Yes, I love you. Shot 15

Nothing but of shock Suhani opened the door. She was truly miserable. She wanted to be anywhere in the world and not here. To know that he knew everything was just unbearable. She felt like she is broken beyond repair. She looked down.
Yuvi was not able to see her like this, he was happy by her confession, but felt miserable seeing her, for he knows it is all because of him and he cursed himself. He went to her, wiped her tears and held her shoulder. She was very uncomfortable.
Suh : Just leave me.
Yuvi : I can’t.
She looked at him.
Yuvi : I am really very sorry, I know I am responsible for your state,
Suh : No you are not!
He looked at her shocked.
Suh : It is all me, (turning away) It is that I loved the wrong person and nothing else.
He was hurt by this, but he knew he deserved it.
Yuvi : (Turning her around) My engagement, it is a lie. I am sorry.
She looked at him. She was happy to know that it was a lie, but…
Suh : So you played with my emotions, again….
Yuvi : Suhani, I…
Suh : I don’t a want to hear anything, aren’t you tired of playing with emotions? Why are you punishing me again and again?
He didn’t say anything.
Suh : I m sorry that I love you, but you punished me enough for it, now just leave me alone.
Saying this she started to walk away. He held her wrist.
Yuvi : (Heavily) I am sorry.
She looked back at him.
Yuvi : I just wanted to know whether you still love me.
She looked sideways and wished she hadn’t spoken about her feelings.
Suh : So that you can hurt me more?
Yuvi : No Suhani because I love you!!
Suh : NO YOU DON’T!!
He looked at her in shock.
Suh : (crying) You don’t love me Yuvi, if you did, you would not have done all those you did. You didn’t trust me, you DOUBTED on me.
Yuvi felt miserable.
Yuvi : Suhani I, I am sorry, I didn’t understand it then, but now I know,
Suh : Great….. I am happy to know that you realized Sharad is my friend, but what if someone else comes to my life, you will start questioning again, because you never believed me.
Yuvi : No Suhani, it is not that,
Suh : I don’t want to listen!
Yuvi : Suhani please, please hear me, I want to clear everything, make everything fine.
Suh : Once, I too wanted clear everything, make things fine, but you!! You didn’t even have the patience to listen to me. I cried and cried, and you didn’t even care. Still I didn’t give up. I called you again, and even then you didn’t listen to me. Then why should I listen to you?
Yuvi : I am sorry, but please,
Suh : No Yuvi, once I trusted you and I paid price for it, not again. I am not strong enough to break again. You don’t know how much your presence is hurting me. Please, I can’t take it anymore. (Holding her hands) Spare me!
Saying this she went inside her room and closed the door. He stood there in distress.
Both cried.

Will Suhani change her mind?


  1. radha

    Suhani will change her mind but yuvi should request her more .todays episode is very saaad.pls update nxt update asap sis.

  2. Bhargavi

    That’s suhani..loved her so much…dialogues were very well written…yuvi deserves this..

  3. Yuvani



    I am in confusion about the next part…. Do you want Suhani’s anger to be continued or shall I make it her realization? Please reply

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