Yes, I love you. Shot 2

It was a pleasant evening. Suhani was studying. She had let her window open. Bhavna comes in.
Bh : My little sis became studious…..
Suhani smiles.
Suh : It is Yuvi di, he made me studious.
Bh : Not just studious, you changed a lot after he came to your life.
Suh : True di, he made me systematic, now I enjoy learning…
Bhavna smiles.
Bh : He changed you for the better.
Suh : Di, why is it that we get influenced by some people.

Bhavna thinks and then,
Bh : Who else have influenced you?
Suh : You di, I still remember that day, when Papa…. You were in ninth standard and you behaved lot mature, you handled me and Mumma…
Bhavna was shaken when Suhani mentioned their dad, still,
Bh : There are people who are stronger than me, still you got influenced by me, do you know why?
Suhani shakes her head.
Bh : Because you gave me importance in your life, you gave me freedom to change you.
Suh : Why is it so di?
Bh : (hugging her from behind) Because my little sister loves me a lot.
Suhani smiles, next second she was shocked.

Suh : Di, does it, does it mean that I love Yuvi?
Bh : What do you think?
Suh : I don’t know di, I mean, I have never felt like this before, I love spending time with him, when I am with him, everything seems to be perfect, for him, I can go to any extend, I only felt like wise for you and Mumma, he is my greatest support di, I feel secure, thinking about him always brings smile in my eyes,
Bh : And now your eyes are sparkling with love….
Suhani looks at Bhavna, she nods.

Suh : Do I love him?
Yes, someone from inside told her. She understood that she is in love.
Suh : Di, I love him.
Bh : Tell him then,
Suh : No di, I don’t think he loves me..
Bh : I think he does.
Suh : No di it is just friendship in his mind..
Bh : Still, you can tell him.

Suh : No di, I don’t want to lose his friendship.
Bh : Ok, as you feel right.
Bhavna leaves. Suhani keeps her head on the table.
Suh : (smiling) I really love you Mr. Birla.

Next day at school.
Yuvi meets Suhani as usual, but Suhani was nervous. She tried to act normal, but she couldn’t, every time he looked at her, come close to her, she felt like she would burst. She was not able to bear his presence. Yuvi too felt something strange.
Yuvi : (thinking) What happened to Suhani today, she does not seem normal, shall I ask her, no, if there is something, she would tell, after all she didn’t hide anything from me.

School was over, Suhani was about to leave when Yuvi called her.
Yuvi : Where are you going?
Every evening they used to discuss that day’s portion, he used to guide her. Suhani was trying to escape, she didn’t want spent time with him.
Suh: Nowhere, let us sit.
Yuvi started to discuss, he was talking and she just nodded, not listening.

A big debate was going in her mind.
Suh : (thinking) I can’t take it any lone, I think I will have to tell him about my feelings, but I don’t want lose him, but you never hide anything from him, still, it will upset him. Then you should be able to hide your emotions that I can’t, then tell him.
Yuvi was shaking Suhani, she came back to senses.
Suh : Yuvi, I don’t feel good, I will talk to you tomorrow.
Yuvi : Are you upset with anything?

Suh : (thinking) I can’t lie to you.
Suh : I am, but I will tell you tomorrow.
Yuvi : Ok, take care.
Suhani nodes and leaves.
Suh : (thinking) Come what may, tomorrow I will confess my feelings to him.

Precap :
Suhani’s confession.


  1. radha

    Hi yuvani sis.its very lovely.sisters bonding is very nice.hope yuvi will accept suhanis proposal.luved it sis.pls post nxt episode asap.

  2. suvarna

    wow nice episode……………suhani confession i am waiting for yuvi reaction plz post next part soon

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