Yes, I love you. Shot 10

Everything changed after that day. Neither of them tried to contact the other after that, but couldn’t forget the other. Suhani had kept her promise given to Sharad and never cried for Yuvi after that. Initially it was very tough for her, but with Sharad’s support she managed everything and was now working on a firm with him. They were away from her home town, in Mumbai. She was staying in a house for rent. Bhavna was married by then and Lata had moved to her parents. Everything was going Okay. She rarely used to visit Lata because she always compelled her to get married.
Yuvi too had completed his studies and was working at Delhi. He too was staying at rent. He was silent again. Even though at first he thought his decision was right, by the passing of time he understood how wrong he was. Out of his arrogance he did all those. As time passed by, he became mature; he was missing her, but considered everything to be over between them. He was trying to be happy with whatever he had, but failed. It was then he got a new colleague. She is a charming girl who enjoys everything, just like Suhani, he thought. She is Soumya. She found Yuvi very silent, more than enough, she felt. Hence she tried to be friendly with him. In fact she was getting over friendly. Yuvi was very much irritated by this, but his irritation was became her inspiration. The more he got irritated, the more fun she had.
Yuvi : What is your problem? Leave me alone.
Sou : This exactly is the problem, why you want to be alone?
Yuvi : Why should that bother you?
Sou : I don’t like it, when I see someone alone.
Yuvi : I can’t help it.
Sou : Neither do I, ad you have no other option than to accept my friendship.
Yuvi : WHAT? You are crazy.
Sou : That I am. I promise you, I won’t leave you.
He sighs and then shakes hands with her.
Sou : Perfect!! Let us have ice cream.
Yuvi : Ice cream?
Sou : Yeah, whenever I am happy, I eat ice cream. So let us go.
He was shocked, because Suhani too was like this; she used to eat ice cream when she is happy.
Sou : What happened?
Yuvi: N, nothing, let us have it then.
She smiles.

In parlour.
Sou : What will you have?
Yuvi : Chocolate.
Sou : Ok, for me, I need a combination of chocolate and strawberry.
Yuvi : Chocolate and strawberry?
Sou : Yeah I know you find it odd, but I love it.
Yuvi : (thinking) It is odd, not because of the favours, but how come you like the exact thing which she does!!
Sou : So tell me about yourself.
Yuvi : What about me?
Sou : Your likes, choices, anything.
He gave her a blank look.
Sou : Ok fine, then I will tell you about myself.
She started talking. She was saying something and the other, but he was not paying attention, and she didn’t realise it. She was busy talking.
Yuvi : (thinking) Why is that every girl I meet is a chatterbox?
Sou : Shall we leave?
Yuvi : Yeah.
Sou : Fine, this weekend I am going to come to your house.
Yuvi : Why?
Sou : Why? What does it mean, you are my friend and I just want to visit you, that’s it.
Yuvi : Ok then, come.
Sou : Cool. Mind you, I need good food.
Yuvi : (smiling) Fine.
They leave. Yuvi reaches home.
Yuvi : Soumya reminded me of Suhani. Don’t know how, but they are very similar. And now, I am missing you Suhani.
“I miss her” He wrote in his diary.

Soumya reads the diary.


  1. A.Tejaswi

    Nice one..Yuv is missing her..This is what is needed now..He should know how important suhani is in his life..

  2. Bhargavi

    Its good that yuvraj is missing suhani…as usual i always find soumya irritating…he should miss suhani soooo muchh and regret for making suhani out of his life

  3. radha

    Yuvani whats going sis.i am confused.but yuvi should miss suhani fr some more tine.and whats this soumayas she positive or negative.sooo many doubts.pls pls post next update also sis.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.