Yes, I love you. shot 17

It was one of the best episodes of SSEL, for me. I don’know how many times I watched this particular epi. I have tried out something, I know it won’t be nothing compared to that epi. Please comment and share your views, both positive and negative. Love you all.

Yuvi was very much hurt by her words. For the first time he felt like he lost his hopes. He thought of her. He knows that he was everything for her. He was that manly support in her life, very special for her and still he broke her trust, and herself. He was sure that she will not be able to forgive him; he hurt her most, and now she doesn’t want to take a chance. The guilt feeling was killing him, he felt like he would burst. He was truly miserable. He went to bar and got drunk. He decided to leave the city and before that, he wanted to meet her, for the final time.
Suhani was very much upset. She wanted to escape from her own life. Yuvi’s words echoed in her ears, it was driving her mad. Sharad and Soumya was with her, they were saying something, whether they were advising her about changing her decision or whether they were trying to cheer her, she didn’t know. She was not able to pay attention. She thought of Yuvi.
Suh : I hope he is fine.
Sharad and Soumya looked at her.
Sou : So you care for him?
She became silent.
Sou : Not anymore Suhani, whenever I mention this topic, you keep mum, not today, I want hear from you.
Just then calling bell rang. Suhani went and opened the door. She was shocked, both by seeing Yuvi and also by his state. He was drunk.
Suh : What happened to you?
Yuvi : I know you don’t want to talk to me, but please, for one last time.
Suhani didn’t say anything; she was completely shocked, and led him inside. Shard and Soumya too were shocked to see him.
Yuvi : I am sorry to disturb you. I am leaving the city tomorrow, I came here to tell you good bye.
Suhani was shocked!! She didn’t know what is going through her mind, she felt like she was hurt by his presence, and then she should be relieved by this, but now she is sad.
Yuvi : (painfully) For one last time Suhani I am sorry. My immaturity, it spoiled both our lives. You know you are the first one with whom I felt a bond. You are my first ever friend. Everything was, was just perfect when with you, and I was madly in love with you, yes, it was madness, my love, because it led to possessiveness.
Suhani was pale. She didn’t know what to say.
Yuvi : (turning to Sharad) You know, I have never doubted your relation, it was that I don’t like her being friendly with someone else. She is mine!!
Suhani closed her eyes.
Sharad patted him on his shoulder. He smiles.
Yuvi : (turning to Suhani) I am sorry Suhani, for whatever I said, it was out of anger, I know I am wrong, I know I don’t any right in stopping you speaking to other, but, but still I got angry, because I love you very very much. You are first one who came into my life, and at that time you were not with me, I was afraid of losing you!! I didn’t know what love is. I am sorry. I was arrogant, and out of anger I broke our relation and hurt you. My case was nothing different, when I send you away from my life, along with that all my, all my, happiness too was gone. It took me years to understand everything.
Suhani was numb by now.
Yuvi : (holding his ears) Please, can you forgive me. With it I will try to live the rest of my life. Please…..
Suhani was in tears, she nodded.
Yuvi : Thank you. I don’t want to hurt you more, hence I am leaving.
He started to leave, but was shaking, Sharad held him. He made him rest in the room and then came back to Suhani. He held her.
Sh : Suhani, it is enough now, can’t you see the pain in his eyes? He loves you yaar.
She looked at him.
Sou : Yeah Suhani, you have punished him enough, please end this. Neither of you can stay without the other then why?
Suhani didn’t say anything, she cried and ran outside. She thought of him. She thought of everything that happened in the past few days. She avoided him completely, still he tried to speak to her, and he might have apologized for a thousand times by now, still she didn’t listen. He still didn’t complain. He blamed himself for everything, but she forgot the fact that he lacked love in his child, in a way; she too failed in understanding him. If she did, then things would not have turned like this. She saw pain in his eyes. She came back in and went to him. He was sleeping, pain reflected in his face. She had tears in her eyes. She can’t see him like this. She caressed his hair.
Suh : Enough is enough, no more pain.
Happy ending.


  1. A.Tejaswi

    Wooow..Such an epi..Emotions were very well describd..I can feel the pain of yuvi..U r an excellent writer di..Waiting so much ror the next epi..And I am missing ur other ff..One of my favs..

  2. anshi

    superb episode di.. finally suhani mann hi gyi..
    nd sry guys for not commenting in ur ffs.. i m busy in my studies.. after a long gap today i read all ffs.. nd they all were superb…

  3. Bhargavi

    Woww..its amazing…u nailed today’s episode….drunken scene was my all time favourite scene …yuvi’s dialogues were too good…im satisfied with these emotions..feeling happy for yuvani

  4. radha

    Thats true sis actually thats my fav epsiode too.its very emotional. I just loved it its truely amazing.u narrated it in a beautiful manner.sooooo emotional.soo sad frvyuv.finally suhani understands yuv.i am very happy.pls dont end this much early.pls pls pls make their reunion spl sis.luv u waiting fr next episode.pls update asap.

  5. zahnab

    Wooo yuvani ek hone wale hee…….sach superb episodee….plzz next episode thodaa lamba hona chahiye full yuvani love hona chahiye….or apkaa other ff shuruu karo jaldiii plzzz

  6. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    awesome epi dear.. that’s one of my favs too.. while reading it, I could see their expressions in the drunk scene in front of my eyes.. it was just perfect.. good try.. waiting for next epi..

  7. Lovingirl


    |Registered Member

    awesome the drunk seen was amazing waiting for the next epic, and sorry for not commenting for from few days sis

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