Yes, I love you. Shot 14

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Yuvi meets Soumya. He was grateful.
Yuvi : Thank you, thank you so very much, for sorting out my life.
She smiles.
Sou : Let us leave.
He nods, and they leave. He was very excited. Finally he was going to meet her. He felt his restlessness was similar to the one he felt when was going confess his feelings to her, no; it is much more than that. He thought of her would be reaction when they will meet. She would be shocked, he was sure, like she was when he confessed. This time he wants to make everything special, he thought. Throughout the journey this was his thought and he was a bit tensed too.
They reached there by evening.
Sou : They would be about to leave from office. So let us go there.
Yuvi : Office?
Sou : Yeah.
Yuvi : Ok. Soumya, I want to arrange a dinner date for Suhani. After all we are meeting after four years.
Sou : Ok.
They arranged everything and then waited outside Suhani’s office.
Yuvi was not able to control his excitement; after all he was going to meet Suhani!!
Yuvi : Yuvi, control!!
Soumya smiles.
Suhani comes with Sharad, both were tired of work, they were busy talking.
Yuvi sees her; it was with much difficulty he resisted himself. Suhani too sees him. She was completely shocked and was not able to believe her eyes. Many things flashed into her mind and at last their breakup. She remembered her promise to Sharad. She smiled at Yuvi. It took every ounce of her energy to do it. Her muscles didn’t seem to work, but still she managed to smile. He was shocked by this! He thought she will be astonished, but she, she seemed fine and even smiled at him. How???
She went to him and shook hands.
Suh : Long time, how are you?
Yuvi : (thinking) How am I?? Really?
She looked happy, as if meeting a friend after long gap. He didn’t know what to say.
Yuvi : F, fine.
Sharad and Soumya were looking at them in tension.
Yuvi : Shall we have some coffee?
She nods.
Suh : (thinking) Why Yuvi? You don’t know how much your presence is hurting me!! No Suhani be strong.
Yuvani leaves to have coffee.
Sh : I hope everything will be fine.
Sou : Of course it will be.
Suhani orders coffee. They sat in silence.
Yuvi was shocked.
Yuvi : (thinking) How can you act this normal?
Yuvi : Well, I am getting engaged next week, I came to invite you.
That was it. All her strength drained away. Yuvi is someone else’s now!! She was not able to accept it. She just can’t. She stayed strong even after their breakup because deep down she believed that one day he will come back to her. But now, she was broken completely, she tried to hide it, but failed miserably.
Suh : Well, congratulations.
Yuvi smiled. He was happy to know that his words affected her.
Yuvi : Thank you.
Suh : Well, I , I am getting late. I have to leave.
She got up saying this and left. He went after her.
Shard sees her leaving and calls out for her. She didn’t listen. He saw Yuvi coming.
Yuvi told them everything and they went after her.
Suhani rushed inside her house. She was miserable. She didn’t even lock the main door and went to her room, closed the door and started crying.
Yuvi, Sharad and Soumya reached her house. They were relieved to see the door open. They went inside. Sharad calls out for her. She heard him, but didn’t reply.
Someone knocks her door.
Suh : Sharad please, leave me alone. I know that I promised you I won’t cry on Yuvi ever. Trust me, I tried to keep my promise. But… You know how much I love him, Yeah, I know that he don’t and I accepted it, but to know that he is going to be someone else’s IT HURTS. It hurts a lot. So please, leave me alone for some time.
Yuvi : (sounding heavy) Suhani…
Suhani was shocked. The fact that he heard her made her weak!!
Yuvi : Suhani, please open the door.
She obeyed. They looked at each other.

Yuvi confess everything.


  1. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    wow.. amazing epi.. loved every bit of it.. yuvi’s nervousness, their confrontation, his lie, her staying strong, and her ultimate confession.. I love this ff yaar, and u too for writing this.. plz update soon.. hope she won’t forgive him easily..

  2. Bhargavi

    Nice episode..suhani failed to b strong in front of yuvraj…she will forgive him easily…she could have made him jealous for some more time..waiting for next episode

  3. radha

    Awe its finally amazing.finally yuvani going to unite i am sooooo also he is playing with suhani.this is not fair.anyway they are meeting.i am glad.luv u sis.really ur very gud writer.keep going like this.all d best.

  4. suvarna

    wow amazing episode…yuvi plan and suhani emotions everything is perfect …waiting for next part

  5. Sri

    Nicely protrayed the emotions…,. Don’t know why I have become much crazy on yuvani…. And FF writers are really too good… Am a silent reader of all your ffs .,, Continue your nice work.

  6. A.Tejaswi

    Superb epi..Suhani not showing her emotions was gud..But some how yuvi came to know abt her emotions..But hopefully she won’t forgive him that easily..

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