Yes, I love you. Shot 12

I have posted the shot 11 yesterday, but it didn’t get post in SSEL page. I found it in the fan fiction section at night. Here is the link to it.

Here is the next one.
Suhani was restless. She thought of dreaming about Yuvi. She went to Shard.
Suh : Sharad, I don’t know why but I dreamt of Yuvi yesterday.
Sh : What?
Suh : Yeah, this has never happened in the past four years. I am felling very odd.
Sh : It is odd indeed.
She looked at him.
Sh : It is ok, I know that, you are not able to forget him completely.
Suh : It is not that, otherwise I would have dreamed about him every day!
Sh : (giving her a side hug) Leave it.
She leaned her head on his shoulders.

Soumya was waiting for Yuvi.
Yuvi : Hi.
Sou: Now tell me.
Yuvi sighs.
Yuvi : What do you what to know? Her name?
Sou : Not just her name, but everything about her.
Yuvi : Her name is Suhani. She was my classmate in school. She is one of a type.
Sou : You loved her?
Yuvi : No. I love her.
Sou : But, in that diary,
Yuvi : It is all me, my fault.
She looked at him.
Yuvi : We joined in different colleges and…
Sou : And?
Yuvi : And…… I was so possessive. Everything went fine until she met Sharad.
Sou : Sharad?
Yuvi : He was her classmate there, and they became close friends, and…
Sou : You didn’t like it?
Yuvi : Well, I, yeah, I didn’t like to see her with another boy.
Sou :But.. They must be..
Yuvi : They were friends and she told me he is like her brother. But I, I was not ready to accept it. She is mine and,
Sou : But that is not fair!!
Yuvi : (smiling sadly) I know, wish I knew it then.
Sou : So you quarrelled on it. I mean on Sharad.
Yuvi : Yeah, and things went out of control. We just fought and fought and I was fed up. So I decided to break up.
Sou : What?
Yuvi : Yeah, I told her it, when we met, she cried a lot, but I…
Sou : I must say you are very rude.
He nods.
Sou : Didn’t you try to call each other afterwards?
Yuvi : She did,
Sou : AND?
Yuvi : I said everything is over.
Sou : You should not have!
Yuvi : I know it now. But.. That time..I don’t know!
Sou : And now you are missing her?
Yuvi : Very much.
Sou : Then why don’t you try to find her?
Yuvi : I don’t know, I just can’t, how will I face her?
Sou : But if you love her, then…
Yuvi : I do, but… Anyway, now you heard what you wanted to hear. I am leaving. See you.
Saying this he left.
She looked at him.

Will Yuvani Meet?


  1. radha

    Hi yuvani sis sooooooo nice yaar.but yuvi should realize his mistake.pls make yuvani meet and i want yuv to apologise suhani fr his rude behaviour and i want to see them together actually.between thia sowmya character is confusing what role she has in this ff.

  2. Bhargavi

    Yuvraj soumya convo was good…ofcourse yuvani will meet…..everything is going well..waiting for their confrontation

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.