship, but he feels like he doesn’t love her, hence he had to reject her proposal.
“I lost my friend” he wrote in his diary.

Yuvi realises his love.


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    NAPSHa J

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    I just love it dear.. the epi was so full of emotions.. I almost cried.. waiting for next epi..
    btw dear, what’s ur name?

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