Yes, I love you. shot 18, last shot

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Here you go.

Yuvi woke up in the morning. He had severe headache. He looked around; he didn’t understand where he is. He tried to remember what happened last night. He came to meet Suhani and then? He saw Suhani’s and Sharad’s pic, and also her family pic on the wall and understood that he was at hers. How? Why did he have to stay here? He was very confused. He then remembered that he had to go back today. He became sad. His headache was unbearable. He was lime water on the table. He took it; there was a chit besides it. It was Suhani’s handwriting, it read,

What the hell did you do yesterday?
I am very disappointed.
To be forgiven
Do as I say.

Yuvi held his head.
Yuvi : What did I do now??
He read further,

That place we used to sit,
During our love filled days
Those memories are still with me
In a small corner of my house.

He was confused. What does this mean? Is she trying to play with him, he didn’t know. He was much more worried thinking what he did.
Sharad and Soumya see him and go to him, they hid their smile.
Sh : How do you feel now?
Yuvi : Why am I here?
Sou : Well, you were drunk yesterday, hence…
Yuvi : Did I do something wrong?
Sharad and Soumya exchanged look.
Sh : Well I think you have to apologize to her.
Yuvi : For???
Sou : She will tell you.
Yuvi : I got a chit.
Sharad reads it.
Sh : Seems like she is playing with you. Decode the clue. Only then you will find her.
Yuvi: Why?
Sh : You know her, she like all these.
Yuvi : Is she angry with me?
Sou : Might not, why else will she ask you to play? Shall I help?
Yuvi : (confused) No, let me try it.
They nod and leave.
He thought the clue, they used sit under tree, during the school times, he smiled thinking of those days, but how can it be inside the house??? He read it again. Small?? He thought of it. Small tree……. Bonsai? He went out of the room and found a bonsai in the hall. There was another chit in it.

Good job,
Let us carry on
According to you
The thing I love more than you.

Yuvi : (instantly) Samosa.
He smiled. He went to kitchen and found a packet of samosa there, and chit too.

I was brought into this world by you
The magic it created is beautiful
You gifted your favorite to me
It became my favorite too

He understood this instantly. It was he who made her read fictions; he gifted Eragon to her on her birthday. He was sure that she still has it with her. He went to her room and found the book on her table. Chit came out from its first page.

That place where you can see both flowers and stars.

(I am sure that you guys remember this clue.)
He thought of it, both flowers and stars? Terrace?
He went up. Terrace was empty for their favourite plants. He smiled at it. He thought how they planned to plant all these in their house, she hasn’t forgotten anything. But there was no chit to be found. He looked around. She came to him. She looked gorgeous.
He didn’t know what to say. He was tensed thinking what he did yesterday.
Yuvi : Suhani, I am sorry, I am not justifying myself, but I was drunk and I don’t know what I did yesterday.
Suh : Oh!! Those things you said where not from your heart?
Yuvi : What, what did I say?
Suh : Leave it. If you didn’t mean it, then it doesn’t matter.
He didn’t say anything.
Suh : When are you going to leave?
Yuvi : By, by evening.
She nods.
Yuvi : I am sorry again, I think I should leave now.
She nods. He turned to leave; she approached him and hugged him from behind. He was shocked!!
Suh : So Mr. Birla, are you going to leave me again?
Yuvi didn’t know what to say. He was perplexed.
Yuvi : (breaking the hug and looking at her) Suh, Suhani, what happened to you?
She smiled.
Suh : (on her knees) We dealt with the worst things of our life, now let’s hold on to the happiness, which awaits us. Will you marry me?
Love reflected in her eyes.
Yuvi was awestruck. This is exactly what he wanted to her, but, what happened to her that she changed her decision by an evening?
Yuvi : Suhani, I,
Suh : So now you don’t want to marry me?
Yuvi : No, it is not that, but how come you,
Suhani locked her arms around his neck.
Suh : (looking into his eyes) Yuvi, I was never angry with you, I can never be, I was afraid, to break again, that’s why I tried to stay away from you. I love you more than anything in this world; we suffered the sorrows which were meant for us. Yesterday, I saw pain in your eyes, and I can’t see you like that. I love you!!
He was happy beyond limits. He could not believe what is happening. It seems like a dream. He hugged her tight. She hugged him back. They remained so for a while. It was the best moment of their life!!
She broke the hug, both had tears of joy. Yuvi brought down his forehead and met with hers. He held her hands.
Yuvi : Thank you for coming back in my life. I love you.
She smiled.
Suh : I want show you something.
She showed him video of yesterday night, Soumya took it. He was flustered and lost for words. This is what he said yesterday!!
She laughed at him. He smiled sheepishly.
Suh : You didn’t mean this right, whatever you said?
Yuvi : Suhani I,
She laughed again.
Suh : You fool…
Yuvi too laughed. He hugs her.
Yuvi : The game was fun. Interesting clues…
Suh : But I love you more than samosas.
Yuvi : That is not true.
She fumes and breaks the hug and turns around.
He hugs her from behind.
Yuvi : I don’t have problem in you loving samosa more than me. The fact that you love me means everything to me. I don’t need anything more.
She smiles and looks at him. They share an eye lock. It is their new beginning, they are together, and nothing else mattered, because they complete each other.
The end.

Thank you so much for your support guys. Your comments were everything,I was able to develop the story only because of it. Please support me like this in future .Mostly I will resume the other one by tomorrow. Love you all.


  1. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    u nailed it sis.. loved it right from the beginning.. clues game was amazing.. and that video of drunk scene.. I wish someone had shown yuv in ssel too..
    the sad part is that u ended it..
    anyways, do continue with the other one..waiting for it..

  2. radha

    Awe i dont know what tosay sis i am happy that yuvani finally united or sad that the ff ended.any way final episode is amazing.i just loved it.its sooooooo nice.the game was very nice.last dialogues are very heart touching.we will be waiting fr ur next ff sis bye.

  3. A.Tejaswi

    Today’s epi..What can I say about it..Beyond words can describe..The clues game..After your idea I felt like it would have been good if ssel had it..Yuv seeing the drunk scene video..The hug and the ending..Everything was perfect.

  4. zahnab

    Amazing……finally yuvani ek hogayaa…everything perfect hee woo game part superb hee..plzzz jaldi wapas aooo other ff ko leker….

  5. Bhargavi

    Im short of words dear..fabulous clue game…drunken scene video was awesome..suhani proposing yuvraj was mind blowing. ..finally yuvani r united forever…splendid work by u…i will miss this beautiful ff

  6. abi

    perfect ending i thought yuvraj would mistook himself tat somethng happnd bw them n instead of him suhani wud have shocked bt tis is too was awesome, the clues..

  7. anshi

    wonderful ending.. luvd that drunk video part nd suhani propose yuvi.. u nailed it di.. waiting for ur next ff…

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