Yes, I love you. Shot 11

Soumya comes to Yuvi’s home.
Sou : Hi.
Yuvi : Hi, come in.
Sou : The place is very nice.
Yuvi : Thanks.
Yuvi : You wait here, I will get food.
Sou : Ok.
He leaves to kitchen. She decides to explore the house and goes to his room. She finds his diary and reads it.
She comes back with the diary.
Sou : (showing it to Yuvi) Is this how someone writes diary?
Yuvi : What, why did you take it?
Sou : I just fancied reading it.
Yuvi : That was personal, how could you read someone’s personal matter without even asking them?
Sou : Why are you angry, I was just curious.
Yuvi : You are very much irritating, do you know that?
Sou : I don’t mind it. But why did you write it like this? It does not seem like a diary. I mean, it only have your feeling about a girl, and nothing more.
Yuvi : (thinking) And that is everything.
Yuvi : That is personal and you don’t have to bother about it.
Sou : Ok, fine, but who is this girl?
Yuvi : Let it be anyone, why should you bother?
Sou : I am interested in knowing her name.
Yuvi : I am not interested in telling her name. I suggest that we eat something.
Sou : Ok, but still, I want to know her name.
Yuvi : You won’t.
They had food and she leaves.
He takes the diary and reads it.
In the first page it was written that he got a friend. He remembered it, talking to her for the first time. He smiles and continued. Next page he wrote that she is his best friend. He remembered their school days. All the fun they had. It was a beautiful memory.
Next page reads that he misses her, yes he did, and he was missing her desperately, not just then, even now. He felt the same amount of pain today, as he had at that time. She matters a lot to me, he thought. He remembered confessing his felling to her, how happy both were, on that day. That day was a very beautiful one. He smiled seeing the next page where he wrote that he love her.
Then he remembered their fights. He knew that it was entirely his fault. He cursed himself for ending her away. Then he read the last page, which read that he missed her. He stared at it for a while. Then,
“I love her” He writes in the next page.
He couldn’t sleep that night. His thoughts were only about her. He missed her very badly.
Due to the depth of his thinking, Suhani dreamed about him that night.
(Guys, I read it somewhere that if you dream about a person, it means that, that person is thinking of you. I really don’t know whether it is true.)
She woke up. She was sweating a bit. She never dreamed about him in the last few years and don’t know why today. She sat holding her head, trying to remember her dream, but was not able to. All she knew was she was him. She became sad, for she know that she still love him, but resisted crying.

Next day:
Yuvi went to work as usual.
He got a message from Soumya.
“Who is she?” It read. He ignored it and went to his dusk.
There was paper kept on his table, it too read “Who is she?”
He held his head. He went to her.
Yuvi : What is your problem?
Sou : I want know who she is?
Yuvi : But why?
Sou : I am interested in it. Your diary was only about her and hence I would like to meet this important person of your life.
Yuvi : You won’t stop this non sense until then?
Sou : No I won’t.
Yuvi : Ok, fine. I will meet in you in the evening.
He leaves.

Yuvi tells Soumya about Suhani.


  1. Bhargavi

    I liked that l love her which was written on last page…he admitted that it was entirely his fault that was amazing

  2. NAPSHa J

    NAPSHa J

    |Registered Member

    anjaly.. i’m awestruck by the beauty of the episode.. love the way yuvi was reading his own diary, recalling each moment and then writing ‘I love her’.. and that dream part too.. love this ff..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.