Yes, I love you. shot 16

Suhani stopped crying.
Suh : Why should I cry? I am not going to cry on him, not anymore.
She washed her face and came out, as expected Sharad was there. She gave him a sad smile and sat beside him. He held her hand. She was silent for a while. Then,
Suh : He don’t love me.
Sh : Then why did he come here?
She was silent.
Sh : Tell na, why is he here?
Suh : I don’t know. I don’t know what he wants, and I don’t want to think about, about his words, about him being here, I don’t want to think of him. He broke me once and now I am scared, scared even to think about him…I am not strong enough.
Sh : Ok then don’t think about him, and think of me.
She looked at him.
Sh : Oh madam, I am hungry!!
Suh : But there is nothing in the kitchen.
Sh : Oh, no. Then come on, cook something, no for a change I will make something.
She laughs.
Suh : You and cooking!!
Sh : Now, pakka I will cook and you don’t move from here.
He goes to kitchen.
She smiled at him, after sometime stench of burning food from the stove reached her nose. She ran to the kitchen, or what was her kitchen, for now it looked like war place.
Suh : What the hell are you doing??
He gave a sheepish grin.
Suh : Oh God, just move.
She arranged everything and prepared food, all the while she was laughing at him.
Sh : (thinking) This is all what I need, be happy always.

Yuvi was at Soumya’s house.
He hasn’t talked after coming from Suhani’s. Soumya went to him.
Sou : Are you fine?
He nods.
Sou : I don’t know what to say.
Yuvi : You don’t have to, I deserve all these, and well she hasn’t hurt as I hurt her.
She didn’t say anything, he gave her sad smile.
Yuvi : I have work to do. I am leaving for Delhi.
Sou : What?? You gave up this early???
Yuvi : No, I will be back.
He leaves. Soumya goes to Suhani.
Sou : Suhani why are you being adamant, he loves you.
Suhani didn’t say anything.
Sou : I know he did mistake, but can’t you give him a second chance?
Suhani leaves from there. Soumya was about to go after her, but Sharad stopped her.
Sh : Leave her, she is not ready to think of all these now, when she needed him the most, he was not there, it will take time for her.
Soumya nods and she informs him that Yuvraj went back.
Suhani heard it.
Suh : (thinking) So, I was right, he don’t love me.
Sharad too was shocked.
Yuvi came back after one day; he went to their office and found Suhani and Sharad.
Yuvi : Hi.
Sh : Hi.
Suhani was silent.
Yuvi : We, that is I and Soumya got transfer to here.
Suhani was shocked. She left there.
Suh : Why?? Why is he not leaving me??
Yuvi : Because I love you.
She turned back and saw Yuvi. She started to leave. He stops her.
Yuvi : Suhani, please, I am sorry.
She still didn’t say anything and left.

One week later:
Suhani was avoiding Yuvi completely. Whenever they came in front of each other, she acts like there he is not there. He tried to speak to her, but she never gave in. Neither did he, he still tried.
She was walking through a lonely corridor, he stopped her.
Suh : (sighs) Why are you doing this? Aren’t you fed up?
Yuvi : No. Please Suhani I am sorry.
Suh : Fine, I accepted your sorry.
Yuvi : (on his knees) Will you marry me?
She was shocked; hundreds of emotions were passing through her mind. If to tell the truth, she was dying to hear it from him, but, she was still not ready. Her heart wanted to accept it, everything what was happening, but her brain stopped her. She was in dilemma. She loves him, more than anything, and her heart told her he loves her, but her brain told her no.
She looked at him.
Suh : This resembles me your confession, when we were at school. I can see the same you.
Yuvi : Then you know it, that I love you.
Suh : (as if she didn’t hear him) And that same you broke up with me. I am not foolish enough to make the same mistake.
Yuvi was hurt.
Yuvi : But you love me.
Suh : That is not your issue. You don’t have to bother about it.
Yuvi : Then who have to?
Suh : No one has to, it is my problem. I hate myself for loving you, and I am trying to take out that feeling form me.
Yuvi was much more hurt.
Yuvi : Why?
Suh : Because I don’t want to stay with you.
Yuvi : Suhani,
Suh : Please, for heaven’s sake, don’t try to talk to me again. I hate it, your presence.
She leaves. He cries.

Suhani to change her mind.


  1. zahnab

    Wooo superb….muje bahuth accha laga suhani yuvi ko reject kiya….ab wo samjayengi suhani ka dard …. precap intersting….

  2. A.Tejaswi

    Super epi..Suhani’s anger was justified..Yuvi deserved it for hurting suhani a lot..Waiting for the nxt epi..

  3. radha

    Oh this is tooo much.yaar i cant see yuvani like this.episode is highly tragic.i feel very baad.sis pls pla unite yuvani i cant see them like this.

  4. Anne

    Awsome episode,i hope both of them reconcile after all they have been through…suhani is very much in the right to feel angry about yuvi…I love your story very much….you bring out suhani’s and yuvraj’s emotions in a very sweet and elegant way,…and use really simple words to tell your story…its really heartwarming to read a very relatable story about our much-loved characters which leaves me waiting in apprehension of what will happen next…continue writing many great stories dear…god bless:))

    • John aiden

      Hey Anne ..are u gonna write summary of this whole shot..I also do love these episodes a lot..not only u..all credits to the writer hidden behind..write more..u are already inside our hearts..

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