Yes, I love you. Shot 13

Yuvi comes home. He was very much disturbed. He was missing Suhani more than ever. It started to rain. He looked out through the window, and thought of her. For he know how much she loves rain. She never missed a chance in playing in rain. He smiles sadly. He thought of Soumya’s words. Should he try to find her? He now it won’t b a tough job, tough job is to make his mind, and even tougher would be to face her. He didn’t have that courage. But he can’t stay away for her. Not anymore! He was very much confused.

Meanwhile, Soumya was thinking about his words. She knows that he is genuine, all those words come from his heart, and he meant what he said.
She calls Sharad.
Sh : Hey, you are early today.
Sou : I know, I have to tell you something important.
Sh : Go on.
Sou : You know how difficult it was for me to get a transfer to here, right…
Sh : Yeah, but you wanted to stay in Delhi, so you tried it.
Sou : Actually no, I am not fascinated by this city, I came here because I know Yuvraj is here.
Sh : What?
Sou : Yeah, I came here only to meet him.
Sh : But why?
Sou : Because I am fed up, I am fed hearing you cursing yourself for breaking their relation, fed up seeing Suhani like this. You too know that, she is not herself after their break up, and I can’t see her like this. I resisted till now for a reason. Because I know that Yuvraj was not matured and I wanted to give him time. So I met him now. And I am right. He realized his mistake.
Sh : What?
Sou : Yeah, I talked to him.
She narrated the whole thing.
Sh : But how come he told you everything?
Sou : Well, I forced him, he found me very irritating and it is not his fault, I was indeed irritating. I did that only to know his heart and now I am sure that he loves her.
Sh : But, why didn’t you,
Sou : Because I was not sure what he will say and hence I decided I will tell you everything after listening to him.
Sharad nods.
Sou : Listen, I am going to bring him there, and please don’t tell Suhani this.
Sh : Ok. And by the way,
Sou : I will kill you if you are going to thank me.
He smiles and cuts the call.
He was happy, now everything will be fine in her life, he thought.

Next day:
Soumya goes to Yuvi. He looked terrible and she understood why.
Sou : I want to talk to you.
Yuvi : I don’t want to.
Sou : There is something I haven’t told you about me and I want to tell you now!
Yuvi : When I said that I don’t to listen, why are you forcing me?
Sou : For one last time, please…
Yuvi : (sighs) Ok.
Sou : Let us go out.
He nods.
Yuvi : Now tell me.
Sou : I have a boyfriend,
Yuvi : So what?
Sou : And he is Sharad, the one you told me yesterday.
(Guys, I am sorry to break Shavna. I too like them a lot)
Yuvi was shocked.
Yuvi : What??
Sou : Yeah. I came to Delhi only to meet you.
Yuvi didn’t say a thing.
Sou : I met Suhani during college. The most charming girl I ever met. She is like a sister to me and I like everything about her. She was always happy. But after your breakup, she changed completely. She is not that energetic girl now. Like she lost herself. We couldn’t see her like this and Sharad; he blamed himself for your breakup. So I decided to meet you. I am sorry, I know I irritated you so much, but I wanted to know what is in your mind and I had to do all these.
Yuvi was speechless. He didn’t know what to say.
Sou : Now Yuvi, it is enough. Please end all these. Three of you are not happy, and only you can end these.
Yuvi looks at her.
Yuvi : So did all those intentionally. Ordering her favorite ice cream, talking like her…
Sou : Yeah, I was checking whether it all affected you and I was happy when I understood it does. But you were not irritated when she used to talk continuously but got irritated by me, why?
Yuvi : Because you were acting and she, she was genuine.
Soumya smiles.
Sou : Please meet her.
Yuvi nods.
Yuvi : Yesterday I thought of it a lot, and yes, I can’t stay away from her any more. I want to apologize to her and make everything fine.
Soumya smiles.
Sou : Then shall we leave?
He nods.

Yuvani meets.


  1. radha

    Wow wow wow wow ur just amazing sis.i luved it sis.u are superrrrrrrrr yaar.what an amazing twist.finally our yuvani going to meet each other.actually feeling somehow bad abt shawana.but i like sowmya character very much in this ff.pls pls post nxt update also asap d way dp is very nice.suhani is very beautiiful.

  2. Bhargavi

    Soumya is sharad’s girlfriend..that was most unexpected…thank u for that coz she wont come in between yuvani as she seemed to b a true lover and can do anything for sharad…yuvi is on right track..cant wait for yuvani meeting..well planned dear

  3. A.Tejaswi

    Wow..What an amazing epi..I liked soumya’s character very much..I am really very excited for the next epi..Pls post it asap

  4. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    Anjaly, I don’t know what to say.. such a twist wasn’t expected, but I liked it.. SomRaj’s convo was too good.. update asap..

  5. Preet

    Awesomeeeeeee epi…i am silent reader this is first time m ever favourite ff…plzz tell when u r going 2 give us nxt epi😀😊

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